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  1. LOL yeah can you imagine him chasing some vilian down, and screaming "I will terminate you"
  2. Pretty sharp looking! I wonder how it performs?
  3. A person could go crazy thinking about that one
  4. Pretty good but if your budget allows try the OCZ PowerStream series. I getting one very soon
  5. yeah I also encountered this prob, my puter was beeping like crazy but didn't shut down as quick as WAVs seem to be, however reseating his heatsink and fan does seem to be a logical step. Definatly something you should investigate WAV
  6. slapnuts

    Windows Xp

    They're the same os bro ,only real difference is that pro is geared more towards corps and what not ....btw security issues are the same
  7. you should be able to disable the auto shut off in your bios ....btw check to make sure that your cpu isn't really overheating, make sure theres no dust in and around it and that your fans are working properly. What happened to your other mobo? was it a heating problem?
  8. nuclear weapons use can only lead to one thing. If america finds an excuse to use these weapons then what stops another country from using theirs for their own reasons? this is probable the biggest fear for those of us who are still sane. All it takes is just one moron to bring to bring on another war,and if its faught with nuclear bombs who will be left to celebrate?
  9. I think its fair and accurate to say that we are going to hear alot more of these stories as the dust settles . Its such a shame that politics can handcuff such efforts, unfortunatly with so much effort being put into homeland security I seriously doubt anythng is going to change in the near future. FEMA and the goverment need a good kick in the butt
  10. You shouldn't be so hard on the trilogy series, just remember they were never meant to to full blown autocockers, but rather a step up from some mechs and an introduction into the autococker world. Even with the stock barrel they are very accurate which imho is the most important aspect of this sport anyway...btw with a special adaptor they can be ebladed but thats probable going overboard.Whatever you do don't skimp on you mask its everybit as important if not more than the marker you choose go here reviews
  11. tippmanns are probable the most custmizable markers out there, but they are really only meant for the woods,if you are planning on playing mostly speedball I would recommend something other than a mech IMHO
  12. LOL I love reading your posts. I recently had a party at my home, and I showed a couple of my buddies some of your comments, and one of them said something that fit you perfectly. The comment was that "you are either a retard or one really messed up individual and that no one could possible be as mentally fragile as you appear" another ask if these are real comments or some kind of spoof site, yet another said that he feels kind of sorry for you because you appear to actually believe what your saying .........personally I think you are just craving attention! silly rabbit tricks are for kids
  13. I also have to give it the thumbs up! rails are very solid ,looks amazing, and nothing beats modular cables ...absolutly no problems here :-) BTW I originally had a 450w enermax and the rails were not as good as they are now. I would definatly recommend it
  14. your 6 foot 4 380lb ...dang how big was the cop?... lol
  15. The real important thing here is that nobody was seriously hurt.....it was a good thing that cop was there to stop you from kicking the . out of that idiot!
  16. anybody here use this? and should I bother installing it if I don't have a dvd player or a ALL-IN-WONDER card? ...spec in my sig
  17. oic ...I quess you do learn something new everyday
  18. dang impressive Gregorama
  19. try registry mechanic
  20. exactly dude amd = great for gaming .Intel = good for gaming and probable better for multimedia hence the reason why he considered intel over amd as a better choice for his girlfriends needs ............thats all hes saying BTW.... my next rig will definatly be a AMd rig ..can't wait
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