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  1. I chosen to pick the asus blue cave to take care of my network, but I decide to not use it as a wifi hotspot. I bought more devolo wifi magic 2, it got mesh but when iv doing a video chat and moving around house i lose connection. My question is, on hotspots with mesh i should pick diferent channels or the same channel onnall spots?
  2. Thats the hardware, naturally they are compatible. The question is only about the feature mesh.
  3. But my question is if a router from another company can work with my devolo magic 2, that already got mesh. Devolo only got one router and it's old.
  4. Hello i want to buy a router to management my home network, but I want something that keep my phone and laptop allways connected to wifi, without lost or reconnetion. Just like mesh system works. Right now i got some devolo magic 2 powerline and the network provided router. My question is, mesh system is compatibility even in diferents compannies and models, or mesh only work with each other like asus clamins withbis aimesh?
  5. BRAEGNOK i allready got a 950 pro and a 850 evo.
  6. And you need to have a desktop to use it, so i don't think it can be compare to nvme from samsung. Wd nvme got many problems and are not eual in speed to samsung
  7. I wasn't understand well what was optane. Now i see that is far better got a nvme. Bad that only samsung can delivere fast ssd nvme, when will others companies make same equal?
  8. Got on question, just read about the new Intel optane memory to improve system. Everthing i read is about improve system with hdd. I got on 950 pro and 850 evo on my laptop, will this new memory still improve my system? Can't find a review with this memory tested on a system with ssd.
  9. there is a lot channels, the best was to use 5Ghz, but only one powerline can do it and it can't make 2.4Ghz and 5ghz at the same time. But my channels should be all diferent or the same?
  10. I got in my home a wifi router and 3 wifi powerline. I had it configured all to use different channels. But there is allways conflits. Its better to use different channels or the same for all powerlines
  11. Thats what i got in my parents house with a router Thomson TG784n v3. But Vodafone in my house installed the huawei GPON
  12. Hello I want to know if there is any router with ont function like there is the Huawei HG8247H that i got now from Vodafone. This router I got is weak and got no 5Ghz . It is to much blocked in options, like dhcp config and dns.
  13. I don't decided witch i will buy, but i got some options already.
  14. Thats my goal either, but each are good/price until around 100
  15. the budget is only for the headsets and i don't need micro, i don't use it . The mouse i still have the sensei, but if I sell it i will buy the razer mamba, almost for sure. The headset is the problem, i already sold my 7Hv2 :/
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