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  1. Zeni

    Ragnaros Downed Nathrezim Realm

    Congrats. I myself recently switched servers to start fresh, and if anyone else has done so as well, and happened upon the Moonrunner realm then please feel free to hit me up in-game. Zeni/Morbo/Kagemaru - Horde Daemon/Kurrath/Goemon - Alliance.
  2. Zeni

    Official World of Warcraft (WoW) Discussion Thread

    I'm in one on the alliance side, and currently apped for one on the Horde side as well, only 2 guilds on Uther have ever taken down Ragnaros, and only 1 has done it since the last time blizzard upgraded him.... though my horde guild isn't either of the 2 they have at least made it to him and taken him down to under 50% ( Which is quite a feat. ) Needless to say I'm quite happy to be joining a raiding guild on the horde side, as I've grown accustomed to my alliance counterparts doing the same.
  3. Zeni

    Thinking Of Trying World Of Warcraft

    MC is a strict place to be, you have to know what your role is in the instance and be as attentive as possible in order to make it very far, also MC is somewhere you should never go if you're worried about dying, you'll die a good ten times on any given run, no matter what class you are. ( We had a rogue use vanish like 3 times on my last run, when asked why he bothered with it he said he didn't want to die. Side note: Every mob in MC is able to see through your stealth little buddy, so you're gonna die anyways. ) Personally I think that the best class to be in MC would have to be a Warlock, no need to watch your DPS as you won't be doing more damage than the mages/rogues, and the only real things you'd have to keep an eye on would be soul stone timers, and banishing any elemental adds that may come along.
  4. Zeni

    Funnest Class In Wow

    Ugh, I don't see how anyone could say that a Paladin is the most fun to play, past level 50 they become tedious, and are utterly useles in a melee capacity for BG. I enjoyed my Paladin up to level 55, cause he was king of the hill for that stretch of time, then the level 60 blues hit me as I noticed I was restricted to being a backup healer for MC, and was amusingly underpowered in PVP. People may think that divine shield/lay on hands is great for PVP, but you then realize that sure, your shield gives you time to heal yourself, but since you can't attack and heal at the same time your opponent can just as easily use up a potion or bandage and continue assaulting you. Anyways, mages are fun to play, especially in PVP because you get to be the single most aggrivating person around, followed closely by Rogues.
  5. Zeni

    Official World of Warcraft (WoW) Discussion Thread

    Well, I've had a pretty successful couple of weeks in WoW. I'm happy, I've found 3 epic world drops in under 2 weeks, considering I've been playing for nearly 6 months now without finding a single epic it has been a nice change. Found a Fiery War Axe on a Jungle Stalker in STV on my UD Warrior. Found a Lei Of Lillies off of a Ravasaur in Un'goro on my Orc Rogue. Found a Glowing Brightwood Staff 2 days later off of a Tar Lurker in Un'goro on my Orc Rogue. Needless to say I like Un'goro MUCH more now.
  6. Zeni

    Why Isnt There A Lord Of The Rings Mmo

    There is one, it's called World Of Warcraft, seeing as how 90% of the game is based on LotR in one way or another.
  7. Zeni

    Official World of Warcraft (WoW) Discussion Thread

    Hillsbrad and Dalaran It's amazing how well cheap shot works, even if the target is 33 levels above you, I got one off on a 60 Paladin decked out in lightforge the other day.... then vanished and waited for my flag to wear off, hahaha. That was on my Orc Rogue, but anyways, just for a laugh here's my Gnome Rogue with his new weapons.
  8. Zeni

    Very Very Sad...don't Let This Happen To You

    Koreans tend to be the biggest user base for most MMO's so this doesn't surprise me too much, but it's still pretty sad that they'd allow something like that to happen because they'd gotten "lost in the game."
  9. Zeni

    Official World of Warcraft (WoW) Discussion Thread

    I think the ultimate joke is a protection spec'd Gnome Warrior who, when fully buffed, has nearly 9000hp and is capped at 10,000 armor. That being a description of the guild leader of the last alliance guild I was in.
  10. Zeni

    Official World of Warcraft (WoW) Discussion Thread

    Shadowmeld isn't really used as a form of stealth in WC3 either though, just stationary hiding. Either way, I know there would be less Night Elves in general if they weren't able to be rogues.
  11. Zeni

    Official World of Warcraft (WoW) Discussion Thread

    Indeed, too many Undead and NE rogues around. I honestly think blizzard made a mistake by letting Night Elves be rogues for the simple reason that only 2 races can be druids, Night Elves and Tauren, yet the Tauren get shafted on being rogues because according to blizzard, "It goes against their nature loving ways." So you have to wonder why Night Elves can be rogues, considering they're along the same lines as the Tauren, the only sense it really makes to me is that they're afraid taking NE rogues away would upset the thousands of teenage boys who play them because they're "uber kewlz." In any case, there's more than enough Night Elves for me for this lifetime....
  12. Zeni

    World Of Warcraft (WoW) Most Hated Race Poll

    So you hate Midgets? That doesn't seem very PC.
  13. Zeni

    World Of Warcraft (WoW) Favorite Class Poll

    Gnome Rogue = winnage. I had the same thoughts about human, but since I want to have another factions mount I decide to remake my Warrior as a human, the 10% bonus to rep is really a big thing if you intend to get it done by 60.
  14. Zeni

    World Of Warcraft (WoW) Most Hated Race Poll

    Murlocs rule, hell I have the murloc gurgle as my cell's ring tone, funniest sound in the game.
  15. Zeni

    World Of Warcraft (WoW) Favorite Class Poll

    I second his description, they're all played by pre-pubescent boys who think they're "kewlz" and that includes the NE females as well, which is just sad. And in response to the Paladin thing, sure you get a free mount, unless you decide to go for your Epic Charger, that's probably worse than farming for a normal Epic Mount. Personally I'm getting pretty tired of my Paladin, it's just stupid that you can't even enjoy a fair BG experience because all the opposing players go straight for the Paladins, so I always have 5 or 6 Horde on me anytime I try anything.