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  1. I don't wanna fight with you guys, but in my personal opinion the "programmers" needed more time to polish the game performance, in the ubisoft forums there is too many people talking about this, someone who have the Titan with 6gb vRAM have serious problem with stutter and fps drops (10~14fps). http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/882353-Watch_Dogs-Known-issues http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/882643-PC-Possible-FIX-for-Lag-Stutters-During-Driving-even-on-High-End-Systems http://www.overclock.net/t/1491602/watch-dogs-2gb-vram-performance-analysis-and-graphics-337-88-driver-improvement/60#post_22325665
  2. Hahaha even if i can't put it my case, ill make it work xD in a box case or something, na just kidding. my case is huge, never liked, thanks for the advice.
  3. I guess im gonna go for it. I don't like the PCB though, huge and its like a "frankenstein". Sorry for the bad links, what's the difference here? 310$ http://www.amazon.com/PNY-GDDR5-Graphics-Cards-VCGGTX7704XPB-OC/dp/B00F6EAN7U 410$ http://www.amazon.com/PNY-GeForce-DisplayPort-PCI-Express-VCGGTX7704XPB-OC2/dp/B00FE2IO48 I want to know before buy it, maybe they're using cheap parts or something..
  4. Look at this http://www.amazon.com/PNY-GDDR5-Graphics-Cards-VCGGTX7704XPB-OC but I'm not sure about PNY, I live out of the US so I'm looking for the best quality components and reliability brand. Can you guys give me your opinion about PNY?. That's price its more is more suspicious than attractive to me. http://www.amazon.com/PNY-GeForce-DisplayPort-PCI-Express-VCGGTX7704XPB-OC2 Thanks.
  5. Do you have the 2gb version? How the game performs with Ultra textures? too much stutter?
  6. I want to buy a new gpu and I like nvidia PhysX, but I'm between the R9-280X 3gb (300$ right now) and the GTX 770 2gb (347$). I want to know if the game have stutter with Ultra Textures due to limited vRAM (gtx 770 2gb) or you can play smoothly?. In that case, should be better get the R9 280X or the GTX 760 4gb version?. I always pick nvidia though. (evga and physx). Res: 1080p
  7. If someone with the reputation that you have, say that, then is true. I got lucky but by my own experience, I'll definitely pick another thermaltake psu in the future.
  8. Hi guys! sorry for writting in this very old post. I just want to say that my PSU never blow up and the gtx 280 was fine all the time, I have a GTX 770 right now, no problems using it with my old PSU Thermaltake 450w with 29amp, but I bought an Antec 750w to upgrade and be safe. How is that possible? my PSU is fine today, we should redefine all the gpu power consumption (?) PS: I tried even with a 3570k + gtx 280. Thank you all!
  9. Thank you! I'm happy now sorry about being a newbie.
  10. WTF Is that "green triangle"? i don't know how to disable it :/ its horrible. anyone knows? https://www.dropbox.com/s/dslena3plw5jisd/wtf.png
  11. Sorry about the confusion, i appreciate your help. 1. Stock Voltage: 0.95 iddle / 1.150 load GPU Frequency: 775MHz Memory Clock: 1000MHz (4000DDR) Iddle temp: 41°C Load: 76°C (furmark) (73°C playing) 2. OC Voltage: 1.175 iddle / 1.175 load (does not go back to 0.95 with OC) GPU Frequency: 960MHz Memory Clock: 1200MHz (4400DDR) Iddle temp: 54~58°C Load: 83°C (furmark) (78°C playing) I'll install catalyst 11.10
  12. Thank you for response! Well I'm using my OC all the time and its seems fine, the gpu returns 300/300 on iddle. When i use firefox (youtube,etc) my clock goes up to 300/1000 or 600/1000 by stepping i guess. But i have another problem here, i use 1.175vm and for some reason, it never go back to 0.95v, even when iddle, that's why i kept turning overclocking on and off in the first place, because the tempeture stays at 54°C or more, anything I could do? PS: I'm using the lastest Catalyst/ATI Drivers
  13. Hi everyone! I have my HIS 6850 Overclocked to 960/1150 with 1.175v without any issues. 76°C full load (crysis,crysis2,bf3,alien vs predator) I'm using MSI Afterburner. But when I go back to stock my card its always stay on 775/1000 with 50~58°C (and 50% FAN). Normaly the card goes down to 300/300 while iddle so it cools of really fast, but after I overclock it, it no longers goes back down to 300/300 even on iddle, it stays in the 775/1000 range. I have to reboot my computer everytime after OC'ed to back to normally. My question is, is it normal? or perhaps a problem with afterburner? the fact it happens after I overclock, and goes back to normal after I reboot sounds strange. I'm using MSI Afterburner 2.2.0 Beta 15 Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, i know, im new here, but i usually read many post. I'm just wondering how my gtx 280 can work at full load without any freeze or crash, i have an Thermaltake 450W with 29AMP Max out on the12v rails. 12v1 14A 12v2 15A My setup is: i3-2100, stock fan 2x4gb cosair DDR3 (1333mhz) Asus P8H61-M LX eVGA SSC2 GTX 280 (1gb) / stock (648gpu/1161memory) 2 HDD (WD 2TB,320gb) 4 USB on use 8cm FAN x2 (4 in total, the power supply have 2) 1920x1080p led monitor. Suposedly, the gtx280 requires 40A (can't find official sources, just forum posts), and I'm pretty sure my current PSU does not meet the 40A mark. Here's my Aida/Everest report, stating the power comsuption. IDLE FULL USE (100% fan, 99%gpu,890mb) AMPERAGE PEAK 59.27A (sorry about that) I ran a few benchmarks and everything seems fine, Windows experiencie, 3DMark Vantage, 3DMark 06 (benchmark), Cinebench GPU/CPU, Passmark, everything. The PSU does not overheat at all. My question is, how can this be? my PSU shouldn't be able to handle it, where is it getting the required power to run? Hope can you help me here guys! Thanks!
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