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  1. You missed the "I'm waiting to get a cooler" option.. Anyhow on my last cpu I had more or less a 30% OC
  2. I don't ever really update drivers...only if I have to...or It's got a feature that I want..
  3. Go Opera! Personally I think opera is the best specially with speed dial etc. Only ever use chrome if someone wants to use the internet and I don't want them messing with my tabs
  4. 31 bucks? xP Look out, we got a high bidder over here! 31 bucks and a quarter!!
  5. Shame I didn't know about folding before I would have hooked up a quad cpu 16core workstation and would have taken you all ...... ....in about 2.7years
  6. unless it was nyt..he mite have wanted another gpu upgrade..
  7. +1 to everything...I always had one..and prefered one..but I had a spare monitor sitting on my desk, so I plugged it in..and now it's there to stay... It's so practical..u can watch movies while doin stuff etc.
  8. Started using NAS about a year ago..so now I can just stream music, movies etc. to whatever I'm using whether phone or computer..
  9. +1 I like either if I'm reading just odd books...but if it's a collection of books..physical all the way
  10. Caffine doesn't affect me...so whenever I feel like a coffee I'll have one...so it can range from 1-6 a day..and i live in Italy..so there's always room for a espresso
  11. I had 2 xfx 5770's in xfire...I got a 30fps increase when I added the 2nd card with higher AA and vSync..and 40+fps increase when I overclocked them to 950mhz... So something is definately wrong...I word say driver...I had a 20fps drop after I updated the driver once..so try different versions..
  12. When people say yes to do something, then you plan it then they say no..
  13. lol...it's not exactly that I forgot...it's more that I didn't feel like opening my case...cause I would have to redo the wiring under my desk..lol
  14. I've just reseated it, can't believe I overlooked this before...WORKS GREAT!! Thanks for the help
  15. I've tried the drivers...I'll reseat it later on tonight when I have some free time... The picture with the gpu's is to show that the black has them blue lines on it but if I put a light picture on I don't get it... Then on a picture with a mix of colors I get that hue like in the bike one... Then on a few picture you don't get it..like the orange mercedes
  16. Hi I recently purchased a 6970 and I've just found a problem with it.. When I use the top DVI port...I get blue line and artifacts on black or dark colors. On some pics it doesn't seem to affect it and then sometimes they disappear...but I want to run a second monitor now so I need the top DVI port. I've attached a few pic of the problem. also I've tried it on multiple monitors, dvi cables, and resolutions... Thanks in advance
  17. Air at the moment...But am hoping to go back to water in the near future...
  18. Seems pretty solid... But what's your budget? and GPU?????
  19. I use headphones more or less all the time.. And I don't feel any discomfort with my Bose IE2's..even after hours of use
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