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    networking, gaming, repairs and servers.


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    Chassis NZXT HADES, RAM 12 G/b FAST DDR3,AMD PHENOM X6 Black @ 3.5 Ghz 1 terabyte Green hard drive, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Nvidia 560 with 1 g/b 27 Inch Viewsonic with DVI. HDMI.
    Built It FOR ME By ME.

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  1. loosegoose

    Wireless N speeds a myth?

    It seems as if your chip set is hampering the internet performance so its not the router, but you could tweak the OS a little to boost overall download speeds but it is time consuming. But its not that beneficial from a pure numbers perspective. Computer Services
  2. loosegoose

    Overclocking i7 920 past 3.4

    How am i a troll that's just a personal preference
  3. loosegoose

    Overclocking i7 920 past 3.4

    The Intel I series processors are great but, for some reason I prefer AMD's Overall especially when it comes to Overclocking.
  4. loosegoose

    Why women don't hunt for turkeys

    My Girl don't like turkey but I do.
  5. loosegoose

    Recommended Cases List

    The NZXT HADES should be added to this list that is what my rig is wearing.