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  1. Okay so Nvidia takes the GPU crown and Intel the CPU crown these days, thanks for the breakdown and info guys! Any thoughts on those pre-builds over at that Cyberpowerpc website? I really don't see myself building this guy anything at this point in time so I just want to send him a link. @Bosco hey man good to see you are still running things around here, you are a true pioneer man! Are any of those other guys still kicking around this place?
  2. Hey everybody it has been a very long time since I last posted anything and first and foremost I want to fully admit I am completely out of the game Also I apologize if this is the wrong part of the forum for this question. I sort of fell out of the whole community and have been pretty busy with kids and outdoors stuff so I literally am a few years behind on my hardware knowledge and basically "what is good" these days. Also wanted to say hi to some of the old crew ClayMeow, Bosco, Nerm, Nemo, Bishop, d3bruts1d, hardnrg, Verran (I know), LoArmistead, and the list goes on and on I know there are many others from back in the good ol days.Hope you guys are all doing well! Okay so on to the question I have and the reason I have found my way back here: I have an old friend who approached me about building him some uber system to play some new game called the Heart of the Swarm or something like that, I think it's a Starcraft expansion maybe. Anyway he wants to play it on ultra high settings and asked for my help. Now let me tell you I have not kept up on GPU's since the launch of the Nvidia 8800 series so that should tell you how behind I am lol. Anyway I told him there is no way I have the time these days to do all the research for him and the build not to mention the tech support he will call me for every other day. So even though I know it is against our religion guys I told him to buy a pre-build So can one of you guys recommend something for me? Is that CyberpowerPC place any good? And who is the kind of the mountain these days Nvidia or Ati oops I mean AMD? I know he wants to keep it under 1200$ and like I said I think his only concern is that game. Thanks guys and I apologize I have turned into such a noob lol
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  4. I am completely shocked to hear of this It has been a while since I last browsed the forums and I just happened to log in today looking for some specific help. As I browsed through some threads over the past couple weeks I found myself asking "where are the intelligent, well written, witty responses I have come to expect from good ol Verran?" I worried to myself that maybe he had stopped posting here but it didn't seem likely as he has been faithful here so many years, some further investigation led me to this very sad thread..... What can I say that hasn't already been said? It's a little late but I just wanted to say what a tremendous loss this is for OCC and its members. As many have stated he was so gifted in the way he debated and gave advice. He freely gave of his time to help others including myself on numerous topics. I could always count on him to bring reason and great logic to any topic, he will be dearly missed. My condolences to his family especially his wife. RIP Ryan
  5. Okay I guess I can get in on this too The poolside ones are from a very fun vacation the wife and I took to Vegas last month and the other is a dinner at a wedding reception we went to at Buca.
  6. I am doing good boys thanks for asking, I kind of have the same thing going on with my daughter getting older now but I still browse the forums daily.
  7. Yeah I figured Clay was still here unless he had actually somehow talked Natalie Portman into running away with him And wow I had no idea Nuclear started posting again that guy seriously knows his stuff, helped me out quite a few times back in 04 with my then brand spankin new ATI 9600xt good to see he is back, and BigRed well I guess I can probably guess what happened there
  8. Wow reading through this thread made me feel like it was 2004 all over again, loved seeing the old names! Just missing Clay, Bigred, and that Nuclear guy
  9. Just had to say this was very well worded, I couldn't agree more.
  10. That would be Suchuwato By the way it is nice to see D3 posting again I hadn't noticed until just now but it looks like you have been posting again for a while. We can all benefit from your knowledge so I'm glad to see you on here again.
  11. @AG we had quite a good discussion on all of this back in March in this thread and I must say it's funny how many users have come around on these boards with Vista. Just like we did with XP back in 01, like I said before people complain, use, forget, complain, use, forget...was it really that long ago that everyone was calling XP a bloated version of Win2k with fisher price buttons? Anyway I was just going to say I agree with Kash on this that there is really no point in even attempting to criticize an OS that is still in alpha code it's not even beta as I understand it. Windows 7 isn't even close to what it will be when it's done, the changes between alpha and final RC are usually pretty drastic.
  12. Hello OCC I am once again in need of your help please. I am sorry if the topic is a little bit vague allow me to elaborate a little. My wife teaches Zumba (a type of aerobics) at Golds gym and I gave her a laptop to connect to the sound system and play her music during the class. Right now she is just using iTunes and has separate playlists she uses depending on the class. Tonight she asked me if I could find some software that will allow her to do things like mix and fuse songs together in a sort of DJ style and also to make continuous playlists with no pauses between tracks. I am completely useless in this field so I had no answer for her. I did a few Google searches but there are so many results I find it a bit daunting to try and pick a good one. Has anyone used software like this or can anybody make a recommendation to me I would like to keep it under 100$ if possible. Thanks guys
  13. Neo

    Data Recovery Help

    Great ideas guys sounds like I have more than a few options here and should be able to come up with a solution fairly quickly. I appreciate the help and responses from everybody, the OCC never fails me I love this forum
  14. Neo

    Data Recovery Help

    Wow that's pretty cool I didn't even know those existed, I will definitely have to get one for future use. Thanks for the reply Paul I appreciate the quick response. In this particular case however I am afraid time is the enemy and I wouldn't have time to order anything online. She is visiting from Venezuela and has a plane to catch tomorrow night so I was hoping there might be some utility/tool out there like BART PE that allows me to boot from a CD or flash drive and access the files from there?
  15. Neo

    Data Recovery Help

    Hey boys I have been out of the loop for a while and need some opinions please. A friend of mine had her laptop crash and burn and will no longer boot. She had no backup of the data (I know I know) and needs to retrieve her files if possible. My question is what are some of you guys using these days to do this kind of task? Back in the day I used a program called Bart PE but I don't know if there is something better these days? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated
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