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  1. I installed nothing extra to get OpenMW to work. Try again maybe? It's SUPER fast and efficient compared to the original Morrowind engine.
  2. It's gear limited at 145, but aerodynamics make it rough to get there. It's quick as hell up to 100 and back. I haven't made it to the track yet. I expect 120+ will be easy to hit on the straights.
  3. The days are getting thin for warm enough weather for it, but here's a shot from a few weeks ago when it was mostly together minus side panels and hood. 2017 Exomotive Exocet (registered as a "Homemade Roadster" thanks to interesting custom vehicle laws in NM) 1500 pounds ~225 WHP
  4. This is nearly done, btw. A few more mods (MOAR POWAH) and the only thing left to install is the hood and gauge pod cover. Oh yeah, it's also 100% street legal. We've got a few hundred miles on it already getting it tuned and sorted out.
  5. I had no trouble loading up first try. Did you follow the directions (all of them)?
  6. Lol, I got a chuckle from this post, upgrade to the house hurts wallet, complete rebuild of the Miata not one complaint from that wallet, I like the way you think ! House cost >>>>> car cost.
  7. 1200 sq feet of carpet (installed) and 800 sq feet of new deck (hopefully finished next week). My wallet hurts.
  8. I have a Heatkiller block that RRTech chrome plated - it looks brand new and I've used it for 5 years now with only a single cleaning. A few drops of biocide, a silver coil in my res, and things have been happy. My D5 is going on 15 years old now too...
  9. EK is a no-buy for me because of their shoddy plating and shady practices.
  10. I joined when I got accepted into college (2004). I still lurk, just less than in the past, thanks to work conflicts.
  11. Only 8X PCIE 3.0 is over saturated for gaming. And that is only with a 1080Ti @ 4k. Unless you are running Raid cards, 16X is good for another 3-4 years.Gaming isn't what's driving new PCIe speeds, but it'll benefit all the same. Cheaper motherboards, cheaper cards, cheaper CPUs, etc.
  12. Lots of anything. I'm annoyed it's taken this long, I have been limited on PCIe lanes / bandwidth for years on server builds.
  13. This. You could throw a 1080Ti in there and it'd work wonderfully in it as well as the next rig. Buying old GPUs is almost always throwing money away.
  14. Yeah, a 285 would not have been my choice. :/
  15. It wouldn't exactly be unheard of for EK to ship shoddy blocks. Watch for pitting in the Nickel as it ages.
  16. All cards for sale today support both BIOS and UEFI modes. No worries on a modern card in an old system.
  17. Waco

    Check My Parts

    For streaming reads/writes, the difference isn't huge. I mirror the concern that this build seems a bit...odd, though.
  18. Waco

    Check My Parts

    Software RAID, for striped or mirrored sets, is actually faster than most RAID cards. If you want dedicated SATA bandwidth a basic card like the LSI 9211 can do RAID 0. They're cheap these days: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B002RL8I7M/. These cards are good for 2.X GB/s. Breakout SATA cables for them are cheap too.
  19. Waco

    Check My Parts

    That RAID card is a waste, IMO. You won't be running parity RAID anyway, so get a cheap one or run software RAID. Streaming IO won't care either way.
  20. Sounds more like a background driver or system update. Power issues almost always cause crashes or reboots.
  21. So this happened... One horn install away from being 100% NM street legal.
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