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    -NZXT Phantom (pink)
    -Intel Core I7 980X @ 4.0GHZ
    -ASUS Rampage III Formula
    -12GB Corsair Dominator GTX8
    -2x GTX 580
    - Patriot Pyro SE 240 GB SSD
    -Seagate 3 TB HDD
    -Corsair AX1200 PSU
    -Water cooling by Swiftech and XSPC
    -NVIDIA 3D Vision
    -ASUS Blue-ray Drive

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  1. Reesa

    What type of power supply do you have?

    Fully modular Corsair AX1200
  2. Reesa

    Official OCC Joke Thread

    priceless :lol:
  3. Reesa

    Fallout Dog

    One of those so ugly, almost cute things
  4. Reesa

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    heehee especially when the sign on the door to the computer room says "Man Cave...enter at your own risk"...Since my pink case is the first thing you see, I'm gonna have to add a Wo on the front of sign pretty soon today I bought the 1/2" tubing to re-do the water lines...the fans and compression fittings came in today and are soooo nice!
  5. Reesa

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    I just bought 6 Xigmatek 120mm fans with purple LEDs, 6 monsoon anodized purple compression fittings for my water-cooling lines, and a pink neon tube to light the way =0) I also got a pink "save the boobies" stapler to sit by my pink case just to bug ccokeman!
  6. Reesa

    What Apple Products Do You Own?

    I own an I phone4 32GB...I Pad2 64GB...I Pod touch 30GB...sorry can't complain about em too much (I like things simple some times)
  7. Reesa

    Valentines Day

    who me? Never...I just happen to know a lil bout women
  8. Reesa

    Valentines Day

    and....she fell asleep with the snuggle bear before you made it in the room?
  9. Reesa

    My First Build

    yup am working on that...microcenter was sold out of purple LED's as well as on-line...the purple LED fans just came back in stock on-line as well as the purple adapters or clamps for the water lines, so I see a purchase in the near future
  10. Reesa

    My First Build

    Think I'm satisfied ATM Think I'll wait for something bigger and better on the NVIDIA side...now to convince hubby of that
  11. Reesa

    My First Build

    Yea, I'm famous
  12. Reesa

    My First Build

    Still checking with a few places on the cutting...I want to see the first Pink Phantom Mod too
  13. Reesa

    My First Build

    Damn Best Buy salesmen! Got on the subject of gaming and next thing you know we're checking out with both when we just went for a headset!