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  1. Oddly enough I enabled them again after installing the program to see if it went to crap again.. It's fine. Just have to be disabled during installation. Cyberstink really crapped on the installation process. But heck, small inconvenience for such a good program honestly.
  2. For those using mobile and can't check my rig: gpu is MSI GTX 560 ti. Overclocked to, 1,000mhz core, 2,200mhz memory. It plays this at 50-60, with drops in certain cutscenes but so far never in combat/play. My CPU us weaker than my gpu, so I shouldn't have to list that really.
  3. My internet is down due to a storm, so I'm using my phone. Pardon any sloppiness. I've been messing with my config file for the Witcher 2 and found absolutely gorgeous settings that still play at 50-60 fps with vertical sync on. Wanted to share them with you guys. Ky rig is in my signature, if you're similar you can simply mirror these settings. This config is practically identical to maximum, even enables ubersampling on a level that can be rendered playable while also drastically increasing visually quality. First: your config file is in the following location: Witcher install folder/bin/config/user.ini Here are the settings I've found, shown at end of config file under "Rendering" subsection, as best I can duplicate them on my phone: Edit: Internet is back up, copying and pasting .ini file (rendering section only.) Contents in spoiler below. Most noticeable setting (IMO), ubersampling. By default, when enabling ubersampling via launcher the config file sets it to "3": This can kill just about any GPU in FPS. Setting to "1" does next to nothing (possibly nothing at all: As I believe it tells your GPU to render the scene 1 time, which is basically no ubersampling? Icould be wrong on the techincal side, but point is it doesn't seem to make a visual difference.) Setting to 2 sees only a very minimal loss of performance, with a DRASTIC visual impact, nearly undifferentiated from the default of 3, but with a fraction of the impact on performance. Other settings aren't so drastic, just small tweaks that fit my GPU and my preferences to create a gorgeous and playable game.
  4. The only thing I changed was disabling a few excess devices before I installed the program: And now it works. Doesn't make any sense to me how disconnected devices could mess the entire program up.. But that seems to have been the issue. I never had onboard sound drivers in the first place, btw. I use a PCI sound card: So I uninstalled even the default windows drivers when I first installed that. Thanks El_Capitan! +1 to you. -1 to Cyberlink for creating such a retarded issue.
  5. It does look different on extreme. Watch the ropes, the dragon, and window ledges, etc. You'll notice they all protrude farther than on normal.
  6. People who are looking for a headset will still read this to see if any suggestion suit them. That said: My GAMING recommendation: $40 for Creative Fatality, another $30 for ASUS Xonar DG: You have a true surround headset with an amp: And your choice of GX or Dolby Headphone. This is what I did, $70 gets you perfect positional audio and incredible volume, bass, and pitch. You won't find a better deal that doesn't cost exponentially more. But if price is no issue, go ahead and spend $400 for a better one. in the end that's the choice of the consumer: Better does exist.. but for a serious price tag. BTW: You'll see people knocking on ALL creative brand headphones all over the web. While I've never actually seen a bad remark about them from anyone who actually owned them: Just random flaming by people who never even tried them. Then you have the rare group in between who've owned enough headsets to compare: And most of these reviewers will claim that while they're not the best headset on the market: They beat out 9/10 headsets that cost $100-200 more. There is no better deal as far as price/performance goes, but there are better headphones. Just not for those who are budget conscious. However, without an amp.. They're not that impressive. Keep that in mind, if you won't have an amp (or at least a sound card with an amp) they're going to be an average headset. I was initially dissapointed in this headset: but then I replaced my creative audigy card with the xonar DG I have now: And the in-line amp at 36-64ohms made all the difference in the world. From "meh" to "hallelujah!". The amp does not have such a drastic effect on other headsets I've used: these things just aren't made for low power, but they dominate at the 36ohms they're meant for. The Mic: It's average. Nothing incredible, but it has clarity and volume. probably no better than a $10 clip on mic, but also no worse. **Don't confuse the headset with the soundcard. The Fatal1ty soundcard is trash, even the $30 creative cards beat it. This (cheap looking but far from) is what i'm talking about: Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset As for music: They're good but I can't comment specifically. I use internet radio most of the time, so audio quality isn't going to come out great no matter what i'm listening to it on: As it's limited from the source.
  7. PD10 Ultra. 64-bit. Reinstalling now, just disabled all unused audio devices (recording and playback.) Will see if it helps. -Might be a few hours before I reply. Going to try editing and rendering a video to see if it worked, naturally.
  8. No, just the VGA input. It does have a menu for resolution and etc: But for some reason the menu is disabled when playing the games. No I haven't. but I might :/ I'd have to use an adapter, as my GPU only have DVI and HDMI outputs: But I do have the adapter. I will try this. It's my default profile. But as soon as I open a game, the TV goes black and switches back on at 24Hz. As soon as I close it out: TV goes black again and switches back to 60Hz. 1920x1080 both ways. It just seems the TV is limiting the refresh rate during gaming. It has a "gaming mode" which according to the menu "speeds up games from external consoles at a loss of some image quality." But it doesn't allow the 60Hz while gaming, and turns blacks nearly into white: Which isn't a loss of some, but instead all picture quality.
  9. El_Capitan, happen to know what my issue might be? I'd like to be able to use the program, but apparently something is wrong. Yours is working fine, so I wondered if you knew anything about what I could've done wrong?
  10. Nevermind: El_Capitan helped me fix my issue with powerDirector, which was my first alternative but was experiencing massive issues. Now I don't need a replacement. I use Sony Vegas more than any other renderer. Mostly because I find it's interface easy to use (I know it's not as simple as some, but I find it to be the perfect balance between complexity and usefulness: Some programs just don't have enough features.) But it renders slow as dirt compared to many other renderers I've used. For example, going off memory here of rendering an identical video file (Did this a little while ago, don't have exact results anymore): PowerDirector: 4 minutes. Adobe Premeire CS5.5: 7 minutes. Sony Vegas Pro 10 (I use 11 now, but still): 30 minutes w/o GPU acceleration, 22 minutes with GPU acceleration. Windows Movie Maker: 7 minutes. So now for the simple question: Is there a faster renderer out there that has features or an interface comparable to Sony Vegas? I don't want a suite of 10 programs to do what 1 should be capable of (Which is why I stopped using Adobe.) Audio doesn't matter much, as long as I can sync audio and video tracks together in case I change the playback speed of a portion of video. For anything else, I use Audacity.
  11. Your motherboard supports ASUS EPU. If you want to save power: Install that. My Windows 7 installation bugs out and freezes when the computer goes to sleep. So I disable it completely in Control Panel: But when I set EPU to put it to sleep: Starts up perfect everytime. Also can perform the power saving functions of many other programs: Lowering VDDA, fan RPMs, stopping hard drives, etc. Leave it on Auto, and it'll switch between high performance (which only affects fan speeds) and max power saving: Which drops VDDA, lowers (and even disables) fans, stops HDDs, and works with ASUS brand GPUs as well to lower voltages and RPMs. Basically does what Windows is supposed to do: But without breaking anything like Windows happens to do a lot.
  12. Posted a bad review on newegg for a broken 560 Ti I received. I didn't even contact MSI: They contacted me through my review. I had already RMA'd through newegg though, so it was too late to involve them at that time. So I'd say they're pretty on top of things. this has been my only dealing with them.
  13. PC is my preferred gaming system. But I own a Wii: Girlfriend uses it all the time, we both watch Hulu Plus on it. Use a 360, someone left it here and been waiting a few weeks for them to pick it up. Mostly only watch Netflix on it. Use a PS3, same person left it. Use the racing wheel for Gran Turismo. I don't want any of the other system for gaming: I'd be fine using the Wii to watch hulu (internet TV), but they're here and none of them are even mine, so it's not like I can just sell them. If they sit around for 6 months though, I stop waiting for people to pick them up and will probably sell them.
  14. 1920 x 1080. Never less than 60Hz. I prefer 16:10 monitors, so 1920x1200 would be nice. But I got the monitor about a year ago for $120 and it does have surprisingly good picture quality (Among the best, but lacking in black depth ) It's not a big enough deal to sell my monitor and buy a new one to get the taller ratio, so I'll be sticking with 1080p for a while now.
  15. What's it been, 3 years since we didn't have a major dog food recall? Raising a dog is starting to look like a dangerous business lol. In any case, I'm glad they voluntarily recalled it: Something a lot of corporations would be much more reluctant to do. I say we get payback: Sell the dog food to China. Quid pro Quo beetches.
  16. The audio that I use is 8 channel GX audio- Recorded from games as they produce it in all 8 channels. But that's not the big issue for me: The issue is that something about the install causes my games to be completely unplayable due to low frames per second unless I disable positional audio: Which is as much the reason I buy sound cards as the sound quality itself: I like to hear sounds where they're intended to be. I don't know exactly why it causes this issue, but I'm assuming it is some sort of codec issue with my sound cards: Because it's only present when I have EAX or GX enabled, and not the emulated type of EAX on the Audigy cards: The true positional audio. But I'd rather uninstall the program than disable positional audio. As for sound card and not software causing the issue: Only files produced in Power Director come out with bad audio on my system. Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, and a few free programs: I use them all with no audio quality loss (Although some don't allow 8 channel audio rendering, they still sound good when rendered to stereo.) I'm not looking to fix the issue persay. I have a bunch of these programs I've accumulated over the years, so I can just another one. I'm just trying to tell others about the issue in case it happens to them, and one way to fix it (removing it.)
  17. Just make sure it has a 120mm+ fan. Larger=better in most cases (some brands are just crap in general.) Personally, if you're looking for cheap this is the one I have, it's about $40 even: RAIDMAX RX-530 SS Blue LED PSU- 135mm Fan -Edit: I have a pretty high end gaming system and this PSU powers it. Even works for me when I add my second card as a PhysX processor: So if he isn't running SLI/XFire, 530 Watts should be more than enough. However: To be specific if he has a GPU in there, might want to post what kind so we can find something with the recommended amperage for it.
  18. I have a 36" Samsung TV. Model Number: LN32B360C5DXZA The GPU used to play games on this: MSI GTX 560 Ti 1GB, overclocked to 1,000 MHz core clock, 2,160 MHz Memclk. I didn't buy this, it was a gift recently. It's 1920x1080i @60Hz. Here's my issue: When I play a game (last night, Crysis 2 for example, testing out High-Res texture pack) the on screen display of the TV shows the display switches to: 1920x1080 @24Hz. It doesn't specify interlaced or progressive. When this happens, my games play at a maximum of 9.5 FPS, according to afterburner. I've tried to force 60Hz in NVidia Control Pnale, but can't find a way to do so: It always switches back when I tab back to the game. I also can't figure out how to get the full 24FPS the TV seems to be capable of when games are open anyways. I have it hooked up via HDMI. Audio has worked automatically from the first time I plugged it in. I use my headphones anyways, so I typically disable it by setting default back to my headset. How do I force the TV to play at 60Hz when a game is open? It played at 60Hz for my brother when he played PS3, but for some reason it changes when playing on my PC, and I can't get the GPu and TV to get along.
  19. Lol, well i did admit it seemed like a FB post to me as well. But this post is positive actually: Getting a job for a legit employer, working for a family member for cash only, and finally stopped settling for the first place that comes my way. The only negative would be living with the family, as in not having my own place. But I also get to know them a bit now, so it can still be a positive.
  20. I don't know about Ivy Bridge, I've never used them. But I always do manual. Then again, the Intel CPUs I've worked with are all from the Core 2 series and a single Sandy Bridge on a friend's PC. And everything else has been Phenom II's. So don't take the following advice too seriously due to never having touched an Ivy Bridge: I always set the voltages to manual. Every single time. I never use offset voltages.
  21. Nice set-up. What type of adapter do you have from PC to TV? I've always had issues with my TV and HDMI (36" Samsung, 1920x1080).. Audio's always worked automatically, but any full-screen game opens and it drops to 24Hz automatically, can't be changed. Makes FPS unplayable (as it's limited to 24FPS.) So I've gone back to only using DVI.
  22. My advice: Replace the fan inside the power supply (if it's 120mm. It it's an 80mm fan, get a new PSU: Small fans are too loud, they have to spin at higher RPMs to move the same amount of air. And RPMs equals noise.) And: Put some rubber grommits in there when you screw the new one in. While the new fan will remove the whirring sound, the grommits will also prevent vibration/rattling: Which is often hard to pin down as the source of noise since one vibrating part can make others vibrate, too.
  23. I forget who it was, but someone was talking to me on another thread about how he knew someone who was an entrepreneur and I reminded him of the guy. Said that guy would never get a regular job again lol. Had I been able to find the thread, I would've replied directly to him. But I couldn't find the post and didn't have a ton of time to search for it at that moment, so I started a new one figuring the people involved in that topic would see this one. And yeah I agree, this is kinda treating the member's lounge like facebook in a way. I see that and don't deny it. But my explanation for posting anyways is above.
  24. I used to like this program, it renders faster than even Windows Movie Maker: While also giving the creative freedom of many more expensive programs and having the options Movie Maker doesn't. However: If you use EAX or GX (Positional Audio in gaming): Avoid this program. As soon as I install it: My FPS in any given game drops to 10% what it played at before installing the program. I assume it's a codec issue. I tried several times to redo my install, each time the same issue prevailed. I keep the program closed when i'm not using it or when I'm gaming: The issue is consistent from the time I install it to the time I remove it. Issue was never present in the past, when I didn't have EAX/GX sound cards. Also, the "Smart sound" feature is garbage. When given the option: Don't install it. Makes the audio of every video I produce into something that makes the old Gameboy speakers sound good. From a theatric experience to a pure "wtf." _______ If you experience issues in games after installing this program: I've found no way to fix them other than removing the program: Go to control panel> uninstall a program. Remove the following programs in this order: Smart Sound. QuickTime (can reinstall if you want, but remove if it was installed via Power Director setup.exe) Wave Editor Art Effect for PD power Director If you uninstall them in this order and restart your PC: All issues should be gone. Btw, my particular sound card is the ASUS Xonar DG. I never had conflicts with the 3 other sound cards I've used that did not have full EAX (Creative's positional audio wrapper) or GX (ASUS's positional audio wrapper) support. One such card was the Creative Audio SB0750, which emulates EAX, but does not actually natively support it: This card did NOT have conflicts. ____ Summary of what cards to expect conflicts with: Creative's X-Fi series. --Any previous versions such as the "Audigy" serieswhich claim "EAX" are emulated. These cards have not shown conflicts in my use. ASUS Xonar cards which support GX. I'm uncertain if any of these are emulated: As I'm relatively new as an ASUS sound card customer.
  25. What do you guys think about starting a video walkthrough youtube channel? I'm debating whether to go on "requests" for particular hard spots in games, or to do entire games (I've got the first 7 or so episodes of Metro 2033 recorded already.) I know there's a ton of channels out there for this, which is why I'm debating just doing the hard spots. I was playing the Witcher 2 and completely demolished about 50 nekkers, 30 endregas, and the endrega queen on Dark in a combo that would've made Kratos jealous: And I realized the key thing about making walkthroughs is being able to beat a game easily/quickly; So I wanted to know what you guys think about another channel out there for this. Btw, I'd probably incorporate sarcasm and humor into the guide videos: I don't want to just say "here's what to do": there's enough of that on youtube already. *Edits: Typo correction.
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