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  1. As far as a case goes try something like the Arc Midi from Fractal Design. Have heard plenty of good things about it and has great cable management. and regarding your processor, if you are going to step down to an i3 please consider a used cpu and motherboard with an older socket. Even though it may be a gen or two old older, you wont be loosing the power of the older processor but add on features like integrated graphics and ssd caching. try looking at craigslist and see what you can find.
  2. I read this a article a few days ago http://thessdreview.com/hardware/intel-core-i7-3820-quad-core-cpu-review-get-ready-for-some-great-5-0-ghz-speeds/
  3. I might just be able to help you out! When I say I am still learning vector biased drawing, don't let me fool you. I'd be more than happy to show you some drawings I drew in art class. All of which are done entirely in illustrator or in ink and later traced over with my graphics tablet after using my teachers handy scanner.
  4. I like what I am seeing so far but for professional programs may I suggest professional graphics over gaming graphics? I would recommend this FirePro as it seems to be similar to what you your 6850's price. Also Newegg is having a sale on all Corsair PSU's better get em' quick! (btw I have an AX 850 and LOVE IT!) Promo code is EMCNGNJ22
  5. Hope i'm not coming in to late, but there are some fantastic deals on Lightroom 3 going on now. I swear by this program as It is the start of my workflow on the computer and is used for about 90% of my post processing. I think it was worth every penny. even more so if you get this and later decide to upgrade to Lightroom 4 at another discount. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/720741-REG/Adobe_65081003_Photoshop_Lightroom_3_Software.html
  6. I hope im not being to harsh, but learning the basics of Photoshop its relativity easy. Just spend a day with a book on it and you should get better results than you think possibly! and if that program is to "smart" for her, what is she doing editing photos? after saying that, I'd be more than happy to show some simple and free tutorials online
  7. in my honest opinion, I would use a printing service. Even places like Costco can get you great prices on prints and other things you cant get with a regular printer. The best part is no up front cost and the extremely high price of buying ink paper calibrators and just making the thing work. I think the T2i is a great camera to start out with (as I had the XSi for 2 years and absolutely loved it!) but I would get a better lens down the road, its amazing what you can get with something used. Hope this helped
  8. Nitrous Oxide? Think that is a great way to "overclock" your horsepower
  9. don't get me wrong, Newegg is great, but if you happen to live near a Microcenter, they have some fantastic deals on open box items and new processors, plus they price match Newegg. I would definitely check them out before you buy anything. Good luck with your build!
  10. Wow so many responses in so little time! I definitely feel welcome here
  11. Just wanted to get introduced to some of all you awesome guys out there, I don't really know what to say, but I recently switched back from a mac which I burned out doing a movie project so I am back to a PC. Now that I have gotten comfortable with my rig which I made this summer I want to really get the know how's of computers, overclocking, and photography. so if you share any of my interests or if I need a better Introduction, let me know!
  12. unfortunately I don't live in the NY area but I was hoping that another geek like me could help me out. Is there anyone willing to pick up a pair of open box 580's for me at the Long Island/Westbury store and then ship them to me? I will gladly pay for gas money and expenses, maybe swap some stories
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