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  1. Same ere, runs perfectly. Games like bioshock etc are no problem with my 320mb EVGA8800gts @1680x1050. My card doesnt overclock too good tho hit around 9500 points in 3dmark if that means anything to you
  2. yes tried a 24hour cmos clear using the cmos clear guide still no joy. I guess i am stuck with a x800xt instead till the new nvidia range come out, just frustrating tryin to think what is causing a good gfx card not to work. never come across anything like this before
  3. pc boots with it in the slot, but theres no display before/after windows loads, so cant really see drivers making any difference, thanx tho
  4. hi, yes ive tried both dvi outputs, plus both pci-e slots kinda weird seeing as it works perfectly in other pc`s and other gfx cards work in my ultra d
  5. hi, I recently swapped out my 7800gt to try a friends card, which worked ok. However when i go to put my 7800gt back in, the system boots up fine(can see hdd led booting as to load windows), but i get no display at all from the minute i turn my system on The wierd part is that it works fine in another pc , if i put a spare x800xt into my ultra D system boots up into windows ok Why would a perfectly good gfx not work in either pci-e slot but others will. Ive tried a quick 15mins cmos clear but that didnt work, am kinda stumped for ideas
  6. Mines stilll got IHS on, not too sure about the glue your talking about tho never noticed my ballistix runs at 250 too, using the 150 divider at mo Using Rightmark cpu clock utility shows my true core idle temps at 30c so iam well happy. Opty165 highest multiplier is x9 btw
  7. Defo a 3ghz chip wil, least it was for me
  8. i got a lcbqe 0712 recently 3stars is yours 0712 upaw? it does 3.0ghz at 1.41v prime stable, but fails after 15mins at 3.1ghz on air. Wouldnt like to think how high it would go under water, would be very interested in your results if its the same stepping I too have strange temps never goes below 38C idle in smart guardian,but coretemp 0.95 read [email protected] [email protected] although max temps top out at 51c for both
  9. I am also having the same problems creamaster, i changed my opteron165, to one that ran faster, now i get the same symptoms as you i suspect it because of the new memory controller as kingfisher says but i wonder if the last of the skt939 dual cores are slightly different I only say this because my lcbqe 0712 idles pretty high @38 compared to my old one however using core temp shows 32 Swapping to a known good psu didnt change things
  10. hi, i run my pc4000 ballistix at 275mhz @2.6v no errors in memtest, however if i use 2.8v it errors almost instantly, with lots of errors continually i use an xp-120 so will obviously get a lil help cooling wise from it
  11. i solved the rattling doors, with some cheapo thermal grease i had lying about, worked a treat
  12. FSB Bus Frequency - 300 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio - 3 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio - 9 PCI eXpress Frequency - 101Mhz CPU VID StartUp Value - 1.5v CPU VID Control - 1.45v CPU VID Special Control - Auto LDT Voltage Control - 1.20v Chip Set Voltage Control - 1.50v DRAM Voltage Control - 2.70v DRAM Frequency Set - 180=RAM/FSB:05/6 Command Per Clock (CPC) - Enable
  13. defo 704-2BTA pretty much the best for my oppy
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