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  1. Yea...I am still gonna get that case....
  2. It still has me worried...I believe I am going to buy a antec 900 to keep my temps low and to keep it quiet because it is pretty loud now
  3. I use the bios...asus prob....everest all say the same thing
  4. Ok so I got my a zalman 9500 as my heatsink and 3 120mm case fans an 2 80mm case fans moving air in the case....great airflow....but I am still getting 40-50 C and at one point in the night it hit 60 most likly during my virus scan.....how am I suppose to game on this when I can't keep it cool.....also when running for 13 hours and I touch the heatsink.....its not hot .....its room temp if not just a little hotter.....any ideas on this......I thought about it not being seated correctly but It can only be seated one way and it still wiggles and moves a bit
  5. Yes that sounds great I am going to work on this after class
  6. Alright....Im gonna get some as5 and possibly some new 120mm case fans for better airflow today ....if that doesn't work then I will lap the heatsink...then rma if its bad
  7. No oc on my 6000+...yes let it set....using the zalman stuff that it comes with and it is 66f in my room
  8. my bios and I am downloading everest
  9. yea.....I looks like it is seated correctly...I have taken it off numerous times and the thermal paste looks well spread on the chip...the zalman cooler is also cool to the touch like it is not transfering heat
  10. Not an option....I have heard of people cooling these with the 9500 and getting like 38 or 39 under load
  11. Alright I bought a Zalman 9500 to cool my amd 6000+ x2 but I am getting like 39c or 40c idle and it goes up to 55 and still climbs on load....like just uncompressing a file....I built this for games.....but sadly I am scared to play games on it....any insights?
  12. So im getting ready to build a new amd machine, I was wanting to know the main difference between these two processors and if anyone has heard anything bad about either. K thanks
  13. So i got vista ultimate and all the updates and it is showing my jump drives, 3 of them all different makes, in device manager as having no driver or it won't recognize. any ideas?
  14. After i took off apple bootcamp my macbook seems to be running slower and taking longer to start up, i also started to dual boot ubuntu and mac os x and my macbook locked up and takes bout a min to start up instead of 10 secs any ideas?
  15. Well I was playing Test Drive unlimited on my 360 tonight and it froze so i restarted it and now it won't read or load any of my 360 or xbox games any ideas?
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