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    SSD upgrade

    I'm buying it here: http://www.globaldata.pt http://www.assismatica.pt http://www.pcdiga.com Or even in ebay
  2. Hello, Right now i have one OCZ Vertex 3 128Gb SSD on my desktop, but i'm runing out of sapce on it, so I need to change it to another SSD with 240Gb or more. What you think you are best, i saw some reviews and it looks like Sandisk and intel 520 are the best buy. Is that right?
  3. i bought the WD my net n900 central. until now, it do what i want for 66
  4. Sync center appears that can only work with files smaller them 2Gb =\ And apart that i either need to make a sync with one external disc, my backup disc
  5. Hello, i need help. My lan connections today are like this: I got one modem/router thomson TG784n v3 that provide me with the internet, them i got on Cisco linksys x2000 that i use to connect my desktop and my devolo powerline. But i want to change the Cisco Linksys x2000 to a router gigabit and wifi, and either want to have on disc to be able to sync some folders between my desktop and laptop. and either to be able to acesse the files either from my tv or my smartphone. what can i get for that? In one shop they talk about the Western Digital My Net N900, that can do both things that i need as far i understand =D
  6. let me resume it, because appear that you don't understand it well. I got on WA5210G in AP mode to be able to use the security WPA2-PSK, because my Lynksis X2000 only with that security can't provided wireless N connection. My question is how can i configure the second WA5210G to be able to recived that signal and share it wireless.
  7. Hello, So i have one question about this AP from TP-Link, the outdoor WA5210g. I got of this right now, having one connect to my router with cable. I need to share my internet signal from this WA5210g, to another in another house. My router is a Cisco Linksys X2000 that works at with a N wireless connection only when WPA2-PSK security and i want to let it like that because i have a laptop that can work either with N wireless. The problem is this, the WA5210g ap can only use the WPA2-PSK with the AP mode, and thats how i have it select now. But how i will be able to get the signal on my other WA5210g ap and share it and the same time? I really don't wnat to change my router security to WPE, because then i would need to stop using N wireless connections =\
  8. Hello, I'm looking for a new keyboard. Right now i still got a old Logitech Internet Navigator. I want the keyboard mostly to play games, surf on web and answer in forums in mail. I would like it got back light for keys, not need to got keys with changeble colors or any particular dedicate keys. it should use usb cable, i don't want wireless, unless there is anything that don't use battery cells anymore =D I don't want to waste much money, max around 50€. It should have keys with Portugues layout thanks for the help =)
  9. is Plextor SSD 256GB good? I can get it for 150€
  10. max $200 can buy here: http://www.globaldata.pt/ http://www.assismatica.pt http://www.pixmania.com/ or any other secure website
  11. Hello, I'm lookinh again for one update, this time the hard drive. Some time ago i came here to ask advice to what CPU, motherboard and memories should i bought. I bought the ones that you can see on my signture. So i have now a motherboard with Sata 6Gb/s, so i was thinking about change my OS hard driver, that is the one with 250Gb. I have 120Gb used in that driver, so i need at least a hard driver with 150Gb. I would have preference for one arround 250Gb like the hard that i have now. I saw the OCZ Agility 3 hard drivers, that have good write/read speed and price, are they good? Or what should i buy? I would make a clone of my OS, there is any problem to do that?
  12. It's only a theme =) The temp recha 70º, so i will stay with the 4,7Ghz
  13. I think i will let this with 4.7Ghz, got ttemp between 60º-70º The system is now: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 i5 2500K Corsair Vengeance 8GB Corsair H60
  14. I bought the Asrock, el_capitan tutorial is for MSI and asus
  15. My questions is because of this: Video That option "PLL Overvoltage" i already read that need to be turn off, the "Turbo Boost Power Limit" must be 250 250.... That is my problem, it show that is not just setting mutipler and change the voltage.
  16. And other options to turn off and on... See some reviews and youtube videos talking about it. And my fisrt question was more about what is the daily use GHz that i can have in that CPU. I bought the Corsair H60 btw. Another thing that i remeber today was, about the memories, did I need to change anything on bios? for exemple now in the computer that i show in first post I got my CPU fsb and memory at a ration of 1:1
  17. about the 2500k i already so that bios settings on Asrock are not as Asus and i allways had Asus boards. My question now is, what are the settings that i need to change to overclock the cpu to daily use. I don't want to burn anything =\
  18. I search for the two NZXT coolers, the 140 is still huge.... But i can't find a review where compares the 140 with the 120 size, do you know any review? Either will be the NZXT Havik 120(if is not too much big) or a corsair, like H60.... I want some thing around 50€ but i don't want a huge cooler that can't even fit in my NZXT Lexa S case
  19. I think i don't have the space for the Noctua NH-D14 or the Phanteks PH-TC14PE. My case is a NZXT Lexa S, so the NZXT Havik 140 or the NZXT Havik 120 may work =)
  20. I order this set: http://www.globaldata.pt/index.aspx?p=ProdDetailRef&ProdRef=ASRZ68E3G3 - ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 126,80 € http://www.globaldata.pt/index.aspx?p=ProdDetailRef&ProdRef=BX80623I52500K - i5 2500K 203,80 € http://www.globaldata.pt/index.aspx?p=ProdDetailRef&ProdRef=CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 - Corsair Vengeance 8GB 47,10 € Total: 377.70 € I just need a cooler for the CPU, I wasn't sure if was a good buy to order the CM Hyper 212 Evo =\ What you think about it?
  21. Thats true, i will keep with the 2500k and it's cheaper =D
  22. So, it's better if i don't to use the GPU, or it's the same thing? I have a 5870, so i don't need the GPU
  23. Just saw that there is a new i5, the 2550k. The diference to the 2500k is hat 2550k don't have graphic part?
  24. The computer is for play with high settings and resolution. I'm i will for the Asus board, it's cheaper and in my view Asus got a better image like vandreadstriker said. From the reviews the 2500k got almost the same points as the 2600k in high resolution and for lower price.
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