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  1. yes ok but I think my question is kinda being lost here so let me put it this way if i were to put the second 1 tb Samsung nvme into the bottom slot and booted into windows then went to disk manager it should be recognized as a second drive. So using a program like Samsung data migration tool is it possible to open that program and direct it to clone the os and other files from the 500g nvme to the newly installed 1tb nvme drive?

  2. I own a asus z390 e strix mobo it has two slots for a nvme drive both support PCie 3.0 x 4. I have a samsung 970 evo plus 500g in one of the slots, I want to upgrade to the 1 tb version. Can I put the 1tb Samsung stick in the second slot and use Samsung's data migration software to clone the original 500 g 0r will I need to purchase a Plugable USB C to M.2 NVMe Tool-free Enclosure to do the job?  Thanks

  3. Hello folks.. So I finally decided to purchase a new ssd (Samsung 850 EVO) I removed the old drive (WD 1 TB black) and put a fresh copy of windows  on the SSD. Now heres the question If I want to reinstall my old drive to use as storage/backup how should I go about it? if it were a new hard drive it would be just a matter of plugging it in and do a format but this drive still has windows on it. so what's the best way to go about this ..thanks in advance

  4. 3240x1920 is  what im presently using i adjust quality setting on a per game basis generally i have no issues with fps..but fps aside i still want to know will i get better imagine quality on a 32' monitor with a native resolution of 2560x1440p as opposed to what im using now? still not sure if a triple monitor setup with resolution of 3240x1920 is a true 2k resolution or not

  5. Im currently using 3 1080p monitors in portrait mode that gives me a resolution of 3240x1920 is this really considered 2k or better? because Im considering just going with a 32' monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. so what Im really wondering is... will 3 1080p moitors give u true 2k resolution or do I need to go for the 32' option?

  6. You wanna buy something from me??


    Just because hes plays a game with ur name visible, doesn't mean the card hes using is the same card hes intending to sell to you. Maybe the card is damaged and hes using a new one he purchased....maybe!!.......... If it sounds too good to be true then maybe it is? Personally I would never trust anybody on craigslist but that's just me.

  7. I just had an interesting live chat on FB. One of my friends vacationing in London got mugged and needed me to wire money. I got the details of where to send it, then asked a personal question to verify identity. Much hedging ensued, "I'm so distraught", etc..., but no answers. In the meantime I called the friend in the States and got her husband who said that she was out taking care of the animals.


    The chat ended abruptly at that point when I suggested that the next course of action be that the person on the other end go f**k themselves. I have an address where they wanted the money wired but have no idea who to report it to, any suggestions?


    Anyways, just a cautionary tale, a reminder that you need to be suspicious of everything on the web.


    That scam has been going on for awhile where I live, except they have been calling elderly people claiming to be their grandchild,or relative....etc and scamming these poor people out of the only little bit of money them have :angry: . I wish they would bring back the death penalty

  8. Any kind of seal or sealant will seal the best on a clean and dry surface. Now when you deal with O-rings that do not have to move as they are being tightened its best to leave the lube off of them. But when doing one that has to move when being secured as cokeman said it is best to use a lube. Please make sure its not petroleum based as this will eat the o-ring over time.


    ok good info txs

  9. To seal threaded fittings either tape or a sealing compound is used. If the fitting is flared then no sealing material is required. I would say from experience with gaskets that no lubricant should be applied to o-rings because this may cause a poor seal and fluid may leak out (slip). The rubber to metal would be the best seal.


    Yeah I installed as is and every thing appears fine. Going to leak test for several more hours, then proceed with the rest of the installation. Temps look real nice. I'll post some pics when I get the chance. Thanks to all that replied !!

  10. I think he is talking about teflon tape to seal the pipe thread fittings into the blocks and radiator.


    Here are my thoughts on it, you can use it but where you also have an oring seal it is best left out of the equation unless you are careful. The reason being that the tape can splinter into threads that will get under the o-ring and cause you no end of frustration hunting the leak. Now I have taken the o-ring off of the fitting and used teflon tape for gas lines since it is thicker and requires less wrap, then put the oring back into place but the last few build have gone tape less and so far have been leak free for almost a year. Just lube the oring and do not over tighten the fittings and you will be fine.


    Also if its in your budget use fittings that have a captured o ring so it does not squeeze out when you tighten the fittings.


    yes that is what I was referring to. The barbs are threaded and they do have o rings on them. BTW I,am installing the swiftech H2o 320 edge cooler

  11. In the midwest United States, we are supposed to be hit with a very bad ice storm tonight. They are predicting at least 2+ inches of ice, which will cover everything. Possibly putting too much weight on the power lines, which in turn could bring them down, causing major power outages. Most likely, if we get the weather they are predicting everything will shut down: schools, business, everything! Now, I don't really mind if I am trapped in my home for a few days, as long as I have power! But, won't know until later this evening how this storm will affect my area, but I know many other OCC members are probably going to be affected by this winter ice storm as well.


    I know I just went to the grocery store to stock up on the necessities, just in case and it was madness! Everyone else was doing the same thing, and my local grocery store had turned into a crazy scene. I'm sure there might have been some fire marshall codes broken with the number of people in the store, you could barely even more around. But, I managed to make it out unharmed, with milk and bread in hand ;) Anyone else going to have to deal with this ice storm? Anyone else worried about losing power and heat?


    Not to make light of ur situation but when ever I see scenarios like this play out on the tube, its funny how a little bit of bad weather plays havoc on peeps who aren't familiar with it. Cars sliding all over the place with mere inches of snow on the ground, emergency vehicles out in full force, people in a mad panic...etc I live in Canada and we see this stuff 2 or 3 months out of the year. Trust me its not that big of a deal. Having said that, there are parts of my country go ape crap as well, when a little bit of bad weather hits them, cause they don't see as much snow as my home province does. Anyway try to calm I'm sure everything will be fine.

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