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  1. Wow! Just won a CPU cooler and game! Thanks Bosco and OCC!
  2. I have a pair of Philips Fidelio X1; They sound great and are super comfortable. Now there are the new X2's out, which are supposed to have better lower end. So if you're willing to spend around 250$,or maybe second-hand. I definitely recommend them.
  3. Wow, great timing! Right after I decided I need to do some tweaks to my current rig, I log on to occ...and see "OCC CONTEST!" Entry sent! lol Good luck to everyone!
  4. What would the "proper way" be? I was thinking to make one with python. But i need visual basics and haven't got it at the moment.
  5. I think so...if you could, it would be a great help..
  6. Hi guys and gals Sadly it's been a while since I've been on here, as I have started university. Anyways... Recently a client has come to me asking for a keylogger for her computer. The problem is.. 1. She has to install it and everything. 2. Nothing can pop up, or suggest presence of a keylogger Could anyone recommend a good free keylogger/monitor. Ive searched google, but the ones I found just get taken off by the antivirus. Thanks in advanced. Ps: hope it is an acceptable subject..since it is not for hacking purposes.
  7. I'm in. In need of some aftermarket cooling
  8. Gonna get rid of the stock cooler, probably with a aio-watercooling unit
  9. They'll be green till I peel them and paint them black. They've held up well so far so...poop on you. Yea...totally what I was think. NOT. Come on...what's missing in that pictar? The hood
  10. I say yes to jobs, that I have no idea what/how to do. Then I'll Google it.
  11. I used be have a few. Hyper 7 buggy, hpi savage, cen genesis, and a few others.
  12. SPECS: Intel 3770k Asrock Extreme 4 16GB of Corsair Vengeance 1866mhz XFX 6970 Samsung 830 120GB SSD Coolermaster Haf 932 Stock intel cooler Kingwin lazer gold 1000w 1x24' 1x20' LCD's Bose IE2 Country: UK & Italy
  13. I actually just repaired a laptop with the same problem...after a day of booting into safemode etc. System restore was the only way
  14. Test Drive unlimited 2...spent many hours playing that game
  15. For me it would be either peripherals (since I hardly ever changw them) or cooling...usually I already know what sort of cooling I want before I even start (whether custom wc or just air) but I chose the components last
  16. So now he has decided on the Fx 8320. Which mobo? I was looking at the Gigabyte 970A-UD3P and it seems alright... What do you guys think? As my knowledge of Amd chipsets is not that good
  17. Also another question...would his Patriot viper division 4 1600mhz 1.65v work with the fx 8320?
  18. I myself am a heavy photoshop user...where I'd probably benefit from the better cpu... the photoshop he would do is very limited
  19. No, not with what he is doing with the machine, i'd say its more overkill for the tasks he wants to do with it. Yeah, that's what I thought. I think it's more bragging rights to run these CPU's than actual usage.
  20. Hi guys and gals My dad is looking to build a new pc for himself. We've always had intel but he's thinking of giving AMD a go. He mostly uses office, light illustrator/photoshop, and on a rare occasion gaming. How would a fx 8320 rig compare to an i5? I know the fx have a higher tdp, and the cores are not as strong. But would he notice the difference?
  21. That would be dual channel. Which CHIPset are you using?
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