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  1. I did that 100pushup routine before...it works!...took me 6weeks to do 100pushups from 28 on the intial test
  2. Another upgrade? Why not 2x GTX680? cause next week it's gonna be 2x GTX 690...the other is going to be called adam
  3. my last few upgrades.. 70gb Raptor --> 128Gb Samsung 830 SSD 8Gb G.skill 1333mhz --> 12GB Corsair Vengence 1866 XFX 5770 CF --> XFX 6970
  4. Steelseries/Ideazon ZBoard...I had it for a while but only started using after xmas..
  5. then in that case...that would be a good choice or maybe even the Akai MPK-25
  6. I would say yes...an extra 2-3 years!...and I'm sure it's reliable but I would get it just to be sure.
  7. it depends if you play the piano... I would personally prefer at least 3-4 full octaves...but if you're just using it for more beats and then melodies now and again..that one's good
  8. If you could please give us a budget? and also what do you want to WC? Cpu? GPU? and will you be OC'ing
  9. Sent in my entry...recieved confirmation email Thanks to Bosco, sponsors and donators..
  10. I think the mobile site is tolerable...it would be great if you could add an "upload image" button... edit: and also I can't see who was the original poster of a quote?? is that just the mobile site or is the main site like that aswell?
  11. Looks like all us OCC'ers have given up on this subject! any success stories yet?? anyway I'll start it back off... Did full body workout today...high reps, low volume
  12. I know Lian Li have motherboard trays..as I was going to use one in a g5 mod
  13. Nah...it would have to be the high end one... P4 single core with hyper-threading and an IDE 40Gb HD with generic 800w psu in one of them old time beige cases..
  14. maybe two 5770's.. you can get them for $100 edit: if you can't find that 5870
  15. I have an FPO so I don't have to worry about [email protected] replied the PM
  16. PM'd I have all the accessories already ie. temp/flow sensor, compression fittings, pump etc. just need a rad and cpu block.. rad: 120.3, thickness >35mm..FPI: any...*pref. copper* cpu block: pref. copper, w/1366 and 1155 or just 1366 if the price is right
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