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  1. This isn't really any added security unless something has changed in the past few years.
  2. op isnt using wep though. His post says wpa2. I think he means his password is 64 characters long Right, which makes it the strongest possible key at 256 bit (64 hex characters at 4 bytes each). I never bother doing the hex keys, I just use a longer SSID and passphrase (since they get converted to the same length anyway).
  3. You won't be able to sign it without spending a fair amount of money to become a verified vendor to MS.
  4. With WPS disabled, there's very little chance they're breaking in via conventional methods. Are you configuring via Wifi? If so, do it via wired next time (with wifi disabled entirely on your router)...they may simply be watching you enter the new password if they've broken in already.
  5. ? FreeNAS doesn't install onto the HDDs, it installs onto the thumb drive you boot from. That Perc card is 100% supported in FreeNAS, I run essentially the same hardware in my NAS. Either way, you shouldn't enable anonymous access - it's a recipe for disaster! Give each user a directory that only they have access to write to, and if they want it, allow anyone to read those directories.
  6. The latter option generally isn't an option. It's too prone to error by any one user and security folks would have a heart attack if it was implemented.
  7. I guess FreeNAS was a no-go? Sorry I can't offer any help, I don't touch Windows for servers.
  8. That's better! Your OS already caches things for you, adding a volatile (RAM) write cache is just a recipe for disaster.
  9. Roses are red, violets are blue, RAM goes into slots four and two.
  10. You have their RAM caching software installed. Remove it, it's unsafe and will leave you with a busted OS / games if you crash or lose power after writing data.
  11. You need to set the USB mode to "hard drive" in the BIOS, then set it as the primary boot device. You may need to reboot after switching modes. It definitely supports USB boot, since that's how you update the firmware and whatnot from Dell.
  12. I got tired of dealing with the BS. It only takes a handful of crappy buyers to really make the place toxic. I still have a dead 4870X2 on the wall that some guy bought, ran for a week, and decided it "didn't work". Ebay sided with him, even though his proof of non-operation was a 3DMark run that he was hitting escape on (and he had MANY MANY scores posted with the card as he overclocked it). He sent it back in a cardboard box without any packing material or a static bag. I got my money back (including shipping) but my best overclocking 4870X2 was destroyed in the process. I think that might have been the last time I sold on eBay.
  13. I'm glad I went full Xeon on my NAS instead of the Avoton CPU I nearly got instead!
  14. Waco

    Steam Daily Deals

    Just wanted to say - Guest_Jim_* - thanks for posting these! It's my go-to place to see if I'm going to be hurting the wallet on any given day.
  15. If it's LSI it will work guaranteed. It's what I use daily in various forms (Perc, real LSI, rebranded IBM, etc). No issues with FreeNAS.
  16. Dell R415s would absolutely run FreeNAS without issue. Everything in the box is supported...unless it has the crapass integrated SATA/SAS controller that only has Windows drivers (the S series controller), but it couldn't hurt to make a FreeNAS boot USB stick and see if it'll fire up and see the disks.
  17. I'm not sure what you're asking. If you want a file server, use Samba (since it sounds like the rest of the office is Windows). In terms of limiting folder sizes, how fine-grained do you want to be? If you want reliable storage, run ZFS and set quotas for each of the folders you're sharing out on the network. I have no advice on a GUI, though, as I've never even configured a server with anything except the CLI. I doubt you'll find one to do what you want. You need a network sharing service (Samba) and a resource manager, which you can use ZFS for. EDIT: You could try FreeNAS, it lets you do all of these things via a GUI (albeit, not greatly, I prefer the CLI even then). It's fairly straightforward to configure for Windows/CIFS shares, and you can set quotas for each individual ZFS filesystem you export.
  18. Don't be too disappointed when you don't notice much difference. Going from 10,000 IOPs to 60,000 just isn't the same as going from 70 to 10,000.
  19. Let's add more DRM, surely that'll make our customers happy...
  20. That's the kind of rig I was going to build back in the LAN party days - dedicated server + dedicated gaming box. Your build turned out great!
  21. I always like the idea of 2 in 1s. Looks great!
  22. Do you know anyone with a system you can test the G.Skill memory in? The default should be to boot up without XMP enabled, which would put it at the lowest common denominator between your CPU and the memory, likely 1866 or 2133...
  23. Hahaha, that's bad. Sadly, many would still click the link and sign in.
  24. Any coolant with particles in it has always left me very wary. Glad to hear your tubing was not at fault!
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