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  1. CPU: i7-950 @ 3.2 GHz Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0 RAM: 12.0GB G.Skill DDR3 1600 GPU: 2x 6950 CFX (Unlocked Shaders) Storage: 500 GB OS Drive, 2TB Games/Storage Drive, 1 TB Documents Drive (All platter drives, no SSD's yet.) Chassis: CoolerMaster HAF-X Cooling: Noctua NH-D14 (Entire system is air cooled, couldn't afford watercooling) PSU: Corsair 950TX Display: 3x ASUS VW266H @ 5760x1200 Soundcard: Onboard Audio Headset: Logitech G930 (that won't charge properly) Keyboard: Logitech G19 Mouse: CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Country: USA
  2. My DirecTV is on the small tv. I watch DVD's and digital copies on the computer.
  3. Yeah. I got it for free and it oddly enough is a 720p HDTV. It works for what I need.
  4. So I was bored and got sick of where my TV was located so I put it on there as well. I also bought a new office chair as I didn't like the old one
  5. I have two 6950's in Crossfire, I can run it with everything maxed, with the exception of Deferred AA set to OFF and maintain over 60FPS @ 1920x1200 If I turn on deferred AA performance goes to CENSORED
  6. Got it all put together. All the cable management is temporary as I need to get some extension cables for some of them, mount the surge protector, etc... I also have some work to do on the monitor mounts as the monitors don't line up perfectly, have to cut some of the bolts off so they don't stick out but I am happy with it so far.
  7. Full Tower, all the way! Currently rocking the HAF-X
  8. The stand has been painted. Now working on the mounts for the monitors themselves. Despite the large gap you'll see in one of these pictures this thing is . strong as hell. It's all steel, though since I am working with freebie steel I have to work around things like the gaps.
  9. Update!! Finally got somewhere on the monitor stand/arms. Since I am basically working with what I got it's taken some extra thought (all my dad on this one, he thought of how to solve the problem of not being able to weld the galvanized steel). The WIP stand in the vice, clamped together to get the general idea. Testing the mounting system to the desk itself (Chocolate Lab in the back, eating wood. The dumb dog loves to eat wood shavings) Attached to the desk with the arms I do have a Logitech G930, so I might make something to attach it too. The right side of the desk is going to have the case, so I can't put anything there. The left side of the desk will be against a wall so can't put it there.
  10. STEAM wants Battlefield 3. Origin Douchbag says no. STEAM is sad.
  11. It'll have 3 ASUS VW266H Monitors on it once it's done. I got lucky, my father has 30+ years experience with wood working/carpentry/house building and he's been helping me out with the build.
  12. And some pics of the finished desk. The black tape are markers for where parts of the monitor stand will be, so ignore those. The stand will be attached to the desk, but built in a way it can easily be removed and the desk used without it.
  13. Jump forward a few days. Finally got it all stained and the desktop coated with a few coats of Lacquer. I used "Natural" stain (so clear), so it didn't change the color at all. The rest of the desk has some polyurethane on it though it needs a few more coats.
  14. I wasn't 100% what section to put this thread in, so if this is the wrong place please move it to the right one. This is also basically a copy of a thread I have on another forum. I had designed a mockup in Sketchup and went from there. These mockups are just a basic idea, things got changed around during the build and the monitor stand is completely placeholder in the mockup. CLICK FOR LARGE IMAGES So, on to the pictures... Starting work on the legs. Next we jump ahead a few weeks or so to a nearly complete desk, just adding final touches like trim. Still needs stained and then coated in finish for protection. A good overview pick of the front of the desk, with the case shelf on the side. The back Shelf for my modem/router and anything else I plan to stick there... From the side Finished rear cable area (added the support across the bottom, the monitor support pole will be bolted to this) (Note to self, pre-drill holes to prevent wood splitting) Case Shelf with trim (The blocks allow the case to still have it's roller wheels on it, the case support pads rest securely on the blocks If I want to remove the wheels, I just detach the shelf, unscrew the blocks and I have a flat shelf) Everything here was done with hand tools and these two saws. No fancy table saws here
  15. I used to mod for some games, now I just mod the forums. I am a Forum and Network Admin for the FileFront/GameFront forums and sites Thanks
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