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  1. I'm only ever going to say this once on this board.  You may have uninstalled the program but something associated with it is still running.  Ctrl-Alt-Del + Task Manager and then Processes tab.  Stop the process and you will be able to delete the folder.  Want to get your panties in a twist?  Start-Run-Regedit, Look for software.  Have fun!

  2. Look for thicker walled silicon actually.  Tubing comes in diameters of i.d. (inside diameter) and o.d. (outside diameter).  In my opinion, the best scenario would be the inside diameter for the fitting plus about one eight of an inch for water inside your system.

  3. Want a benchmark?  I did a boot test with both an Intel PIV 1.5 and an AMD Athelon XP 1600.  I booted one third faster with the AMD (and a stopwatch).  There were two hardware differences in these times.  One: The motherboards were different. Two: RDRAM vs. DDR (256 - 256).  The only thing I can and will say about the mainboards is that the AMD was a K7T266 Pro 2 because I really don't know the maker of the Intel board other than the fact that it was delivered in a Dell Dimension 8100 System.  The ram was top of the line both ways and 256 both times.

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