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  1. I still have the pair of OCZ Vertex drives I bought in 2009...and they were heralded as unreliable. Generally SSDs seem to outlast their usefulness before they die.
  2. Waco

    Dawn of War III

    I've read more about the game and I can't buy it. The campaign seems to be just a tutorial for multiplayer, which I have zero interest in.
  3. Waco

    Dawn of War III

    I see lots of people exceeding what their system is capable of and complaining about it. Exceeding your VRAM is a GREAT way to have amazingly crappy performance.
  4. Waco

    Dawn of War III

    Running like crap at max settings doesn't mean it's not optimized. If it runs like crap at *all* settings, then you can make that claim. I'd rather have a game that can look better with better hardware that one that caps out with current mid-range hardware at 60 FPS.
  5. Relatively dry, sure, but many people seem to think it means it's creating water.
  6. It's pulling moisture from humid air. Dry air, by definition, does not contain moisture.
  7. Oh my God. I'm an idiot. 720p is certainly a great resolution if you want to drop that low. For some reason I did the math in my head and decided it wasn't just a 3x3 grid.
  8. I just have seen TV's downscale resolutions a lot worse than a decent monitor would. 4k has the same amount of pixels as 9 720p screens or 4 1080p screens and will typically downscale to those resolutions better than ANY other resolution. I'm not suggesting to use 720 if 1080 is working but to try and go any higher besides native 2160 would not look good. Either get a card that can support 4k or run at 1080. Running any non-integer divisor of your max resolution is just a bad idea. For a 4K monitor, that's 4K, 1920x1080, 960x540...
  9. Waco

    Dawn of War III

    Agreed - I was just hoping Dawn of War III would continue the squad type gameplay. I didn't really enjoy Dawn of War I. Two separate series would have been fine by me!
  10. There's very little difference in reasoning between using 1080/4k resolutions on a TV versus a monitor. I wouldn't use 1280x720 on either.
  11. It a pseudo-ray tracing algorithm for parts of lighting only, nothing close to an actual ray tracing renderer.
  12. Waco

    Dawn of War III

    I wish I could be enthusiastic about this. I loved Dawn of War II, but this is much more RTS than a squad-based tactical game.
  13. Yup, totally weird. You should RMA the card before it fails!
  14. It's probably broken. Send it to me and I'll confirm it!
  15. HDMI 2.0 is all you need for 4K @ 60 Hz. Your older card doesn't support it, though.
  16. Use diskpart (command line) to wipe the partitions/volumes. HD Tune has a disk error scan that's fairly good at catching dying disks as well (the speed map will be smooth with a good drive).
  17. I think you probably have malware. Delete your forum account to fix it!
  18. Releasing "small" Naples chips on the desktop would be a huge win...provided they support ECC. I'm saddened that Ryzen seems to have skipped it.
  19. Signing in doesn't change it. It marks your 7/8/8.1 key as upgrade compatible, and marks your hardware signature for activation. Either will work for a reinstall. The former will work on another machine.
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