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  1. I heard that the 950 runs hot and especially in the summer my room would be 30C+ so my PC just heats up..but if I go for aircooled I was thinking of getting a Noctua... so I'll have a look into that... Ram should be getting upgraded to 12gb soon..since my dad wants my ram for his 3770k atm I'm using 1600x1200 but I'm planning on upgrading to a 23" or 24"..a 27" would be even nicer I would say a medium gamer...I play TDU2, Blacklight, and planning on getting BF3... SSD...was leaning towards this route...what about a PCI sata III card? how do they perform? are they stable enough for an operating system? edit: I was also thinking of putting a little money into case modding...cold cathodes, sleeved psu..what do you think?
  2. Ok the time has come where I can choose an upgrade.. atm I have i7 950 @ stock Asus p6t se (soon to be asus p6t6 WS) 8GB Ram 74GB Raptor XFX 5770 CF @ 950mhz upgrade options: #1 a 360mm rad and EK cpu waterblock to put together a nice WC system and OVERCLOCK!! #2 Change the mobo and get something with SATA III then save up and get an SSD #3 Change the GPU..maybe a gtx 480 or 5870..then save up and CF or sli which one?
  3. +1 And usually if someone is riding their clutch...i'll tell them..no matter who it is...to an extent
  4. Thought I'd copy the idea...As I speak italian so ask and i'll translate
  5. yeah...my final build list is CPU= Intel i5 3450 Mobo= Gigabyte z77-DS3H Mem= Corsair XMS3 1333mhz 16GB GPU= Zotac GT630 Storage= 1TB Seagate Case= CM Elite 335U PSU= CM SI 500w Bulk and then maybe an SSD
  6. I found one with a market section...but I've gotta get me some reps and posts before I can buy anything
  7. I won't be getting the SSD but I'll just put it there as an option... And he asked me to get 16Gb because he already uses up his current 8GB
  8. I looked at a few...but they'll only cut the price by €10-15 What I was going to do is get a budget 3450 rig...write it down then show him...because he's the type of guy that doesnt mind spending a bit more for quality what would be the best nVidia card for around €40-€50? he doesnt mind if it is second hand...maybe a 9800gtx? it needs to support dual dvi monitors
  9. http://www.hrw.it/default.asp?l=0&idA=10&idC=1182&cmd=searchProd not fail site...user fail
  10. Because hackintosh doesn't support AMD cpus and he needs mac...otherwise I would get him a FX-8120..
  11. Hi guys... A friend has asked me to build him a computer...which he'll primarily be using for RAW photo editing, photoshop etc..also he wants to do a hackintosh He is on a budget of €500-600... The best online I found is - www.hrw.it - and a few stores on Ebay.it So far this is what I've come up with... CPU - INTEL Ivy Bridge i5 3450 3.1Ghz €175 Mobo - Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H €93.40 Mem - Corsair XMS3 1333mhz CL9 16GB 2x8GB €73.90 Case - ??? PSU - Cooler Master SI 500w Bulk (???) SSD - Vertex 3 120GB €95 (maybe) HDD - WD 1TB €70 GPU - ??? he'll be running one 1920x1200 and a 1024x768 secondary suggestions?? thanks
  12. this would totally freak out a thief...especially if it was in a redneck's house..you wouldn't know which weapons he hooked up to it
  13. it depends what you're doing...if you don't even use up 4Gb I would say the 2400mhz ram...even though you'll only see the performance difference in benchmarks....just for bragging rights..
  14. Apple Crumble...(an english desert)...hadn't had it in so long
  15. Ok....I'm researching now which one to buy....would a thick 240 perform better than a thin 360?
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