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  1. Yes those are the 380's I am talking about. They compare like this: Headphone Compare There you can see the 280's have more bass extension, and from around 12khz takes a dive(555 follows similar pattern). But as you can see the high end on both aren't very linear, but it really depends on your hearing sensitivity also. I do recommend auditioning first. That is how i knew i wanted the 380's. I'm currently running the 380's on my onboard(some intel chipset)(at work). Even on the lowest main volume setting in windows is loud enough for me, and it's capable of really going loud when i want it to. However I do want to get a decent DAC for it.
  2. On the razor headset, i'd be very concerned about comfort. My razor headset physically hurt my ears after a short while of wearing purely because they made it so damn heavy and it doesn't go around your ears. I personally wouldn't give on to my enemies. From this group I'd pick the ATH-AD700, overall good highend, lacking in bass as they are open cans, but their quality is great. Like you say you listen to dance/club music, I wouldn't take anything but the 380 pro. I would save up a bit more, the 380's are worth it. Ok, the 280 pros are also very good with bass, not as good, but very good few come close to it. If you know of others in the same price range please feel free to post the frequency graphs. But as i have it for the money there's no headset open or closed that will come close to the 380's. The reason why I can compare the headsets high end with each other is purely because headsets do not offer great high end, even at crazy prices the high end is still lacking. All headphones have serious issues with high frequencies, some are better than others, but still very flawed.
  3. Even though the Senn HD-555 is very nice, GET the Seen HD-380 Pro, blows all others out of the water. Do yourself a favor and do a frequency graph compare. The HD 380 pro is the only headset that can play all the bass properly. Also works much better than my razer 5.1 set for games. The Senn HD 380 pro is a master piece. Won't trade it for a 595 or even higher, more costly headsets. Do yourself a favor and have a listen to them in a store, you'll buy them instantly. Comfort is a given. Enjoy.
  4. I've been looking at several online shops, but I also have access to hardware dealers. http://www.rebeltech.co.za/ http://www.prophecy.co.za/ The two main online shops I've been looking at. To give you an idea when adding items to a basket or so, the budget will be around R8000. The parts on both sites cost only little more that from dealers though. Thanks for the help.
  5. No I'm not dead set on Asus. If you have a better suggestion on the mobo I'll definitely look into that. Don't want to get something that will give me problems and has known issues. I'm going for the coolermaster 212+ and MUKii asroc plus asc-750AB - 750w power supply. Any idea when the Bulldozers are coming out? Unfortunately it's either kingston, corsair, transcend or adata. And of these the kingston is about the cheapest. I've changed the p8p67-m to p8p67-le I can get a 6870 for $16 more, should i rather take that?
  6. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions, was very enlightening. I'm now looking at the following: Sapphire HD5850 ($237.29), the 5850 looks a bit faster in all game benchmarks than the 6850 ($242.71). Asus P8Z68-V ($253) has support for crossfire later on and all the latest goodies Intel i5-2500K ($236) allows for decent overclock later on, and should be plenty fast. Kingston Hyper-X KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX ($118.29) I'm guessing the faster memory will be nice for overclock later. Total $844.58 *Edit I can get the Asus P8P67-M(Rev b3) for $177.50 any reason to stick with the Z68?
  7. Hi All, I've been out of the hardware scene for so long, that I really don't know what is the best anymore. Machine will be used to play games like SC2, Mass effect 2, etc... What i currently have is: Intel i5 750 (very fast very happy with it), Asus P7P55D PRO (very happy with it), 1Gb Asus Radeon 5770 cucore (hopefully sapphires cooling is better, had 3 cards before this one, and it seems like this one is going soon also), 2x2Gb Ram 1333mhz (Corsair gave issues so not going with them again) , 3.5TB disk space. I'm now looking for a second system for my wife. I'm looking at: Intel i5 2300 (sandybridge)(should be even faster, so won't struggle with games), Asus P8H67-M LX (haven't looked what the different models are yet), 1Gb Sapphire HD6790 (not really sure what the difference is between the 5000 and 6000 series, but it should at least be faster), 2 x 4Gb Ram 1333mhz (still need to decide on brand, I've always wanted to try Gskill), 2TB disk space(already bought). The MB,CPU,Ram,Gfx comes to about $672.35 (converted value) what would you change? Budget isn't really a limiting factor, but I dont want to buy just the most expensive stuff. I want good value for money. I was also looking at the i3 sandybridges are they worth it, or shouldnt i even bother? The system won't be overclocked, until at the time it requires it But will do proper cooling for that first. Thanks for any and all input
  8. Scored 71points (11fps) with onboard graphics at 1024x768
  9. I have the P7P55D-E Pro, and haven't noticed any high pitched sounds coming from it. Very nice board. Very glad i got it.
  10. Hi all, i cant seem to get a comparison of the cucore and the other 5770. Anyone else know where i can get a bench or oc of the cucore version?
  11. I bought a 5770 and it was making artifacts, so i RMA'd it. (no overclocking at all). They gave me the new revision of the 5770. Which worked for a while then didn't want to post anymore. They are now replacing it again 3rd one... Hope this one lasts...
  12. Only recently replaced my DFI LANPARTY NF3 ULTRA. Ah yes my good old sempron 754 3100+ E6 stepping, got a nice clock form 1.6 to 3.2. Show me another motherboard that goes up to 452Mhz in that range! hehehe i remember mailing DFI about the bios, there was step missing between 332 and 330 i think. Never used that clock but was funny. And when i was clocking i asked DFI how hot the chipset could get, and they actually responded to me 130C, which was "cool" They really made decent motherboard. They can still be great if they release boards for the mainstream processors...
  13. Did you use distilled water? I'd suggest cleaning the pipes with warm water and soap. Then clean them out with distilled water. (Throw that away) then use distilled water with a water wetter. Distilled water is cheap, i bought a 5L.
  14. I tried running each module separately in a slot. Turns out the one doesn't post, so I figure the one module is dead. Strange that it posts at all with a faulty module. Just shows how much technology has changed i guess
  15. Had another look at what windows says, in the task manager it shows 2gb memory, then if you go to property of computer it shows 4gb usable 2gb. In the bios it also says usable 2gb. I've seen that memory mapping was enabled in the bios. I'll try disable it when I get home tonight. The bios is a bit lame, doesn't show modules detected, only usable memory.
  16. Both bios and windows, but in CPU-Z it shows both modules.
  17. Hi all, I got my hardware yesterday, and hooked everything up. Just wondering, I've got 2 x 2gb DDR3 1333 running in dual channel. It shows only 2gb memory is that correct?
  18. Nope no special deals on Phenom II, what would i be looking at to match the i5 performance wise?
  19. I'm actually buying from dealers... which is sad, because online shops are even more pricey! http://www.prophecy.co.za for instance: R8178 = $1120 (To calculate $1 = R7.3) Online shops also don't have much stock around here. Yep it's brutal :'(
  20. Probably was a bad idea to convert from ZAR to USD This is the cheapest i can get it for in South africa Ok but ignoring the price, but not going overboard, what would you suggest to change ? the corsair i can easily swap out for transcend memory, don't really get ocz or any nice brands here for reasonable prices...
  21. Hi All, I'd just like your opinions on an upgrade I'd like to do: Sapphire HD5770 Game edition 1Gb 128bit ASUS P7P55D LE Intel lga1156 i5 750 - Quad core , 2.66ghz box cpu , 3.2ghz turbo boost , VT-x Corsair TW3X4G1333C9 , XMS 3 , with heatsink , 2 x 2Gb/2048mb kit , ddr3-1333 ( PC3-10666 ) , CL9 This is a bundled buy all for $836 US. And i'm looking at $930 max. Any thoughts?
  22. I own a few dfi lanparty boards, i wouldn't say no one has heard of them. They were one of the first to use solid state capacitors on their motherboards and had really put effort into the overclocking future. But they fell behind with the competition and well they still make good boards but there are better stuff. They probably do better with there server/integrated motherboards, with companies they've contracted or something in that line. DFI was like my first love, all that and then sum, unforgettable, and painful realization that their so much better out there ...
  23. Verran the reason he says it is being forced by the media, is because like on radio stations they say you should join their twitter......and be a twat. It's definitely not forced on you, but the media is making a huge influence on the general public to use it. You might be the individual that doesn't follow the flock of sheep, but your not the flock.
  24. If you need louder then do what i did: BTW i built the subwoofer by my self, and the frequency response on the graphs are excellent ( Sounds and feels excellent also )
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