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    Recommended Cases List

    Hi all I am a systems builder and have been for over a decade so I have seen and built many cases my favorites to build are hi end ATX Full towers and after working with many I prefer the ANTEC 1200 the DF85 is a stripped down 1200 saving the manufacturer money don't get me wrong its still a nice case but knowing the plus minus of both the 1200 gets my vote a perfect situation would be putting the DF85 fans with their easy release fans for convienient filter cleaning on the 1200 and we would have a nearly perfect beast. Lots of airflow good cable management cleanable filters adjustable fans room for water cooling and large graphics cards I have worked with other cases they all have some nice features but over all the ANTEC 1200 is the standard overall in my book, there are better painted cases or nicer ones to look at but the ANTEC is tuff as nails where others are pretty they have clicking acrylic or plastic the 1200 is not for lugging around either if you aren't hosting buy a cart for LAN parties or be a buff nerd or something Outside of that there is little down side to this case.
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    Recommended Power Supplies List

    Hi all your PSU List is very well done I must mention sadly that XFX is slapping 80 PLUS Logos on their boxes that are fake this is easy to prove please go to (ECOVA Plug Load Solutions) and examine the 80 PLUS list for your self many manufacturers feel it's ok to use the certification earned by the builder of their power supply's the logic works like this ( we have asked Sea Sonic to build us a 1000w PSU Identical to their 1000W unit Sea Sonic has a Platinum 80 PLUS rating so just slap that on our box) Corsair sends in their PSU's before they place 80 PLUS on their box and sell it none of the newer XFX PSU'S are found on the list at ECOVA . If efficiency and an OEM'S integrity are important to you and that 80 PLUS logo on the box means something to you then look at the ECOVA list I contacted the nice folks at JOHNNYGuru they examined my concerns and found that my concerns are founded, it turns out that the 1000w and 1250w XFX PSU'S are on the ragged edge of platinum certifiable when tested in the field and there have been found component and circuit differences between the OEM and the XFX product the claim they are the same is untrue due to production changes please check for your selves, 80 PLUS is a great program its there for us the consumers not an advertising tool for companies that exploit it for profit.