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  1. Nice mate, that must have taken a while If i had to do that with my heatsinks it would take forever. Over 20 heatsinks to lap... crap... thats just too much time... But maybe i'll do that when i get a new cpu
  2. You get aircons that doesn't take out the moist in the air. They cost around what you have You'll pay more a split unit though. Air con in your room is the best idea. Trust me, i know. I also get dry feeling in my mouth and so on.. i get sneesy and so on also. But with the aircon i breath in fresh air, without any polon, or any harmful things. Just remember to get the one that puts the water back into the air
  3. Nope, no air press problems... If you look closely you'll see that the 2 on the side takes air into the case, the fan on the outside of the pc, at back, also blows air into the case. The fan at top of the pc blows all the hot air out. So the only problem that could form is if you close the top fan shuttle. But it's always open so no problem with air. Just to add to the type of sinks to use: When you want best performance use coper, but then you'll really need a very good airflow. Remeber copper might get the heat faster, but letting it go is another thing. Whilst aluminum gets the heat bit slower than copper it lets it go easier. That only chip you can see at the pc's next to my bios is the winbond chip. No need in cooling that.
  4. Ok, those images are a bit old... So i'll post my new ones i took just now... http://www.imedia.za.net/picz/DSCI0005a.JPG check it out... i'm not posting it cause it's a large picture and i'm lazy This is just a extra van i mounted on my grafixcards to cool down the mosfets' heatsinks... Even with the mosfet sinks on they still get untouchable hot. So with the fan in place, it was noticably colder. I could touch it for a few seconds... No voltage chances ever... even if you give the cpu some hard work to do.
  5. Nice idea... execpt for the EMI that will be much higher risk to your cables. EMI being Electro magnatic interference. Just make sure those cables aren't running next to any power sources, or tv's/hifi's etc. And it should be fine Other than that pretty funny. I like the round network cables... Not so messy.
  6. Thermal take has launched a northbridge and southbridge cooler. The A1919 if i remember correctly. My friend bought one. The package includes a miniture version of the cpu cooler that looks something like this. OOOOO O\\\\\\\\O O\\\O\\\O O\\\\\\\\O OOOOOO ###### ###### ###### ###### Those round round fans... Also get 2 heatsinks to put on your southbridge. This friend has also modded his mobo like i have. I'll tell him to post pics aswell.
  7. I've posted before that i'm about to cool every chip and mosfet and what ever is warm on my motherboard. Lots of ppl showed interest and so i decided to take pictures of how it looks... What this actually did... By cooling the mosfets my voltages are as stable as can come. You can hardly see the voltage chance ever. So it stablized the voltages which is a good thing if you want exact overclocking. Also helps with the system if the system is used voltages tend to get higher cause the drainage is higher. Cooling the ram/agp/etc chipsets. This i'm not sure if it helped yet as i can't overclock my ram/agp seperate from my cpu. I'll be getting a better cpu soon so i'll update this again if that worked. All and all i think it is worth it to cool your motherboard. Like they say the cooler the better. I also have a good airflow running through my pc so keep that in mind also... Without airflow you'll only be making your case warmer... Because these heatsinks will give off heat and that will be stuck inside your case. So do note you should have atleast 1 fan getting air in (except for powersupply) and 1 fan blowing air out. Now the pics... So there is one pic of my system closed... And one with the heatsinks on. Those aren't professional heatsinks... Just random heatsink put to use. In all 16 heatsinks on the motherboard. Also my grafixcard is nicely heatsinked aswell
  8. I'm gonna buy me a 128MB Radeon 9600xt sometime soon... ATI should have much better cards when comming to pci express caue they work with intel on that.
  9. Hey my current system is stated at my signature... I was wondering if i would be better to get only a new cpu that can overclock or get a hole new system?
  10. A friend of mine got a Thermal Take vga cooler, the gaint 3 for his radeon 9800 pro. And in the manual it says use generous amounts of thermal grease. So we used plenty, like they said. The thing is, i'm not sure of so much thermal grease is really gonna help, infact i'm scared it might decrease preformance. He can clock his card to around 400/400. Is this good or should we remove the amounts of grease?
  11. Your excused for being a nOOb Gonna put them on my mosfets on the chip that controls ram, pci, cpu. Aswell as the southbridge. Other than that, to the voltage regulators and everything else that gets hot. But to sum it up, basicly everything on the mobo. The onboard lan chip gets skipped as well as some chips that don't tend to get hot when overclocking.
  12. Hi, i just got 20 heat sinks, i read the one post about mobo cooling, so i'm gonna be doing that, pics will be up in a week or 2, depending on if i get a distrubuter for thermal adhesive. What do you guys think about cooling the mobo? Cause i've felt a few of those chips do get hot, so the cooling of those chips should help with something
  13. Yes i believe the 9200 is made in a low profile version so you'd be able to fit one of them in.
  14. Hehehe sorry for being a pain the in rear, but what does each of those timings mean?
  15. Most of thermal takes fans are better when working in the order they come out. The volcano 12 is a monster. And is a must have for any one that's serious about air cooling.
  16. I agree with Code. Get the pc3200 and radeon 9600xt. Also just to add to the cd-rw/dvd-rw thing. You can rip dvd's to 1 cd and still maintain good quality.
  17. It could be your grafixcard's temp or it could be a temp sensor that isn't connected. I don't think it's your hdd's temp sensor cause it should be around 40-50 then... So my best geuss would be that it's not a connected temp senor.
  18. Hi I have a 1800+ (palimino) it runs standard at 1,53Ghz. I've overclocked it to around 1,63Ghz 2000+. My cpu temp is low. But i can't seem to get it higher. I've tried this cpu in a NF7-S mobo, with 333FSB Rams. Still the highest it would go was 1,67Ghz. Minor improvement but i'd think it would have gone higher. Is this the highest it will go or can i get it higher?
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