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  1. i think it's something along the line of open up command prompt (obviously) type in FTP press return it'll then look like this ftp> make it look like this ftp> open "yourwebserver" (with out the quotation marks) press return it'll then say connected to yourwebserver some numbers and stuff. User<yourwebserver:<<none>>: thats where you enter your username then the next step it'll ask you for your password make sure to get it right because it won't show up on screen not even asterix's then you should be connected.. sorry if thats a bit waffled
  2. can't believe no ones mentioned this one http://www.wirelesspointers.com/ultragtmouse.html download the video to enter a whole new world of laziness
  3. i'm not gonna be much help because i don't really know about web servers, but i do know that command prompt has a built in FTP sounds like this would be of advantage to you?
  4. dunno it's dated monday november 6th last time it was monday november 6th was in the year 2000, was charles heston dead then?
  5. Rick_fourdumbkids

    Sims 2

    i used to lure sims out into the garden and then build a square around them then watch them suffer god dang i'm mean. sims 2 is well good though i especially like the feature where there's a couple of days a week where you don't have to go in and you can build up vacation time good stuff.
  6. yeah i removed the autorun.inf file and changed the registry, works a treat now. thanks for all your help
  7. yeah i deleted the autorun.inf file of borland builder because it was f*ckin up my d:\ second off you win the i'm a prick award because there's no files to do with windows on my d:\ hence why my c:\ is named windows only
  8. bit of a waste burning 4mb to a cd. And no you don't need it at both ends the wonderful little programme creates something that puts em back together at the other end, really easy to do, i'm sure you'll figure it out
  9. if there in a .exe then the zip won't do much good but the file splitter programme would work (if youve got acces to a few floppies) http://www.tucows.com/preview/196052.html
  10. don't know how successful it would be but you could try zipping the files so that there smaller than 1.44mb or alternatively get a file splitter program and do it that way?
  11. still got my megadrive 1 from when i was a kid NHL hockey 95 never gets old
  12. ok so i found the autorun.inf file you were talking about deleted it and now when i double click it, it tells me it can't find the auto run.inf file and asks me to put in an alternate location it doesnt except D:\
  13. all the properties are just telling me it's a normal hdd drive, i can access what's in it tho by going through the explore function way the right click menu has the same layout as a CD drive tho
  14. i installed borland c++ builder and it's done this to my hard drive (see attatched file) every time i click it, it loads up the borland auto play how do i stop this? thanks for help in advance
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