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  1. Which cpu does he have?....is he looking to change cpu/mobo later on aswell?
  2. Il_napoletano


    Usually I play live for speed. But recently I've been playing dirt 3 which is great fun. I might look into iracing again, was pretty fun. With a fanatec carrera 911 wheel and csr pedals I also drive. And love racing games. I prefer more of the technical racing games though. Where I can modify engine,suspension, brakes, aerodynamics etc
  3. I'm good on the games for now, the only one i really wanted was sleeping dogs, but it was already taken. I will silently wait for a game to come by that i want and claim it as i already have passed the 1 week waiting time Could you update the op though? Some games that were given away are still available on that list and some are duplicates as well. Don't worry...I've sent Andrew a message to give Sleeping dogs to you instead.
  4. "Approaching New Year" bump Anybody hit their goals for this year? Goals for 2014? Start Posting!
  5. Think you can only snag one game a week unless you are donating to the list of free ones.Sorry, didnt see that bit I have a copy of Metro 2033 that I've never activated that I will like to donate
  6. Could I have assassin's creed 2 bubbaxm?
  7. Can range from 1-4 a day..but caffeine doesn't affect me..so I drink it for taste
  8. Yh..I have to give 2 options..a dual core route and/or quadcore route.. Could someone recommend me a mobo..pref. with sata 3..for the A6 and A8 cpu's..don't think I'll go the fx 4100 route
  9. I can find the FX 4100 over here(italy) which is in the budget..but tht's be an overkill, but I'll put it in the list.. What do you think of the A6-6400k? I think that would also work, I just wanted to find you a good quad-core. If you want a dual then that 6400K would be the one to get.Ok..and then for a quad core..an A8 5600k? as I will be running onboard graphics for now the fx6300 is a bit over budget and an overkill.. I'll be running a SSD for system and apps on these machines..so ssd side is taking care of
  10. I can find the FX 4100 over here(italy) which is in the budget..but tht's be an overkill, but I'll put it in the list.. What do you think of the A6-6400k?
  11. I know it's not going to be super, at the mmt they have p4's and they go fast enough for them it's just that they're starting to fail..let's say 110-120$.. but all it needs to be is a dual core 2.5-3ghz.. and that'll suit them fine edit: just a e6700/e8400 equivilent amd from 2011 onwards
  12. Hi guys A friend and I have been asked to do a site for an apartment block admin. We have to do a public and private(password protected) area. But we've run in to a problem. We have to make a page where the admin can add news feeds etc(ie. next meeting) then another where she can add excel sheets and documents... The problem is finding a CMS that's simple enough for her to use. I've found one that's called Cushy CMS which seems pretty good..but I'm not sure about the datasheet side etc. Any advice?? Thanks
  13. I would prefer to get everything new since it's for a business..otherwise I would have went and got a bunch of e8400 or something
  14. Hi guys and gals Sadly haven't been here in a while...been pretty busy. Anyway since I've been out of the loop for a good 6months, I need some advice. I have to build a few pc's for an office. They don't do any heavy computer work just a lot of excel/data programs(connected to a server) I'm thinking of going with a dual core or a budget quadcore but it has to be power efficient pref under 80-90W..could anyone recommend me a CPU as I'm not very familiar with the AMD range. Budget...I'm not sure, but the lower the better..I'd say $90 max also a mobo? m-atx and micro (im not sure yet) will be running an SSD so pref. with SATA 3 Thanks in advance
  15. RB26 or RB30!!! Motor Trend did an episode called "Nissan Project 370z vs '70 Datsun 240z with RB26"
  16. In the Z9 there are 2 fan spaces at the top im not sure if they go to 140 but defo 120..and cable management is the best i've seen in a budget case edit:if u go on google images there's h100 in them
  17. There's also the Zalman Z9 which is a great case..we've already had 2 of them the plus and the non plus..build quality is great and they look good on the inside aswell We use the non plus atm, cause we had the plus..but the temp on the front was ugly especially in contrast to the blue fans.
  18. I use Bose IE2's when I work out...and they've never fallen out...whether benching, running, jumping rope etc..... Just tuck the cable in your shirt otherwise it might catch on something...which is with all wired headphones
  19. Ok...this is more or less the info I was looking for. Do you know any good tutorial sites? or should I just look on google? And what program should I use? What's maya like? and yeah..it sounds similar to me on PS...90% keyboard shortcuts
  20. I would be using it for personal use for now...then if I like it, I may continue and go professional and at the moment..anything maybe a car or car rim or something like that
  21. Hi guys and gals I looking to get into CAD...but I don't know where to start. Could you recommend any tutorials, websites, programs etc.? thanks in advance
  22. That actually looks pretty cool...looking foward to seeing the end result
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