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    Intel Core i7 3730k @4.0Ghz
    Asus Rampage IV Extreme
    G Skill Ripjaws X 32GB Kit @1866
    Corsair H100 LCS
    Thermaltake Level 10
    Corsair Force GT 240GB
    Seagate 2TB HDD x2
    Asus GTX 680 DCUII Top
    Cooler Master Silent Pro 1kw
  1. christopher16ph

    Panram Lightsword

    How much would they draw in comparison? You mean the LEDs versus the RAM? It's at least a 10x difference in power even at lower clock speeds. Most RAM uses between 3-10 watts per stick...and I'd be shocked if they LEDs they're using get anywhere close to a watt. didnt think it'll be that much power per stick..
  2. christopher16ph

    Panram Lightsword

    i didnt even know Crucial also had em LEDs
  3. christopher16ph

    Panram Lightsword

    i hope a review comes in.. kinda interested in that lighted memory module..
  4. christopher16ph

    Panram Lightsword

    Hi guys, what do you think about Panram Lightsword? has it been reviewed here before? http://www.panram.com.tw/panram/product/product_detail/data/panram/en/light_sword/240d38g428hybemfr/
  5. christopher16ph

    GTX 670sli problems

    thanks guys! did everything you mentioned, replaced SLI bridge, and flashed the BIOS, even changed the power cables just to be sure. its working perfectly now. hmm, planning to make a fresh install of everything since i think i made a mess of those nvdia drivers )
  6. christopher16ph

    GTX 670sli problems

    yup they're both working alone.. havent tried going for a bios update though. il try it later when i get home later but if it doesnt, are there any other possible culprits?
  7. christopher16ph

    GTX 670sli problems

    Im using an Asus Rampage IV Extreme and PSU of Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000w
  8. christopher16ph

    GTX 670sli problems

    prior going to sli, ive been running on a single asus gtx670 with my old gtx580 serving as physx but wen i installed another gtx670 (identical) for sli, i couldnt activate the sli mode. the system crashes whenever i try to actvate it. i took out the 580 and it still happens. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys!
  9. christopher16ph

    670 sli problem

    ive had the same problem before using my gtx560tis, same board, and an ssd - used a regular hdd andi it solved my problem... i think theres a problem with the sli-ssd combo on the board, i have the same mem config also..
  10. christopher16ph

    GTX 560 Ti SLI

    oops so sorry forgot to include the driver version, its GeForce 296.10 Driver
  11. christopher16ph

    GTX 560 Ti SLI

    im using a 40"LED screen at 1080p using and HDMI cable, also using an SLI cable that came with the motherboard.. connected the monitor to the first card thanks!
  12. christopher16ph

    GTX 560 Ti SLI

    hi there, im quite new here in the forums but ive been reading tons of reviews here at OCC, great articles i must say! anyway, im posting now for a bit of help, im having problems with GTX 560Ti on SLI, on is from Asus and one is from EVGA whenever i activate SLI in the NVIDIA console, it'll give me an error which says that i dont have any displays connected to any NVIDIA cards. any comments about this? thanks a bunch in advance! and more power to OCC my current rig is as follows Intel Core i7 3930k Corsair H100 GSkill RipJaws 4GB x * Sticks Asus Rampage IV Extreme x79 Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000w Thermaltake Level10 GT EVGA GTX 560Ti FPB Asus GTX560Ti DCUII