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    Just got hooked on OCing. But Love Shooting Sports. NRA instructor for CCW and Advanced tactics.

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  1. Still not loading pics quickly. .I don't know what is up. Now, it loads some , but it takes time. Then other pics dont load at all.
  2. Hmmm, Diskkeeper was that program I talked about. But, I will take a look at O&O. Thanks Gents
  3. Well, I recall hearing about a program thats supposed to be really good at defragging. However, I have lost the disk i was given and cannot remember the name of the prgram. Then ,I also don't work at the same place anymore, so getting another copy is out. Whats your guys thoughts about defrag programs?
  4. Ok, I just checked it and disabled it. I'll see now. Thanks for the idea.
  5. Pretty sure its set at 33-33 or what ever it is.
  6. Well, here is a update. I keep locking up. I lock up in Steam. When I started to press the CPU it either locks up as I enter a server or it locks up during map change. The bad thing is STEAM has been having issues with map changes anyhow. I did take the voltage up to 1.4 with the low over clock I tried. I also have had the PC shut down on me. Screen go black and I can here the fans running. But nothign else. I think I will start to run some diagnostics on it. I have a feeling my cheap RAM is the issue. To me its the cheapest thing I have in the box. So, I assume its the weakest link. I will update my sig as well. Any thoughts?
  7. When viewing forums and such. The pics show up as a icon and not a picture. I have to hit on the icon and tell it to show the picture. I am using IE7. I know that they keep having bugs, but I figured I switched something some where and now can't find it. Any clue?
  8. Whats max temp? 70c? Thanks guys for the help by the way
  9. How do I found out it? 8XX or 9XX. I no longer have the box.
  10. Ok, the question is. What is the max voltage and max temp for the Pent D 2.8. Basically its from the Intel deal last year. I have a ASUS P5LD2 deluxe Mobo. I am looking to crank this thing up now and just want to remain safe. Its been a while since I wanted to do this. but, I guess getting free from a divorce will that :thumbs-up:
  11. Thanks for the offer, however. that ws a while ago and now I have a 2.8 D chip
  12. ARG...I aint no Pirate I did the Intel purchase thing and it comes with a XP Pro. But, I had heard that they had been doing a trade in thing to upgrade to 64 bit for the Pro versions.
  13. I recall hearing that Microsoft was trading in XP Pro for the 64 bit version staight up. I can't seem to find the sourse now that I have a untouched copy of Pro. Now,I'd like to do it and can't find it <_< Maybe I am just tired from work. But, I know the knowledge base here is pretty crap big Any ideas?
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