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  1. My brother works at walmart, and one of my buddies works at EB they both said that between the 7 stores 3 walmarts 4 EBs not a single one has exsperience any problems. My brother also said it wasn't uncommon to arrive for work the next day and find the 360 left on from the night before. Some of these consoles are running constantly with no overheating at all! On a funny note my best freinds wife said she was going to divorce him because she never sees him anymore since he got his new 360. His machine is on 24/7 he has alot of new friends lately lol. Again not a single glitch. This things is really a piece of work
  2. sure is a great ..............cough ........movie/trailer
  3. slapnuts

    No Freakin 360.

    Yeah that suxs. I also had one on preorder from EB but they called me the other day and told me that I was pushed back on the list because of shortages, so I camped out last night and got me one ...thank god!
  4. FYI ....you shouldn't use a impact wrench on older vehicles. I'm not sure if you fit into this catagory but I thought I let you know. A torque wrench is preferable. Many professional mechanics and tire stores use air-driven impact wrenches because they save time and physical effort. While okay for removing lug nuts on newer vehicles, impact wrenches really should not be used for reinstalling the nuts and especially not for the final torquing. If an impact wrench is used for installation, a torque wrench should be used for final tightening. The torque applied by an impact wrench can vary from nut to nut. This can cause uneven loading of both the wheel and hub, and allow the lug nuts to work loose after miles of driving. Excessive torque applied by an impact wrench can also distort the roundness of the bolt holes, or even shear off the stud. It can also start a crack that will grow with time. If the nut should be accidentally cross-threaded, an impact wrench can cause stripped threads before you know it.
  5. true so true. Bush being to biggest liar of them all <_<
  6. LAMO .....we can all see right through you. Ya gots ta luv copy and paste
  7. LAMO! what kind of patch would americans where on their back packs ...etc so they could travel abroad without fear of getting slaughtered ?
  8. I'm currently using this one joy stick
  9. I believe thats what hes trying to avoid ya retard
  10. lol my bad had I realized everything typed on this forum was subjected to the spelling police I would have use my word program, in any case george w would have miss it LAMO
  11. Excellent job really nice to see you took the time to help your son out. You both should be very proud.
  12. as can us fanboys for the vga silencer ...right boys?
  13. jjmil03 psus are one of those things that people over look all the time, do yourself a big favor a get a really good psu you won't regret it
  14. very nice make sure you get a really good psu too
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