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  1. Maybe its not getting enough juice from ur PSU
  2. Ok txs....btw just received my kit. Looks awesome. Wonder how a push pull config would perform?
  3. ok thanks for the input BTW....my family and I recently came back from Orlando. We did all the theme parks, including Halloween night at Universal. We had the time of our lives, everything about your home state including the people were absolutely amazing.Can't wait to go back.
  4. Funny you should bring that up, cause I understood the newer formulas were really easy to clean up. Haven't considered distilled or pt nuke yet.
  5. I've been eye balling this little number for awhile now , and finally decide to take the plunge. I also ordered the Feser One Non-Conductive Cooling Fluid - UV Red . For a little extra security . Yeah I know its not a full fledged custom loop, but those things scare me a little . Anyway I hope its every bit as good as all the reviews claim it is. Anybody here have one yet? or know somebody who has one? If it works out for me I'll look at the GPU aspect of it as well, since this thing is supposed to be able to handle that part of it also
  6. Its the full game plus some add ons MW4 = Mechwarrior 4
  7. http://www.mektek.net/projects/mw4/ enjoy
  8. Any body here look at this thing yet? some thoughts please. Looks intriguing!
  9. If I don't, I'll always be looking at it and wishing for something better. It could end up way more expensive having to do it the second time round
  10. Yeah If it costs a little more so be it. If I'm gonna spend the money I might as well do it right the first time
  11. excellent info txs so much. Gonacheck out at all those links for sure
  12. real good info so far...thanks everyone
  13. Hey all I'm considering making the jump to liquid cooling, but have no idea how to go about it, very willing to learn however. Should I buy a kit or buy the parts individually . I have a budget of $300 or so. Could anyone recommend a list of parts or a good kit? If I have to spend a little more so be it. BTW. I'm looking to cool my CPU and GPU Thanks in advance.
  14. slapnuts


    good deal but I'm in Canada, txs anyway
  15. slapnuts


    so what are u using for storage?
  16. slapnuts


    Both look really promising...txs
  17. slapnuts


    ok txs gona give them a look
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