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    Laptop 970m

    Hi, I'm looking at the following laptop: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834725005 Would anyone recommend something else? I'm not all that clued up on gaming laptops and such, but the specs look good to me. Thanks
  2. NoSnipeLimit

    Laptop 970m

    Thanks guys, that CyberPowerPC is exactly the kind of site I was looking for!
  3. NoSnipeLimit

    Path of Exile

    Also excited about the respec. Think I might try out a melee build, seeing as I have all the gear for it. With more damage on some nodes/items, you can now perhaps invest in more life/armour/etc. Still dont think it will be viable end game, but will be fun to try
  4. I recently bought two Zalman TM270va 27" screens. Thinking a 2ms response time is more than enough, as my current one has 16ms, and I have no ghosting/blurring of image on it. To my surprise though, anything that moves on the screen gets blurred so bad, that you can't even read text, eg. of items that dropped in games or so forth. Moving around, cause the entire environment to change color due to the colors bluring/ghosting over earch other. Completely and totally not a gaming screen. So now I'm going to try and exchange this screen tomorrow, I might have the option to choose from the following 3: Asus VK278Q 27" Samsung s27B550V 27" LG E2770V-bf 27" I've been searching for decent response time measurements on these screens but cannot find anything so far. Can anyone please help if they perhaps have one of these screens, to test it using PixPerAn, to see what latency they get on them, or if you can find a review of them were the response time is tested I'd appreciate it. With PixPerAn I get an average of about 55ms for the Zalman screen In games the black actually get smeerd, thats how bad it is.
  5. NoSnipeLimit

    27" Gaming Monitor, what the ghost?

    Got a Samsung and LG, both working perfectly. They didn't have stock of the Asus. The Zalman I tried everything with, HDMI,VGA, all different settings, the best i could get from it was 55ms average response time. On the LG straight out of the box, got the claimed 14ms response time, which is good enough. The samsung's performance is excellent, I've not measured it's response time yet. Will do so tonight, but very happy with both.
  6. NoSnipeLimit

    How many cups of coffee do you drink?

    Really depends on the day and the people I interact with. People from my previous company, we'd drink anywhere from 8 cups or more, currenly drink about 5+ d day. Also helps you sleep better. I love Coffee! *sip of coffee* It's all in the ritual *sip of coffee* It's how the coffee machine grinds the beans *sip of coffee* it's how it flows out of the spouts into the mug *sip of coffee* It's the aromas of the freshly grounded beans *sip of coffee* It's the bitter smooth texture *sip of coffee* What the? someone drank all my coffee, brb.
  7. NoSnipeLimit

    Happy Valentine's Day

    My wife and I chatted online and so we didn't see one another until like 3 months of chatting online. Wasn't really eager to send fotos of each other either. We connected that way. I'm pretty sure she is not with me for my looks (which I dont have) as for money, she makes way more than me. It's sad to see someone so hurt that he rejects the world. Going through a traumatic event with friends and relationships can really skew your views, and it's only then when we see if they really were friends/partners. I miss my wife everyday, from the time I leave home, until we meet again. She completes me. Like any couple we have our differences, but what is important is how we resolve them, and move on. I can guarantee you, you're better off single in terms of avoiding some conflict and hurt, but when it works, there's nothing better in this world. *also we dont really do "valentines" as each day is special to us.
  8. NoSnipeLimit

    Samsung Galaxy Note II

    I love my note 2. Best phone I've ever owned. Does everything and does it fast
  9. NoSnipeLimit

    How Do You Play Skryim

    There's some nice mods out there, but after doing most of the things, after it got repetitive i stopped. Looking forward to ESO though.
  10. NoSnipeLimit

    You guys are gonna a die laughing...

    She asking for D: drive like C: but D: I went into it with higher expectations...
  11. NoSnipeLimit

    A different kind of contest @ OCC 2013

    CPU: Intel Core i5-750 Motherboard: Asus P7P55D RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 1600MHz GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB XFX Storage: Seagate 250GB 7200rpm Chassis: Generic No Name Cooling: Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus PSU: Generic 500w Display: Dell 17" LCD Audio: Onboard Keyboard: Razer Tarantula Mouse: Razer Deathadder South Africa
  12. NoSnipeLimit

    New headset

    The Sennheiser PC333 is a great heatset for gaming.
  13. NoSnipeLimit

    Raspberry Pi

    I've got two, they work good. Also most of my friends also have one or more. Everything from HTPC to webservers, we even had android running on there at a point.
  14. NoSnipeLimit

    Asus P8Z77-V DELUXE Reviewed

    A nice board from Asus, personally I wouldn't put this board in the HTPC section, it's form factor is way to big. Most highend pc's can be used for HTPC use ofc, but I think in the HTPC section small with only the necessary features is a winner. Excellent review though Kudos.
  15. NoSnipeLimit

    Your Sound Equipment

    Wharfedale Xarus 5000 x 4 Wharfedale Xarus center Denon avr 1911 LG BX 580 3D Blu-ray Player Raspberry Pi Running XBMC 2x HP Microserver running ubuntu, with raid 5 for NAS Trend Audio 10.1 amp for wifes pc speakers Trend Audio 10.2 amp for my pc speakers Own DIY Built speakers for wife and my speakers, using Aurasound 3" and seas tweeter. Wife: Sennheiser HD 380 Pro(home) and CX300-II(work) Me: Sennheiser HD380 pro(home) and HD558(work) DIY Subwoofers, owned so many so far. One of the setups, my brother in laws subs we built, in my home: Two 15" sonosubs, takes awesomeness to the next level I still need to build my new floorstanders, and subwoofers. Have all the drivers, just need to get some time on the cnc milling machine
  16. NoSnipeLimit

    Are you participating in Movember?

    Tell her it's for prostate cancer etc, awareness.
  17. NoSnipeLimit

    Are you participating in Movember?

    Thought I'd just upload some pics every now and then. http://za.movember.com/mospace/4904769?ref=nf
  18. 7 minutes tops to build a PC if you know what you're doing, at $10 an hour, that is nothing. If you need to setup windows, updates, AV, drivers, blah blah blah, that stuff takes time. I do about $50/hour for repairs/backups/blah blah blah, thats my special price for friends of friends that I know. Building a PC I'd do for free though, aint nothing to it, although I've seen some people mess that up badly... Money for a pc build usually comes from the parts.
  19. NoSnipeLimit

    Gaming Headset 7.1 or not?

    I had the Razer Barracuda 5.1 headphones. Was much better than my $5 headset. I new have Sennheiser 558. The razer did have a better soundstage for counterstrike, I found that it's more difficult to place ppl with the sennheisers. However the difference in sound quality is huge, I can faster tell that someone is close with the sennheisers than the razers. I've not used virtual sound.
  20. NoSnipeLimit

    Career Change?

    So I've been working as a Software developer (delphi/c#/php/java/js/etc) for the past 7 years going on 8. I recently changed job, and I still don't feel that sense of something new or exciting or anything really. Its pretty much just another job. Doing what I did at a different place, even if it's a different industry. What would you guys do if you could start your own business, or where would you want to work. Some days I long for the simple life of carpentry, which is my hobby at the moment.
  21. NoSnipeLimit

    Career Change?

    I worked as a techie before i started my programming career. Was some of the best times, but the pay sucked bad I'm getting nice pay now, but the job is boring.
  22. NoSnipeLimit

    Problems with i5 3570k!

    Put the i3 2100 back, do a bios upgrade maybe they added support later for it? You can check the site for support of cpus on the mobo.
  23. NoSnipeLimit

    New System For a Friend. 3205$~

    Yeap, saved up R26 000. Must go into pc
  24. NoSnipeLimit

    New System For a Friend. 3205$~

    Hi All, I have a friend who is looking to build a new pc. He currently has an old P4, 478 pin or something, well he has saved up some loot, so time to spend This is what we are currently looking at(We are in South Africa so R#### can be divided by 7.8 for $####): Things in RED are final Unless you can give a good reason why not to take it. All recommendations/chanes appreciated with a reason Thanks Asus Sabertooth Z77 LGA 1155 DDR3 (Ivy Bridge) PCI-E x16 SLI/CrossfireX R3403.36 Coolermaster HAF-X (RC-942-KWN1) Black Chassis with Window - No PSU R1825.82 Intel Core i7-3770K Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz) R6759.06 Corsair CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 Vengeance 2x8GB DDR3-1600 1.5v CL10 R1647.76 MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 2GB GDDR5 256-bit PCI-E x16 R6031.74 Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler for Intel & AMD Processors R331.06 Corsair AX850 850w Power Supply R1900 LG W2753V-PF 27" 2ms 50000:1 Widescreen LCD Monitor R3403.36 Western Digital WD30EZRSDTL Caviar Green 3.5" 3TB SATA2 Intellipower R1710.46 Total R~26000
  25. NoSnipeLimit

    New System For a Friend. 3205$~

    The rig is for gaming. Will change to the seagate 3tb. www.evetech.co.za www.prophecy.co.za www.rebeltech.co.za