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  1. No different here. But it happens a lot. Everything you've ever read about constitutional rights and legality in America.. It's supposed to be that way, but it isn't. It's a police state: Cops can do whatever they want with very, very few circumstances where anything is done about it or legal preceedings are even held in accordance with our own constitution. They do what they want until someone gets a public video or a riot started. Then they play nice until the cameras go away. Luckily I had witnesses. But none were willing to go to court, and neither was I. Aint worth more drama. One thing I AM doing is getting a couple wireless webcams to use as a makeshift security system. Next one that tries something at my own house will be recorded.. I'm tired of the justice system treating a guy with a little shiny badge on his chest like Jesus Christ himself.. I've seen more cops lie than defendats, but somehow their word requires no backing proof.. Whereas a civilian's word is useless if he doesn't have video tape, a signed affidavit of witnesses, and a forensics team to scrutinize everything.. Gets ridiculous. I've been trying to learn what I can as far as the law goes via google.. but that's the one thing google doesn't seem to be of much help with. I've just had this too many times where a cop's word is taken as God's will written in stone, and my ten witnesses aren't worth jack because they didn't sign 500 million different sheets of the same paper to make their testimony legally binding.. I guess swearing an oath means nothing, because I previously thought THAT and a single affidavit were both legally binding statements.. But every time I get them the judge acts like I didn't do a damned thing. So from now on: It's cameras and audio. Thankfully the neighbor that was helping me unpack turns out to be the former chief of police. Nice old guy. He said next time this kinda thing happens to call him immediately, in case the responding officer is someone who knows him. My luck, he was inside calling the station himself when the other officer came by to "arrest me" and give me a citation. Otherwise4 it may not have happened at all. EDIT- Completely agree.
  2. Yeah, but it's easier to make a poll of the two extremes. Basically it asks only a few questions: Are you content, or are you fed up? Have you ever needed police help, have you ever been refused police help? Inevitably, the answers to those questions will more or less form the decision of each individual user who answers.
  3. Depending on where you live there's a majority one way or the other: The police are either efficient and respectful, ----OR---- The police are rude, aggressive, and often abuse authority by acting illegally/unwarranted. One way or the other, many people seek change. But they often consider that having less aggressive police also means less/no protection. So I've decided to make a poll (After recently dealing with the aggression myself.) Would you prefer to have police protection, or to have freedom from police harassment? Protection means things stay the way they are: You're rights may be violated any time an officer feels like it: But real criminals will be under watch and scrutiny. Freedom means the police won't show up guns blazing, and won't form checkpoints for drunk drivers, leaving you and loved ones at a potentially increased risk of being victims of crime- but also means that your own rights won't be violated and refused by over zealous police. Either way, it's all about personal opinion. -----My answer: freedom. I've never once been helped by a police officer. Even when a violent intruder's trespassed into my home: Nothing. No arrest, charges, no one even looking for the guy: I didn't know the intruder so they didn't feel like trying to look for him at all. I got a little newspaper comendation one time for stopping an armed robbery of an Eat N' Park- that's the extent of anything good they've done for me. But I've been flipped off by a cop for calling to report a home invasion. I've been assaulted by police on several occasions merely for being 'too close', and fought back a few times for a slew of charges for self defense. And I've witnessed one off-duty officer raping one of my exes in an alley when we were both 16 years old, which got me another charge for pulling him of of her: Simple Assault and Disorderly Conduct. Just recently I got ANOTHER citation: officer drives up to me and my girlfriend and our two neighbors while we're moving boxes out of the back of a truck to move into our new home. He asks our names. I replied "Why are you asking for our names?" He actually pulled a gun from his window and pointed it at us and demanded we state our names instead of answering the question. I pulled him out of the car by his neck and slammed him onto the pavement and arrested him with my girlfriend's fuzzy handcuffs. He had me arrested a few minutes later when a squad car drove by and saw me kneeling over him by the car. But thanks to a million witnesses that our story was the truth and his was bullspit- I was released before the car ever drove away. Now I have a ciation for "harassment- other physical contact", with the words "grabbed victim by the neck and pulled him from vehicle window." So he couldn't get away with police brutality.. So he filed against me for defending myself from a gun being pointed at me for no reason other than to intimidate me hoping to fill a quota.. -.- My vote is 110% for freedom. I have a coal shovel by my door, gives me more protection than any officer ever would. And I bought Christy a pack of mace and retractable key chain to keep it on her purse.. And neither of us drives drunk or without seat belts. We don't need protection: We can keep ourselves safe. And if we someday can't: I doubt the police would be there to save us from a drunk driver or a robber.. But they've sure been around to harass us and everyone else in this area 100 times a month.
  4. Motherboard. Old foxconn micro atx mobo died on me. When that happened I decided that a mid-end computer just wasn't cutting it. if I was going to spend my money a second time, I was going to build a beast. Since then I've replaced everything in my computer except the DVD burner. Although I did return a GPU, but that was because it was DOA. I don't think that counts.
  5. The dog or the girlfriend lol? Btw the dog's name is Shadow: She's the one me and my mother drove all the way to Tennessee to adopt. Was originally supposed to be a surprise for my ex. But I got smart and kept the dog, told the ex to get out lol.
  6. Rent to own. Had to dump a couple grand of our collective savings into down payment (Classified as security deposit, but calculated by a percentage of home's value- so it's really a down payment.) Put the remainder into the appliances and work being done: We have $30 in savings left lol. Patio's still not done- they took the weekend off. Will get more pics once that part is done, trying not to take any before that, though. ---Edit: I'm not a financial risk taker either. I'm actually a lot like fred Mertz (I love lucy), I'm a miserable old tightwad. The risk of this place is repairs. but that's something I'm familiar with: Afterall I've been the family mexican my entire life lol. I'm waiting to get pictures posted until I'm done fixing what I can, and the patio's done. All of which should be done int he next few days: I've been doing this like it was a full-time job or two. Just a couple minor things left, like the basement staircase needs braced at the top lol. Although if I left it alone, it would save me time going downstairs. Gravity moves faster than my feet xD
  7. Keep in mind the box that your case ships in oughtta have the weight of the case itself. My NZXT weighs 29-point-something pounds. I forget the exact decimal, but it's basically a 30 pound case. You can use that to guesstimate your weight a little better. The way I figure it for mine is I have dual GPUs, one weighs about 7 pounds (Twin Frozr II), one weighs about 5 pounds, my motherboard's probably another 5, Hyper 212+ adds about 3, DVD burner and similar peripherals total about another 5, and my PSu is seemingly made of lead because it weighs more than both GPUs, so we'll estimate that at about 12 pounds. Add them up and you get an estimated total weight: 67 pounds. I do plan to get mine on a scale, but just haven't been in the mood to unhook everything yet. Might just slide the scale under the case while it's still plugged in.
  8. Makes sense, but that guy must've been killing a lot of the other 2 high levels: Because the average level of teams was much higher on his side. I don't take much stock in skill level, it jumps around constantly. But I'm at the point I'd like to know how it's calculated. Can't seem to find it anywhere.
  9. BF3's skill level is broken. I went 68-13 (5.231 K/D), got MVP by over 2,000 points, had a squad score of 420, and a team score of 420, had a 201m headshot with a shotgun, 15 kill streak 4 times in a row, and pretty much everyone on the other team was my nemesis victim throughout the match.. And my skill level was 156.66 for the round. Other guy goes 38-35 (1.086 K/D), 4th on scoreboard, 190 squad score, 210 team score.. And his skill level was 210.44 for the round. How does this make sense? I was higher level than this other guy, but his team had far more players higher level than me: my team only had 2 high levels. So I don't even think level has anything to do with it, which is why it's puzzling me. And one final factor: He was my biggest nemesis victim.. I must have killed him alone 25 times; he just kept trying to rush me like he was going for revenge, falling for the same tricks each time. Keep in mind this was a TDM match. So there were no other objectives to track.
  10. A lesser evil is still an evil. We're talking an American corporation outsourcing. Not a Chinese corporation natively based in China. Just because it's legal and not worse than China's local norm makes it okay? The difference is labor laws. Consider the arsenic incident in dog food, the sweat shops, and the lack of control and restriction. The entire reason for outsourcing to China is cheap labor and the lack of accountability for poor work conditions. So you're saying that because they intentionally produce these working conditions because of a known "loophole", that it's perfectly fine and nothing is morally wrong with it. I hope you see my point. Here's an analogy to help convey it: It's comparable to knowing someone on your property is unaware that it's private property (they entered through an area without visible signage or similar)- but you shoot them in the head just because it's legal. When you were perfectly capable of merely informing them that it's private property, you instead used the legal privilege you have to murder them, and intentionally aim for the head instead of even just a limb. And that is perfectly moral, simply because it's legal. This is a giant loophole in morality and reasoning.
  11. So that's: 6KG/ 13.2 LBs. >10KG/ >22 LBs. 80KG/ 176 LBs. Try to post pictures on a scale to ensure accuracy.
  12. The best way to predict behavior and decision making is to look at past examples. Most who didn't buy B2K won't buy Premium. Of those who bought B2K, only a portion will buy Premium. Most likely, the entire basis of customers who don't pay bills will buy Premium. But that still leaves more than half of the existing customers in the equation. Let's do a little math, and assume that 25% more people would purchase Premium if the discount was offered, then compare that to full price at half customers. We'll start the equation with an estimated total customer base of 50 million, with only half of them buying Premium at the discount rate: Let's say with the discount, half of the total customer base buys Premium: 25,000,000 x $40= $1,000,000,000 Now let's assume they only get 75% of the sales by maintaining full price (very reasonable statistic, actually somewhat generously high): 18,750,000 x $50= $937,500,000 Difference? A profit of $62,500,000 in this simulation by offering the discount for Karkand players: and that's assuming ONLY Karkand owners buy Premium, as I didn't use a single $50 rate in that equation. Which means the profit gain would actually be a MUCH higher ratio including the non-Karkand players who would still buy premium. But hey, if you want to waste money, go ahead. Without the discount DICE, EA, and consumers ALL lose out equally lol. I wonder why EA can't figure this one out on their own. Odds are they'll probably lower the price of Premium in a few months after the suckers have all spent.
  13. This thread is a result of viewing this another: Presentation We compare a LOT of different aspects about our computers. But there is one we don't really speak much about. So let's try now: How much does your computer weigh? Post a picture of it on a scale! I'll post my own in a bit. My guess on the mentioned topic was just that, a guess. Try to post BOTH kilograms and pounds, for users of all regions to understand. here's a conversion page that goes both ways: http://www.manuelsweb.com/kg_lbs.htm
  14. Mine's 60 pounds and I thought mine was heavy... Damn, what are you people feeding your computerrs?
  15. Depends entirely on how busy I am. I'm either not on at all for days, or I'm checking the site multiple (3-4 usually) times a day. This site is my way to spend free time when I'm too exhausted or tired to do anything else.
  16. To add to your point: The devices are made by hand. Not by an assembly line of machines. Reduces production costs even further. And @ComputerEd's last post: Not trying to argue, I'm legitimately asking this: What did Steve Jobs innovate? He was a marketing genius, but I can't think of a single technological innovation he's come up with (Except of course the first GUI, but that doesn't affect current markets at all.) I hear a lot of people near-worshiping him (not counting you in this, I know you just made a simple statement), but I don't see that he's invented anything, coded anything, or even ordered the creation of a unique/new idea. All he does is buy ideas from others and sue their pants off later to protect his newly bought "innovation." His proficiency was in marketing the old ideas as attractive and new. Or am I missing something he's actually created?
  17. Rant time. Steve Jobs created the first GUI. Bravo. Since then, he's done nothing of use except dying. Although he likes to pretend he has: similar to the old scandal with Al gore claiming he "invented the internet." Apple's business practices: Sell prehistoric hardware at futuristic prices. Reference: I bought my 8GB of DDR3 1600 with heatsinks (CORSAIR brand) that easily overclocked to 1840 MHz with crazy reduced timings.. For a total of $70. They want to charge a $400 total for 8GB of dinosaur RAM. Even in today's ridiculously priced hard drive market, a 750GB 5,400 RPM hard drive isn't even $100 total, let alone $100 more than a 500GB of the same POS performance. Create manufacturing plants in areas where slave labor is acceptable, allow working conditions to become so poor as to lead to mass suicides of employees, force 7 employees to share a room the size of a bathroom and force curfews on them. Reference: 150 threaten suicide over working condditions **Keep in mind that $2 an hour is a highly desirable wage there.. But still not enough to keep employees from attempting mass suicide over working for Apple. Also google further on the subject, you'll find a lot more who actually jumped. Market products that already exist like a gift from jesus himself. Reference: iPad 3 sponsored review I'd like to quote something from that page: Meanwhile, the ASUS transformer prime beats the crap out of this 100 times over. I could even think of a few Android phones that do. Deduction of three simple references: Apple is a cry baby, a pathological liar, a finger pointing sue-monger, an unoriginal teen screaming for mommy to appreciate her ability to copy others, and a backstabbing retard of a corporate partnership. they do nothing right, and ride one idea that is years old hoping the consumers never get smart enough to stop buying their garbage. Personally, I won't even buy an iPod anymore. I use my Android phone instead. Apple's profit is based on one factor: Gullability. Can they keep convincing the consumers that their dated and copied ideas are actually their own, original, and cutting edge? If they can, they'll keep lining their wallets. If not: The nation's IQ will rise 40 points and Apple will crumble. Afterall, they haven't ACTUALLY done anything original in almost 20 years, why would they start now if gullability no longer worked? /rant
  18. Bump: Edited in photo album link. Will be updated periodically with more photos. Barely scratching the surface at time of posting: Just the work done in the last 2 days.
  19. My results: Like money path: Technical Lead. No money path: Marketer. I feel bad for anyone who gets game critic. It's like the worst kinda person on that chart lol.
  20. Photo Album (New Home) *Work in progress: Still have tons of photos to take. Most are of the work on the house so far. On another of my posts, someone had mentioned how I should be posting good news, not bad news lol. So i figured it's been about a month two weeks now since we moved into our new house and I wanted to share it. Me and the wife are young, both 23 to be exact. She has a daughter, who is mine, just not biologically. So we've naturally not been living in the best conditions- Too young to be really successful, both with our own past financial problems I've mentioned here and there. But we finally got a house! And we had the money to go out and get all new appliances: And we went all out. $1,400 fridge, $750 glass top electric range, a set of digital dehumidifiers for the basement, new air conditioners, and even some microfiber couches. We also have a 4 man crew outside the past few days installing a new walkway and patio: And had them tear out the basement wall and put up a new one (Basement was so bad you could see daylight when they dug up the foundation.) The place is kind of a fixer upper: But we've dumped all our savings into knocking that part out ASAP. We set aside some money and time to have the exterior repainted by 7/15/2012 already. At that point: Everything that needs fixed will be done: Painting is the last step. PS- I finally got the girlfriend that laptop she's been wanting! Not what I'd have chosen, but she loves it. Some Toshiba Satellite, Dual core, 3GB RAM, 15.4" screen, Radeon X1900 GPU, etc. Not a beast, but exactly what she wanted. Found it in a pawn shop "broken".. They had it listed for $85 because it constantly reset: Just disabled dynamic power management and it works perfectly lol.. People are so lazy: But hey I wouldn't have got it cheap if anyone thought to check the BIOS at the store xD --EDIT: I said I would beat the old computer to pieces with my bare hands when I got her a laptop.. I wasn't bluffing lol- It was such a headache I literally had a boxing match with it in the basement as soon as I gave her the laptop and backed up the pictures from it. I punched a hole in the Rosewill Challenger case it was in. Going to get pics of that lol: NERD RAGE! (This part is intended to be humorous, please don't take it the wrong way.)
  21. Do tell, how is the peace and quiet? I've got at least 13 years (more considering the wife wants a second..) to look forward to this dream lol. Wondering if the peace is all it's cracked up to be or if you're missing them.
  22. I'll have to take note of this. I've heard of Rustoleum before, but never with computers. My chassis is steel and ABS plastic, you guys are saying this stuff is perfect for that? Avoid Colorplace and Duplicolor: Gotcha.
  23. I just moved 8 blocks from our old place. I now pay $55 a month for 50MB/s internet and 60 channels: With 2 cable boxes and a wireless gateway. At the old place, our best offer was: $70 a month for 15MB/s internet: No cable. Seriously.. 8 blocks and this is the difference in package availability... I smell cowpatties. PS- Yes, exact same ISP.. Same city... Same school district.. Same postal code (even the plus 4).. Completely different cable and internet selection.
  24. Simple post: I have an NZXT Phantom. I want to paint it. Might even do some stenciling. What's the best type of paint to use? I've never actually painted a chassis, so I don't just want to rush off and get some multi-purpose crap that doesn't work right on this chassis.
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