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  1. My new case arrived today looks like a beauty. Going for a new build this year. Not going to touch the case until I get all the new goodies to begin my new rig keeping my PSU my HDD and my GPU only.
  2. Hey all trying to decide if I should go for a 1080ti or maybe a 2080 or if I should get another 1070 and sli them? Any suggestions
  3. awesome I thought this was the case but wanted to be sure thanks
  4. Hello folks.. So I finally decided to purchase a new ssd (Samsung 850 EVO) I removed the old drive (WD 1 TB black) and put a fresh copy of windows on the SSD. Now heres the question If I want to reinstall my old drive to use as storage/backup how should I go about it? if it were a new hard drive it would be just a matter of plugging it in and do a format but this drive still has windows on it. so what's the best way to go about this ..thanks in advance
  5. ok thank you for that...cheers
  6. 3240x1920 is what im presently using i adjust quality setting on a per game basis generally i have no issues with fps..but fps aside i still want to know will i get better imagine quality on a 32' monitor with a native resolution of 2560x1440p as opposed to what im using now? still not sure if a triple monitor setup with resolution of 3240x1920 is a true 2k resolution or not
  7. Im currently using 3 1080p monitors in portrait mode that gives me a resolution of 3240x1920 is this really considered 2k or better? because Im considering just going with a 32' monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. so what Im really wondering is... will 3 1080p moitors give u true 2k resolution or do I need to go for the 32' option?
  8. Just because hes plays a game with ur name visible, doesn't mean the card hes using is the same card hes intending to sell to you. Maybe the card is damaged and hes using a new one he purchased....maybe!!.......... If it sounds too good to be true then maybe it is? Personally I would never trust anybody on craigslist but that's just me.
  9. That scam has been going on for awhile where I live, except they have been calling elderly people claiming to be their grandchild,or relative....etc and scamming these poor people out of the only little bit of money them have . I wish they would bring back the death penalty
  10. Yeah I installed as is and every thing appears fine. Going to leak test for several more hours, then proceed with the rest of the installation. Temps look real nice. I'll post some pics when I get the chance. Thanks to all that replied !!
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