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  1. Hi It might sound a bit dumb, but is it possible to unlock a CPU's Multiplier? as my CPU's has a max of 9
  2. true.....but as it's ONLY for gaming....cause i have a Mac Pro for making music etc. I don't need a SUPER PC....XD
  3. Thats a GREAT idea!!!!!!!! lol Really im a Mac Pro user but i've got a pc for gaming PS; Make 'em i7s
  4. Nice....yh it's a bit specific but I like to see other people's rigs that are simiular to mine
  5. This is a page for those with with an E8400 that is OC'd to over 4ghz.... so start posting your rigs!!!
  6. ive got that but it only has mobo temp....and says 32C even when the heatsink feels anything but...my rig is in overclockin and then "e8400 3ghz @ 4ghz!!! need advice"
  7. Hi Is there any program to monitor the northbridge's temperature?
  8. ok....just seen a thermalright hr 05 on ebay...so im gonna probably get this 1 as the other 2 seemed smaller then my current heatsink....thanks very much for the help
  9. and secondly is there anything to monitor the nb's temp?
  10. are there any alternatives? as they are a bit hard to get where i live..
  11. i have been looking at the thermalright hr - 05...is it any good?
  12. and another thing my NB gets HOT!! enough to burn if u touch for over half a second....is that okay ?
  13. but as i am on the max recommended voltage...how much more can i go without drastically shorting it's lifespan?
  14. btw that's Tcase temp...i think core temps idle around 32c and load 53c....i got the temps from HWMonitor
  15. My overclocked computer Specs: Cooler Master Haf 932 Gigabyte P35 DS3R Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3Ghz @ 4Ghz w/Zerotherm Cooler 8Gb Geil EvoOne PC2-6400 800Mhz @ 900Mhz CL=5-5-5-15 PNY Geforce 9800GTX+ 512Mb WD Raptor 10k rpm 64x Windows 7 Ultimate Benchmarks: Super Pi 1M 12s 32M 13m52s CINEbench Rendering CPU 2.3pts -Single Core 1.21pts OpenGL 42.04pts Temps Idle 23C Load 41C Other Info: FSB 450 - Rated 1800Mhz CPU Multiplier x9 Vcore 1.3625V Do you guys think it's safe to go higher with the voltage? Cheers
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