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    Intel 5960x @125*30
    H105 Luquid cool
    Asus Rampage V
    2x Corsair dominator 2800MHz @3000MHz
    2 x Nvidia GTX 780ti
    Corsair Titanium 1500w PSU
    Thermaltake Level 10 GT case
    4x Samsung Pro 850 in RAID5(Main)
    2x Crucial M550 1TB in RAID0(Speedy storage)
    Toshiba 1TB (Back up)

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  1. VicVic


    Let me know if it didn't go through lol
  2. VicVic

    [WTS] Two Asus GTX 980ti's

    I would really like to get both 980ti's again. Can you PM me to see what we can work it out? Thanks
  3. VicVic

    [WTB] AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition

    I also have a 1090T with mobo, but I think I can get you 1100T with mobo if I trade him for something better. Let me know!
  4. VicVic

    Super Bored. Looking for a new pc game to get into.

    Im still playing world of tanks, startcraft 2, zombie vs planet garden warfare, and LFD2(mod maps)!!
  5. VicVic

    [WTS] Motherboard+CPU Combo

    Why are you selling that e5-2670 lol..... I got 1 because of you.....
  6. VicVic

    The Onion

    I almost sent you an offer still I read it through.... Did you get all the parts already?
  7. VicVic

    Bought a Xeon E5 2670

    Well... hit me up to game with that rig.... I am here running that with a gtx 980 lol...
  8. VicVic

    Bought a Xeon E5 2670

    I really have to admit that I bought it because you said it was a deal. Hahahaa. Althought not being able to run the BLCK at 1.25, but it's still solid enough that I eventually made then into a twin with my main rig. Thanks for the recommendation lol.
  9. VicVic

    Bought a Xeon E5 2670

    I got the same result on my DX79SR board. I guess I got a solid desktop for school works now. I managed to run a set of g.skill 4x4g 2400mhz @2133mhz 10-12-12-30-1T, but it would not boot at 2400mhz.
  10. VicVic

    Bought a Xeon E5 2670

    It seemed like a good deal too... I got myself one also.
  11. VicVic

    Sli will not work

    Dont you have any other SLI bridge to try it on?
  12. VicVic

    Sli will not work

    You didn't accidently take a crossfire bridge to run SLI, right? Just wondering... Good luck!
  13. VicVic

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Xmas to yall too!!