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  1. I like this Keyboard. I use one of these, in fact all my desktop peripherals are ROCCAT. It's a bit overkill for me because I don't use or need macro keys but I do love the Cherry Blacks.
  2. I wonder how relevant that little screen will become now that you can get apps for your phone like Roccat Grid that essentially does the same thing.
  3. I'll stick with a decent mid tower. I have no real use for a full tower & no interest at all in ITX systems or cases.
  4. Not bad but I suspect it's successor will be even better. I'll wait for that.
  5. That'll be 1st prize. 2nd prize will be two Titans hopefully and 3rd prize will obviously be three.
  6. They make'em, people will always buy 'em. It's a mugs game.
  7. until you see the prices they give away at some benchmark communities, then that grand is well worth it If you're an enthusiast it may be worth it to you but never to me.
  8. It's all very nice and all at the moment but I can never imagine myself shelling out the kind of money this card will demand. I'd rather wait until Nvidia releases the GeForce 8 series, then purchase a high/mid range card for a fraction of the price. I can never quite get my head around someone willing to waste money on such a frivolous item (or two) that'll only have bragging rights for about a year. As nice as this card is, it's just won't be worth it. My opinion only.
  9. 1. Caps.(Possibly for the sound chip) 2. Part of the LGA 1366 socket & some smoothing caps. 3. Processor bracket retention clip. 4. DIMM slot. 5. 12v SATA connector for SLI/Xfire 6. PCIe slot. 7. POST/debugging LED 8. IDE connector slot 9. USB front panel connector 10. 3 pin fan header 11. Firewire front panel connector 12. Comm port connector
  10. It's better than nothing at all. If you've stored it upright in a cool dark place it should still be ok.
  11. Good idea, then they'd have to give him a new machine, either that or show him the door
  12. None specifically for that task that I'm aware of. Does anybody else in the company use the same laptop? If so check their's out. Yours could have a fault that the chumps in the IT dept. can't figure out. Also check for driver updates for your machine. Failing that, try begging for another laptop. I personally hate all touchpad's & always carry a supplementary mouse.
  13. For gaming whether it be i5 or i7 any well known brand of mobo will get the job done. The more features you want, the more you pay. If you want to do serious overclocking, it'll cost even more. Boards from Gigabyte, Asus, Asrock, MSI & even Intel are fine. Your choice.
  14. The HAF 922 usually has a large unfiltered side ventilation section & that's probably where your H70 gets most of it's air from. Make sure it's properly filtered. If you don't have access to fine mesh you can always make do with a pair of pantyhose but they too will have to be replaced regularly. If you have a side fan fitted it just compounds the problem. Your only other solution (& most effective) is to move to a less dusty region.
  15. Looks like you're concerned for no apparent reason.
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