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  1. I have a pair of Philips Fidelio X1; They sound great and are super comfortable.


    Now there are the new X2's out, which are supposed to have better lower end. So if you're willing to spend around 250$,or maybe second-hand. I definitely recommend them. 

  2. the problem is most keyloggers are installed without the user knowing so these antivirus are good at detecting this stuff. If you wrote a app yourself and had to installed the proper way, it may not be flagged.

    What would the "proper way" be?


    I was thinking to make one with python. But i need visual basics and haven't got it at the moment.

  3. Hi guys and gals


    Sadly it's been a while since I've been on here, as I have started university.


    Anyways... Recently a client has come to me asking for a keylogger for her computer. The problem is..

    1. She has to install it and everything.

    2. Nothing can pop up, or suggest presence of a keylogger


    Could anyone recommend a good free keylogger/monitor. Ive searched google, but the ones I found just get taken off by the antivirus.


    Thanks in advanced.


    Ps: hope it is an acceptable subject..since it is not for hacking purposes.

  4. Hi guys and gals


    My dad is looking to build a new pc for himself. We've always had intel but he's thinking of giving AMD a go.


    He mostly uses office, light illustrator/photoshop, and on a rare occasion gaming.


    How would a fx 8320 rig compare to an i5?


    I know the fx have a higher tdp, and the cores are not as strong. But would he notice the difference?

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