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  1. Last one I took, my official score was 154.
  2. I just realized after I ordered my new computer parts that I forgot to check one small detail. I got a DFI Infinity Nforce2 ultra board, and a Aerocool DP-102 superconductor heatsink. Question is, does this gigantic cooler even fit on that mobo? I am afraid that the caps next to the socket will get in the way of the fans and/or base of the sink. The rest of the system includes: 2600+ Mobile Barton ATI 9800pro 512 mb Kingmax PC3500 Allied TRUE 450 psu Mitsubishi 19" Diamondtron MX510 Lite-On burner Lite-On reader Powmax Black acrylic case Maxtor 80gb SATA hard drive All for just over $1000, shipped to my door. I can't wait till next Wednesday! Oh yeah, any help on my origional question would be awesome!
  3. I have 4 Nidec Beta V's in my comp...at 12 volts they run 180 cfm each @ 54 dbs (useless unless I have my speakers cranked or my headphones on), but at 5 volts they run almost silent, and they still move around 70 cfm. You can get them from partsexpress.com for(I think) around 7 bucks each. I picked up a pack of 12 when they were on clearance for $1.50 each though.
  4. Where are you going to find a 4 5/8" hole saw? If you can find one that is probably the best way to do it...
  5. I'm ordering a DFI Infinity sometime this week for a mobile 2400+ also...from what I've heard they rock!
  6. I would bump my fsb up...but my ram is only pc2100...
  7. Hmmm...I don't remember what week it is...the highest I ever took it was 2.6 ghz at 1.83 volts, but it just ran way to freaking hot. I think if I had a Prommy or water cooling, I could be running 2.6 ghz all day long, or maybe higher if I changed my pin-trick to give me some higher voltages. B) Not bad for a 60 dollar processor.
  8. Well, I decided today to see if I could get my temps a little lower since summer is rolling around. I origionally thought I would just drop my multi down and run a slower clock speed. Then I had the bright idea of dropping my vcore down, even though it never ran stable with anything less than 1.71 volts at 2.47 ghz. To my surprise, when I dropped it down to 1.63 (below the normal vcore voltage for most t-bred b's ) it ran perfectly! I have been running p95 for the last 7 hours with no hiccups on the stress test, while playing games/cruising the net. So, I just thought it was wierd that it would never run at that low a vcore before...maybe burning in actually works? BTW the stock vcore for my chip was 1.5 volts since it is a dlt3c, but I am running below the "normal" tbred B voltage of 1.65 volts. This makes me very happy since I am running a 1 ghz overclock. B)
  9. Really? They suck? Man, I better just throw mine away. Anyway...if he's into gaming and doesn't want to spend 300 bucks on just the cpu, you could get him a mobile Athlon...I have heard nothing but good things about how much they overclock, and they come unlocked from the factory.
  10. I've used MSI for years, and I have never had one burn out...they are stable and can be wicked fast.
  11. Sounds like you may have a power problem if that many went in the same lab...check the power lines.
  12. Nope, that still works, as do old grill lighters (the ones built into the grill). I love zapping my friends with them.
  13. Why the hell didn't you have a shut down temperature set? I wouldn't run anything with a pelt without one enabled.
  14. No, I was gonna run around 208-216 fsb (not a huge jump over the stock limit of the mobo), and why wouldn't I just use a higher multiplier to hit higher clock speeds? Like 12.5 or 13? That wouldn't be wasting anything.
  15. 12641 because of my crappy ram and ti4200. My new rig is gonna break 20k...if it doesn't I'll just have to get a Promethia case.
  16. Well...if you feel like it, go ahead and check out the three pages of glory! clicky
  17. Ph33rh4x: I'm guessing you didn't even read my reply? I said that my cpu and vid card would be overclocked, but I won't be going much over the stock specs on the mobo...next time try reading before you make some stupid remark. marsx69: I will look into that DFI, it looks pretty killer. I'm not sure I'll be able to get my dad to spring for the extra $ for SATA drives though (he actually knows a decent bit about computers so he knows the difference). <_<
  18. I would like to have two optical drives...it's just more convenient. About the mobo...I'm really not going to be oc'ing it much at all...I'm only gonna try to hit around 210-216 fsb, all I am going to overclock really is the cpu and the video card. Added to that, the red pcb on the MSI mobo matches everything else I am getting. In any other situation, I would get either of those boards you suggested, but I'm looking for stability and looks here, with overclocking potential second.
  19. Sweet...that is what I will be getting then. I hope it stay in stock for the next two weeks though...my dad wants to be around when I order it (he's paying) and he's currently in Vegas. The rig will consist of: The case Power supply Ram Processor Vid Card Heatsink (not anodized...much better) Hard drive Motherboard Cd burner DVD Burner And that's it. Hopefully she'll run circles around my current rig.
  20. I have been looking at some new gear for when I head off to college...has anyone had any experience with Kingmax ram? I can get 512 megs of PC3700 for 90 bucks, and the PCB is red so it will match everything else I am getting (MSI mobo/vid card, black acrylic case with red fans, red anodized hsf, black anodized aluminum 450 watt p/s). They say they run at pretty good timings also...
  21. I would get a pair of the black ones...and then some normal ones for occasions when you don't want to freak people out. I would get freaky ones too if I didn't have a stupid astigmatism in my left eye. I suppose I could get just one for my right eye and have the mis-matched look though?
  22. Well...being my first post on this board(finally got my stupid Comcast email activated...I didn't register here for months because it wouldn't take my email.com address), I just wanted to say if anyone is on the fence about buying the new Logitech MX510...just buy it. It is the smoothest tracking mouse I have ever laid my hand on...I can't get it to mis-track anything even when moving it as fast as I can. In short, I love it.
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