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    Cooler Master Haf 932
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    Intel i7 3770k w/Noctua NH-D15S(Thanks OCC & Noctua)
    16GB Corsair Vengence 1866mhz
    PNY 670GTX 2GB @1920x1200
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    64x Windows 8.1 Enterprise

    Macbook Pro i5
    Samsung 830 120GB SSD
  1. Il_napoletano

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    Wow! Just won a CPU cooler and game! Thanks Bosco and OCC!
  2. Looking good! End product is going to be very nice at this rate
  3. Il_napoletano

    headphones recommendation

    I have a pair of Philips Fidelio X1; They sound great and are super comfortable. Now there are the new X2's out, which are supposed to have better lower end. So if you're willing to spend around 250$,or maybe second-hand. I definitely recommend them.
  4. Il_napoletano

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    Wow, great timing! Right after I decided I need to do some tweaks to my current rig, I log on to occ...and see "OCC CONTEST!" Entry sent! lol Good luck to everyone!
  5. Il_napoletano

    Client wants a keylogger

    Bump :/
  6. Il_napoletano

    Client wants a keylogger

  7. Il_napoletano

    Client wants a keylogger

    What would the "proper way" be? I was thinking to make one with python. But i need visual basics and haven't got it at the moment.
  8. Il_napoletano

    Client wants a keylogger

    I think so...if you could, it would be a great help..
  9. Il_napoletano

    Client wants a keylogger

    Hi guys and gals Sadly it's been a while since I've been on here, as I have started university. Anyways... Recently a client has come to me asking for a keylogger for her computer. The problem is.. 1. She has to install it and everything. 2. Nothing can pop up, or suggest presence of a keylogger Could anyone recommend a good free keylogger/monitor. Ive searched google, but the ones I found just get taken off by the antivirus. Thanks in advanced. Ps: hope it is an acceptable subject..since it is not for hacking purposes.
  10. Il_napoletano

    Quick Giveaway

    I'm in. In need of some aftermarket cooling
  11. Il_napoletano

    What is your next upgrade?

    Gonna get rid of the stock cooler, probably with a aio-watercooling unit
  12. Il_napoletano

    [Build Log] Blue's New MACHINE!

    They'll be green till I peel them and paint them black. They've held up well so far so...poop on you. Yea...totally what I was think. NOT. Come on...what's missing in that pictar? The hood
  13. Il_napoletano

    It is time to make a confession...Thread

    I say yes to jobs, that I have no idea what/how to do. Then I'll Google it.
  14. Il_napoletano

    It is time to make a confession...Thread

    I used be have a few. Hyper 7 buggy, hpi savage, cen genesis, and a few others.
  15. Il_napoletano

    A Different Kind Of Contest @ OCC 2014

    SPECS: Intel 3770k Asrock Extreme 4 16GB of Corsair Vengeance 1866mhz XFX 6970 Samsung 830 120GB SSD Coolermaster Haf 932 Stock intel cooler Kingwin lazer gold 1000w 1x24' 1x20' LCD's Bose IE2 Country: UK & Italy