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  1. The days are getting thin for warm enough weather for it, but here's a shot from a few weeks ago when it was mostly together minus side panels and hood.


    2017 Exomotive Exocet (registered as a "Homemade Roadster" thanks to interesting custom vehicle laws in NM)

    1500 pounds

    ~225 WHP




  2. Because it's still viable, and any card you get for this one could easily just be moved into a new system if he plans on upgrading again. 

    This.  You could throw a 1080Ti in there and it'd work wonderfully in it as well as the next rig.  Buying old GPUs is almost always throwing money away.

  3. Why would you need a RAID 0 of SATA TLC SSD's when a 960 Pro would be faster anyway?

     For streaming reads/writes, the difference isn't huge.  I mirror the concern that this build seems a bit...odd, though.

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