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  1. I chosen to pick the asus blue cave to take care of my network, but I decide to not use it as a wifi hotspot. 

    I bought more devolo wifi magic 2, it got mesh but when iv doing a video chat and moving around house i lose connection. 

    My question is, on hotspots with mesh i should pick diferent channels or the same channel onnall spots? 

  2. Hello i want to buy a router to management my home network, but I want something that keep my phone and laptop allways connected to wifi, without lost or reconnetion. Just like mesh system works. 

    Right now i got some devolo magic 2 powerline and the network provided router. 


    My question is, mesh system is compatibility even in diferents compannies and  models, or mesh only work with each other like asus clamins withbis aimesh?

  3. Hello


    I want to know if there is any router with ont function like there is the Huawei HG8247H that i got now from Vodafone.

    This router I got is weak and got no 5Ghz . It is to much blocked in options, like dhcp config and dns.

  4. the budget is only for the headsets and i don't need micro, i don't use it .
    The mouse i still have the sensei, but if I sell it i will buy the razer mamba, almost for sure. The headset is the problem, i already sold my 7Hv2 :/

  5. Hello, I need a opinion to buy a mouse and headphones.


    Before I only played with Logitech MX518, M$ 3.0 and the last on was SS sensei. The headphones was 5H and last ones 7H.

    But i was think about change to the mouse Razer Mamba, and the headphones i don't know yet, because i don't need headphones with micro. 

    Which is your opinion? I want somethin not to much expensive but worse the money.

  6. I bought a used Shapphire R9 280x vapor-x.


    Now i need a PSU, from the websites that i gave you the SWTL, it's the only now on my town. They got a Corsair RM750, that will work, right?

  7. I'm thinking about do a upgrade to my desktop, special CPU and Graphic card.

    My actual system is this:

    Motherboard: Asrock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3

    Ram: 4 x 4Gb Crosair DDR3 1600MHZ 

    CPU: Intel 2500k [email protected] 4,7Ghz

    GPU: ATI Asus 5870 1Gb

    Storage: SSD Samsung Evo 250Gb + Wester Digital Black 1Tb

    CPU Coller: Corsair Hydro H60

    PSU: Nox Apex 600W


    I'm not looking for anything really expensive, but on my first search I look for a CPU Intel i7 3770k and a GPU R9 280.

    I use this computer to surf on the web, watch online movies, play some games in ultra definition and play with photoshop.

  8. ok, nice =)
    Just one last question, you talk that Evo use Rapid technology that use RAM memory.

    I like you have 16Gb RAM, so your choice still be the M500?


    I will be use the SSD as my windows instalation and them for files and documents that are saved on users.

    Still one last question, the M500 is cheap, if I buy two M500 and use them with Raid0, it will compensate?

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