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  1. http://www.prophecy.co.za/club3d-cgax68724f-radeon-hd6870-gddr5-256bit-pcie-p-86874.html
  2. Would I be better off buying an i3 2100 and a 6970(or similar)?
  3. Unfortunately no asrock, and gigabyte z68 boards cost way too much. I'm not sure what you mean by non 448 edition, is this one of them? http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/NVIDIA_Series/ENGTX560_DC2DI1GD5/ I already have a Coolermaster Hyper 212 I received the pricelist by mail, they don't have an online website.
  4. Thanks for your inputs, I will definitely be overclocking! Thats why I choose the K edition CPU also the 1866Mhz Ram. I'm not keen on the ValueRAM, when running MemTest the memory efficiency was dreadful. The PC is not a replacement, it's an additional one. So can't reuse anything Any recommendations on a different case, can get any brand here, I just liked the plain and simple look of that one.
  5. Hey everyone, so it's finally that time, time to buy the hardware! This PC will be used mainly for gaming, eg ME3, Diablo3, SC2, etc. This is the setup: Note that the pricing is converted from my currency, this is the cheapest I can get the components here. CPU ($270) - i5 2500K RAM ($100) - Kingston Hyper-X KHX1866C9D3K2/8GX , 2x 4Gb kit - support Intel XMP ( eXtreme Memory Profiles ) ddr3-1866 , CL9 , 1.65v - 240pin - lifetime warranty MB(Not sure on this, but can only get: Asus or Genuine Intel): I've been looking at the following: Not sure what do i benefit with the z68 over the H67? ($180) http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1155/P8Z68V_LX ($210) http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1155/P8Z68M_PRO GPU ($271) any recommendations, not biased, nvidia or ati? Sapphire HD6870 - support HDMi 1.4a + Displayport 1.2 with MST , support 6x daisy-chian display via MST hub , 1Gb 256bit 4 channel DDR5 , 32RoPs , 134.4Gb/sec memory transfer ; 1120 stream processors ( pixel shader engine + vertex pipelines ) , texture fill rate : 50.4billion/sec , 56 texture unit , 32RoPs, 2 TeraFLoPs , core/memory : 900/4200mhz , 2x dvi+Hdmi-v1.4+2x mini DisplayPort ( with mini-DP to DP + dvi to d-sub converter ) Case ($44) - Coolermaster RC-371-KKN1 , Elite 371 , No psu ( bottom placed design ) , black , support 315mm very long cards : tools free ; 2 x front usb + audio in/out - 3x 5.25", 1x 3.5", 6x 3.5" hidden - 1 x 120mm fan support upto 7 - atx PSU ($88) - Antec HCG ( High Current Gamer ) 520w ( 12v : 480w ) , with EPS12V v2.91 , 80PLUS Bronze certified for energy saving - 24pin ( 4pin detachable ) ; 2x 8 (6+2) pin PCI-E 2.0 power connectors , 1x 135mm PWM fan with advanced thermal control , 6x SATA , 6x molex , with OCP, OVP, OPP, SCP safety standard - 3 years warranty Keyboard ($104) - Logitech 920-002233 G110 gaming keyboard , custom-colour character backlight keys , built-in usb audio , game/desktop mode switch , with 12 programmable game keys , media keys , instant media access, with detachable palmrest Mouse ($70) - Razer Death Adder 3500 , black with bLue led light , 3500dpi 3.5G optical , 6400 FPS , 5.8 MegaPixel/sec , 60-120iPS ( Inch Per Sec ) , 32k on-board memory support upto 5 game profile , 16bit ultra-data path , 1000hz ultrapooling , 1ms response time , non-slip 5 buttons ( independently programable ) , right-handed ergonomic design with rubber coated buttons , always-on instant response , Zero-Acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet - usb - retail pack Comes to about $1159 (rounded down) Nothing is set in stone above, I do already have HDDs and a LCD. My budget is about $1160 can probably stretch this a little if really necessary, but will need facts to support the cause Thanks Guys!
  6. Are you implying that you can still overclock using bus clock?
  7. Probably a stupid question, but is there any intel i3 models that can overclock? Is there like a K model or something?
  8. In South Africa, $974.57 (converted) for Sapphire AMD Radeon HD7970 3GB GDDR5 384-bit PCI-E x16
  9. Feel the same way, I've been waiting for ages, probably don't have the right hardware they want to test on :/ Seeing as every second guy has a i5
  10. Been wearing glasses for 21 years now, I can honestly say I'm fed up with them. They're a nuisance most of the time, always in the way. Not having to wear glasses would be heaven, but even though I'm on one of the best medical aids in SA, they only cover half the cost because it's cosmetic...
  11. Yes I know this I made one for myself and then gave it to my companion later when I made the second one, but when I saw that the superior one doesn't give me additional defense, I got suspicious and did it a few times.
  12. I've made some dragon armor, standard it think it was 167 armor. So i used a potion to make my crafting items 20% better. So it went up to 187 (yea not really 20% but anyways), so I had two armors, one 167 and one 187, and both give me the same amount of defense when wearing :/ whats up with that :/ But yeah switched to Dreadric anyways. I also find the game boring though, even though I'm playing it a lot. It doesn't really have that excitement factor as most games do, sure it gets your blood pumping here and there but only for a little bit. The repeating quest themes are also a bit cliche. Overall though they did a lot, and I'm impressed at what they've done. I just don't see it being legendary. Also the many many many bugs is a bit frustrating, but is to be expected for such an integrate game.
  13. The stock intel cooler isn't a cooler :/ Get somethign decent if you don't want it to throttle your cpu.
  14. If your selling in SA, I might buy it from you
  15. Use to have an engineering sample graphics card, which overclocked nicely. Was funny to see a message on post "Not for retail"
  16. Yeah so they ripping us off... But also at the same time being stupid, because if you sell at lower prices your going to sell more. I'm holding out until prices drop again, cause it's just not worth it at this time.
  17. The PC 350 is basically the HD 380pro with a mic. In my country the price difference does not justify getting the PC 350. Can buy two 380's for the price. Just my 2 cents.
  18. I don't own a sound card I use onboard sound. Not sure where the confusion came in.
  19. Sweet I'm sure they'll give you lots of happy listening I know I'll be hard pressed to buy anything else.
  20. Don't know much about which card is better, but they should be able to power the 380's, I'm currently running my 380's from onboard sound, waiting on stock though for a nice dac. But so far from just listening using onboard, I'm getting a decent amount of bass and clarity from them, but the onboard has it's usual buzzzzz/noise which is audible when nothing is playing.
  21. Any idea when you'll be receiving the goodies?
  22. If possible ask what has been refurbished? There's not many components in a headphone. If the driver units have been replaced, they take a few hours to loosen up, but you should get an idea of quality from first listen. Please do post your opinion on how you experience the headphones.
  23. The barracuda 5.1, i would sy it's the weight of the whole thing. The 595 to me felt much lighter than the 380. Still very comfortable though. I vote for this option. Games i would say lower-mid to higher-mid is probably going to be the region your looking at. The high end and low end will just complete the experience. This can indeed be a bit of a hindrance if your connection point is making the coil stretch very long, however the headphones sit firmly on your head, very little chance of it moving around on your head. The cable unstretched is about 1.5m or so.
  24. Those DT770s look nice as well. Haven't listened to them, but the ~8db bump at 100hz might be a bit much?
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