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  1. DFI Lan Party 865PE or MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R I can get either for about the same price what one should I get?
  2. yes I do mean 96ooxt btw that 9800xt from asus is a sweet looking rig
  3. I currently have a new 9600xt but I can get a radeon 9800 pro for about 50 bucks more do you think its worth it?
  4. yes vamp thats a good suggestion I havnt bought any yet so I posted this topic to get as many ideas as possible thx for you thoughts!
  5. Hi all I'm in the process of building my first one and I was wonder if I'm heading in the right direction everything is still in its original boxes so bringing something back wouldn't be a problem please keep in mind that I'm not looking for the best of the best just a half decient gaming platform but any suggestions would be apreciated case = CHEN MING ALUMINUM CASE W/ WINDOW motherboard = MSI 865PE NEO2-FIS2R P4-800 vid card = ASUS RADEON 9600XT 128MB power supply = ANTEC 400W ATX OS = xp pro processor = p4 2.8C GHZ S478 512KB 800MHZ still have a little ways to go but getting there
  6. sorry about the thread but txs for the advice FYI I live in canada ...txs again!
  7. wow alot of people here seem to really like AMD I also noticed you all keep saying that AMD is so much cheaper than Intel man I must be shoping at the wrong stores lol I'm right in the middle of building my first computer so I hope you don't mind if I ask you all a question or two? first I can get a INTEL PENTIUM 4 3.0C GHZ S478 512KB 800FSB for $344.99 or a AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 400FSB for $334.99 as far as performance versus price what do do think is the better? also what mother board would you recommend for each chip ..txs inadvance
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