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  1. Well, I'm one of the older members so......... Van Halen Aerosmith Judas Priest Motley Crew Bon Jovi Scorpions Dokken Metallica Blue Oyster Cult AC/DC Collective Soul Def Leppard Doobie Brothers Eric Clapton The Eagles Fleetwood Mac John Mayer Kiss Quiet Riot Sammy Hagar Whitesnake ZZTop Peter Gabriel Johnny Winters George Thorogood and The Delaware Destroyers The Rolling Stones I've seen several of these artists multiple times. My first concert was Van Halen in '79. I'm pretty sure I've missed a couple groups but.........
  2. TechFreak


    Actually, the price for that cpu is a bit high considering you can get this one for less: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103699
  3. hmmm........this made me wonder if I still had my slot A laying around. I do but it's a 850MHz not 900MHz - 1GHz.
  4. Actually, from what I've read the "50" in the 8750 means it's the new B3 stepping.
  5. You may want to take a look at this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16824001263 Samsung makes a good LCD monitor
  6. I believe most ppl who get higher overclocks with that cpu are running PC8500.
  7. If you happen to have access to another monitor, connect it and see if the same thing happens. If it does, then it's your graphics card/chipset otherwise it's the monitor.
  8. I've been using AVG (free ed.) for a couple years on my systems along w/ spybot and defender. Recently I thought I would give AVG's paid for version a go. It comes w/ an AS (formerly Ewido) and a few other features. I've never had a problem w/ virii or other malware.
  9. I think these threads are really very funny. I heard alot of these comments 6 years ago when XP came out.
  10. It's still in the menu under Program Files >>> Accessories >>>System Tools >>>Disk Cleanup
  11. Hmmmm...........................nice grab. Suchuwato, you're lucky only the front bezel came off.
  12. This is the one I just purchased, it also has a $40 rebate. http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx...N82E16824001096 Of course you have to purchase by tomorrow for rebate.
  13. hmmm..................very odd Well, I've tried a few different things and still no go. If someone who is using Vista Ultimate could give this a try I would appreciate it.
  14. The version of HDTach you used was v.3-0-1-0 (older I believe). The one I downloaded from the link provided is v.3-0-4-0 and I get the message that it only supports 2000 and XP. I should also mention that it states that in the readme.
  15. Just a note....this software only runs on Windows 2000 or XP, if you have Vista it won't work.
  16. If memtest has been running about an hour without any errors then your memory is ok. Have you reset your BIOS to factory defaults and cleared your CMOS?
  17. download memtest from here: http://www.memtest.org/#downiso Either iso or floppy. Once downloaded write to floppy or disk, reboot your system with it in the drive.
  18. You should set your RAM back to stock settings and test it w/ memtest and see if you get any errors.
  19. you don't need to get the exact same motherboard just one that is similar to the original.
  20. Santana - Into the Night (ft. Chad Kroeger) Album - Ultimate Santana
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