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  1. I checked whois: newegg is in California, chiefvalue is in New Jersey.
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    It sure would be nice if someone sent an invite to [email protected] *hint hint*
  3. Only requirements are: 1. I can get it for cheap (I'd be happy to pay a little bit). 2. It can install Windows XP. Doesn't have to run *well*, just has to run it. Basically, I'm going to test the effectiveness of Windows Firewall in sp2 vs. a commercial firewall, with no firewall as a control. Should be interesting to see how many viruses it gets, heh. I'll also be running [email protected] for the OCC team on it as a sort of benchmark. Edit: parts are great too.
  4. Bycicling is boring. Yes, armstrong is good at it. Yay.
  5. Build your comp into an old VW Bug. Fun mod, no?
  6. Why not get a 2500+m and teach him how to OC?
  7. Is there any difference between a flashed 5900u and the same card overclocked to 5950u speeds?
  8. I think a better way to do things is to make a couple rigs before you have a customer, overclock them, and sell them... no false advertising, just something like, "think all PC's are equal? Think again. I make these computers go faster than they're sold for anywhere else, guaranteed." People would get the performace of a $1000 Dell for $900 at a $700 cost to you, for example.
  9. Slightly off-topic, but on an older rig (Dell Dimension Pentium 3), if it was turned off via the button, it would turn itself back on in about a half hour. This freaked me out for the longest time...
  10. The links he posted are only $6 each plus shipping and handling.
  11. Does he live in an arctic insane asylum?
  12. Maybe it's just me, but Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne is really sensitive on loadup. After I OC'd my card, I ran 3dmark03, and everything went flawlessly. I try to load TFT, it doesn't until I lower the OC, and even then, the the water on the opening screen was flickery and shiny.
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