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  1. I paid $43 via GMG. No complaints except the occasional jarring facial expressions and animations.
  2. The upgrade, if you performed it, links your Windows 7/8/8.1 keys to the upgrade process.
  3. Same goes for many hobbies. There are too many that assume high price means high quality (and better). Audio gear, car parts, etc. Value consciousness is something some never learn.
  4. What about BSD? Also libertarians.
  5. Indeed! It's a stupid game that everyone should avoid...yet we're all inevitably drug into it. Politics indeed!
  6. No. You're just playing stereotypes that make no sense.
  7. Most don't use Macs for anything except web browsing. They'd be content with an overpowered toaster.
  8. I tolerate my Mac at work since it provides the real Office suite plus a decent terminal. If I didn't need Office, it'd be a Linux machine. I don't understand the fanboyism any more than I do the AMD/Intel/Nvidia/PC MASTER RACE/whatever blind fanaticism. At least the PC Master Race stuff seems to be tongue-in-cheek, but the Apple zealots generally seem to be serious. Just ignore them, it's not worth arguing with someone like that.
  9. I've heard it's like Dragon Age: Inquisition, in space (Ars Technica). Can't say that means it'll be great, but it sounds good if you like DA:I.
  10. I just turned off the Windows 10 backup stuff. NM is already feeling like late spring/early summer. No real snow this winter at all.
  11. I gave up on getting the built-in backup software to work. I run Macrium Reflect (free) on a schedule to my NAS. You could run Macrium to backup to your external every week manually.
  12. I wish AMD would stop doing this kind of thing. It's confusing for everyone and serves no real purpose.
  13. A 65W chip running at 4 GHz and 1.4 volts will generally run the same as a 95W chip at 4 GHz and 1.4 volts. They're all the same silicon, and they won't vary by much. The only reason the 1700 is a "65 watt" chip is because it's clocked lower at lower voltages. Once you change that, it's going to use a LOT more power.
  14. Of course. Many many hours in both.
  15. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't 4.2 GHz the stock speed of a 7700K? Or did you mean you got it to 5 GHz from 4.2? Not bad for a cheap board, if so. It looks nice, but I wish *all* mobo makers would stop with the themes, gaudy heatsinks, and wasted money on LEDs.
  16. Well, looks like they may have rushed the launch and bumbled a bit. Performance in some tests (even heavily threaded tests) is up nearly 40% in the Creators Update to Windows 10, with gaming tests seeing around 10%. Looking forward to see how this plays out, but I'm annoyed AMD may have screwed themselves over yet again.
  17. I picked up ME3 for $5 a few weeks back and I'm working my way through. If MEA turns out to be good (based on reviews) I might actually give EA some money for a nearly-full priced game for the first time in many years!
  18. Seems like this is a fairly poor value compared to...any i3 and especially the 2 core 4 thread Kaby Pentiums. It's just too much $$$ for too little performance. The i5 would be a better bet for a few bucks more.
  19. They're great for general user workloads. They even have some place in servers.
  20. Sigh. It's over 80 cents per GB...only 4 times higher cost than the flash it contains.
  21. 20 amps from one rail is more than enough for your entire GPU. That's 240 watts if you use only one, and 480 if you split two rails over the 6 pin and 8 pin connectors. It's not your PSU, power problems lead to instability, not slowness.
  22. March 2nd launch day...it will be a long day of reading. I'm hoping the server chips launch soon as well, the whole market is hurting for competition.
  23. Is it fair to call it a "launched" product? Announced, sure, but the launch date is March 2nd.
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