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  1. Without a good way to measure it's hard to say. Updating your BIOS to the latest may expose more onboard sensors. Last time I had random crashes and weirdness it was a busted PSU that was falling below spec on the 5v and 12v rails.
  2. Your 5v rail is way out of spec and your 3.3v is lower than I'd like. I'd bet your 12v rail is dropping down to the mid-11s and causing problems based on that 5v reading (which all by itself could cause real issues). Do you have a multimeter to check the 12v rail?
  3. You need an oscilloscope to view stuff like this. A regular multimeter is going to do some amount of averaging and any signal variance will throw them off.
  4. By definition, if it's online, it's not a backup. I'd vote for two copies if only to safeguard against user error. I keep my backups on two cold drives that live in the safe, the online copy is redundant enough to handle drive failures in normal running. If you have enough drives to do that, do so. If not, multiple copies probably trumps redundant arrays IMO.
  5. 5 GHz on that many cores? Color me not surprised that cheap boards (relatively) don't cut it.
  6. You won't be pulling any more power than an overclocked Core 2 Quad from back in the day.
  7. You heard it here everyone - Bosco is getting THREADRIPPERS!
  8. Long time, no bump...and all the pictures links are broken thanks to Facebook. Behold - a nearly ready to drive car!
  9. Agreed 100%. Ryzen is a surprisingly good showing so far, minus the launch issues caused by pushing up the date before motherboards were ready. Threadripper and Epyc look to shake up the HEDT and server markets a bit as well - I know my NAS would welcome 16+ cores to chew up 4K transcodes.
  10. Much of what you posted is marketing fluff, not reality. In what way is this not reality? All the cores that I've seen reviewed have reached similar OC of somewhere between 3.9 and 4.2, with no difference that can't be put down to the silicon lottery. The naming for infinity fabric and the simple marketing explanation are fluff for sure, but the concept is still there and it has so far been proven to have an affect. I can only assume that trend will continue into the higher core counts. Infinity Fabric adds more latency than the way Intel designs their rings for large chips. Clocks are related purely to power usage - Threadripper and Epyc won't be clocked at 4 GHz for power reasons alone (unless you're okay with 200-400 watts under load).
  11. Much of what you posted is marketing fluff, not reality.
  12. Not gonna happen without a revamp to the memory hierarchy. There are only 8 channels worth of memory attached to various pins in the socket, they couldn't easily add on 2 more dies without making it pretty unbalanced.
  13. It'll be an R7 1800X times two, essentially. The only latency increase you'd see would be from lower clocks (possible) or if your application spans across both dies (in which case, you're using more cores, so it might still be a net benefit). I'm hoping the Naples 32C/64T chips drop in and AMD will surprise us that the boards actually have wiring for 8 memory channels.
  14. There were 5 GHz parts a few years ago in the Xeon line.
  15. This is the best route. Raising the board up with higher standoffs will make every PCIe slot and the rear I/O panel completely misaligned. Just cut the hole a bit larger to clear the bigger rear backplate.
  16. I'd rather they release a finished product than a buggy mess. LET THE PURGE OF THE HERETICS BEGIN!
  17. Preordered on Kinguin for $43 as soon as I saw the trailer.
  18. Waco

    Blu Ray movies

    MakeMKV is free while in Beta, it will rip BluRays as well.
  19. Yep, Naples scales to 2P designs. Nothing for quad socket announced though.
  20. I'm just hoping the full chips are UEFI compatible. It'll be great for NAS builds for transcoding 4K video.
  21. Wooooooooooooooooo! $5 says Naples chips will work in the HEDT boards.
  22. Stupid naming scheme is stupid. I hope this rumor is false.
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