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  1. Yesterday i got Pci-Express Sata3 card and i connect SSD to it.Benchmark results are great,but now is longer boot time and i do everything i know to cut the time.It seems to me that Windows 7 64-bit is looking for boot device,so i need if someone knows where is in registry some kind of priority of loading drives or components on motherboard,so i can command system to load pci-e slot first.Please registry experts,Thank you in advance.
  2. Man you must start throwing facts like all other people in this forum,and stop repeating others' people words like a parrot. 8% real world ! 8% real world ! 8% real world ! 8% real world ! This is the way people talk: Same settings Marvell9128 Sata2 Its not better for 50%,but its better and if you remember we didnt talk about how much is better,but ONLY is it or is not. Just for the record my ssd was on sata2 and when i saw(with my eyes,not bench) how much is faster windows load,mkvmerge GUI,spybot S & D,and other programs on marvell9128 i never return it back on sata2 I cant wait the day to buy Z68,and true sata3.
  3. I dont know man what are you talking about my Marvell sata3 4k are better then 4k with sata2.He just have to tweak some settings in bios,one of them is by pass marvell chip firmware in decoding data.
  4. Yes i will definitely like to see my SSD to "OVERWORK" my sata2.I will take ocz vertex 4 and dont be afraid to plug it into Marvell port (its 6 port).Did you see my results,you will never get this with sata2.Just a new Marvell driver and pci-e clock on 109.
  5. Man i dont see purpose of your reply,you got to throw facts like me.
  6. Here you can see how Gigabyte screwing they consumers.They even put USB 3 on same PCI-E line where they put Marvell chip.So you got to choose,do you want fu.ked up sata 3 or fu.ked up usb 3.Dont even think to use it together.
  7. I look like Marvell lawyer .But i dont like from people,fault of Gigabyte,Asus and other,trow on Marvell.They said that if we buy X58,that we will have sata 6gb/s.What,now they saying they didnt know what they putting on there motherboard.Ye,right.It is for lawsuit.And Marvell dont want to say anything because they scared for they lousy place on the board. I say it once i say it again .Marvell start to produce Boards i will be first in line
  8. If they know how to do SSD controller,I dont know why would they not know how to do Sata controller. They got first 120-128gb device. And you know what is interestingly,i dont see Intel in first eleven.
  9. Do you even understood, what I'm talking about or shod i draw you.
  10. No,no,no i just try to point that Vertex 4 is faster then Vertex 3,but i too suggested him to go with OCZ Revodrive 3 if they didnt have so much failures, (look Newegg consumers reviews)or if he have money for new board and Cpu.And about my name,this situation with Marvell controller,(read about every article on web about it) his position on board,his position of underdog comparing to Intel,give me so much frustration(buying Sata 3 receiving Sata 2.5)that i start to like it and support it. I would love to see any Intel sata 6gb/s controller get this score,what i squeezed from Marvells position on the motherboard. And whay Intel does not put his sata chip behind PCI-E line,no he have Marvell to be black sheep.
  11. Ye,man you got to be Rockefeller son to follow todays technology.
  12. Just look this video,load times of StarCraft 2 and World of Warcraft, between a Vertex 3 and Vertex 4,if i didnt by m4 i will def. by this SSD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YsGx6ttaou4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OkD3yQODMSw
  13. It is true, they all lying. Why are you people arguing just go to Newegg SSD consumers reviews and you see whole truth.
  14. No,man you got to do fresh install on SSD it is the best way to get full performance.About what SSD,i got crucial,but I suggest that you go on "Newegg" page and see who got more stars in consumers review.OCZ got new Vertex 4 128gb with Indilinx Controller,if i didnt buy SSD i will definitely cheek what scores are in game.Vertex 4 512gb have 1066 points in AS-SSD benchmark it is best results there,but like you say,you got 200$.
  15. Do you now how motherboard function.Have you ever seen scheme of motherboard.Marvell controller must push data true pci-e line and Intel is direct connect to cpu,memory and hole system.I will like to see intel scores in position where is Marvell now.Some of the fastes SSD,are Marvell based ssd.If and when Marvell do some motherboards i will be first to buy it .
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