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  1. Naive. A single subject cannot accurately represent all subjects. Scroll over my previous posts: I accept that there are police who do their jobs, but I also state that there's a bunch who don't. I've even singled it down by personal experience to which has been which: While still openly admitting not all police are this way. I also clearly emphasized the balance of freedom and protection: And how neither decision is an entirely positive one: Citing benefits and consequences of each. This is called balance, neutrality, and logical reasoning. Or more simply: Reality. People who think like you make for terrible leaders: Your thinking is always locked down to a one-sided belief, instead of open to possibilities and linked to known facts at the same time. But hey, throw out implications until the end of time my friend: The only person that type of reasoning insults is the one sowing it. By implying I'm some type of bad person who's brought so much upon myself, you merely just showed that you're naive and not very smart. And since you included the reap and sew adage, I threw in a tangible sewing to end the lesson. Seriously, the world isn't black and white: People who believe it is actually irritate me when they pretend to have any intelligence. Exceptions exist to everything, assuming otherwise (especially in a scope as wide as human nature itself) is just plain elementary. It makes for a really poor argument. Think, then type. And now for a question among all these statements: If the first paragraph of your statement is true, and I've reacted exactly the same to each type of dealing with the police: Why have I only been hassled in 4 townships of 30 I've lived in? Answer: Because in those 4 townships the police were glorified criminals. And like any other criminals, if you let them run over you: They will. It's your own responsibility to protect yourself from crime: Even if it's the police doing it. And another question: So it's normal for a police officer to pull a gun on you for lifting carboard boxes out of a truck? Answer: No, it's illegal. Purely criminal. Further reasoning based on logic: I've never been involved or even accused of smuggling or drug use, and the officers around here never even got my name until that incident: The only reason he did that was to try and coerce a bunch of young people and try to get his arrest record up. Don't think it happens? Here's a video from a law school where the arrogant moron of a cop admits to deceit in order to obtain and even force a confession from innocent suspects (as much as he tries to hide it, he's obviously admitting to it): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXkI4t7nuc He also clearly states that you're guilty until proven innocent, despite trying to manipulate that sentence, too. And that once he has you in interrogation: You're guilty, regardless of the fact that interrogation is a method of gaining evidence, and not convicting guilt. Guilty until proven innocent. Police can lie, citizens can't. (Miranda) rights? No such thing. Watch the video and tell me that all police are angels: When the poster boy for them makes it blatantly obvious they're more deceitful and criminal than most of their suspects. Poster boy talks for about the second half of the video, if you don't want to watch a 40 minute "I told you so." --And with that, sheltered individuals can believe what they will. I gave you more than enough to see the holes in the "protection theory", if you still don't see it I feel bad for the day you cooperate in the wrong township and go to jail for 10 years because you trusted police to be the good guys instead of just taking that responsibility onto yourself. It's just another means of follow the leader, it's one less responsibility for the average American, so they welcome it.. Even though it's complete bull. It's your own obligation to handle events in your life to minimize the collateral damage: Think I'm wrong? Then don't tackle the mugger who steals your wife's purse, don't hit the vandal who broke into your home, and don't handcuff the drunken neighbor who's slapping your child in your yard. Sure, call 911 and see what happens. you'll be missing a few family members, a lot of money, and be gaining only regret for not acting yourself. There's a reason I keep using the word "responsibility" in this post. You should know what right and wrong is: And when someone in authority is wrong, you shouldn't give it amnesty you don't give when someone who isn't in authority is wrong. Or maybe you'd like to go live in Germany during WWII. Where you were either a lemming to the powerful, or dead. What's so different about a false conviction that gets you killed by the state?
  2. Saw that yesterday. I'm one for a deal, but not doing it. I won't even buy premium at a proxy discount.. They include VOIP in the game so I don't have to spend an hour searching for a server that's online and has teamspeak.. Or I aint buying it. As I said, there's 2 DLCs I'm interested in. Beyond that EA isn't getting me on this trend of wasting money and trying to keep secrets from their consumers to make a bigger buck than if we'd have known.
  3. This is the one I have, works fine even for my dual GPUs: (560 Ti overclocked to 1GHz, and a GTS 250 PhysX card) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817152028 On sale for $40 again, not an amazing PSU. But it works, it's semi-modular, and it looks cool lol. It's also quiet, when i first got it and my new GPU.. I thought my fans weren't working lol. Had it just about 6 months now, haven't had a single issue with it. So it has my personal vote if you're looking for cheap. As for what it supports (response to your wattage calculator post): Here's what's in my computer that it runs: MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II 1GB, overclocked to 1GHz CC. XFX GTS 250 1GB Core Edtition, at factory OC. Phenom II X3 (unlocked X2 555 BE) @ 4.3GHz 8GB CORSAIR RAM, 4 of XMS3, 4 of VENGEANCE. All overclocked DDR3 1600 to 1860MHz with reduced timings (7-8-7) Full ATX Motherboard. Three 200mm LED fans, three 120mm LED fans, one 140mm led fan, and two Cooler Master Blade Masters. All high performance (Lowest fan is rated 69.9 CFM, highest is well past 120 CFM.) All on 30W a fan controller except the blade masters on PWM plug. 2 12" cold cathodes. ASUS Xonar DG sound card with headphone amp enabled. DVD burner x2. 3 SATA hard drives, 1 IDE hard drive, all internal- all 7,200RPM. And I'm sure there is probably more. point is, the thing covers plenty of wattage. Until you upgrade to SLI you won't need a larger wattage PSU. If you use a second GPU as anything more than a PhysX card though, it's time to upgrade. But for the price getting a year out of it isn't bad at all.
  4. Here's my stand: until there is at least squad VOIP: I am not buying Premium. If you can't include an age-old industry standard, why the heck would I pay for DLCs that aren't expected to be out for an entire year yet? You couldn't even give us a standard feature that's existed in the FPS genre for YEARS NOW. When the base game has VOIP: I will buy Premium. But if they refuse to include it, I only want 2 DLCs anyways, and can get them for a couple dollars a piece. So you'll make $10 off me if you leave VOIP out, and $50 if you put it in. Your move EA. The only exception is if there's a ridiculous sale.
  5. I gave in. If I have enough left after picking up household supplies tonight: I'm buying Premium. If not, I'll have time to reconsider before my next check.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JejZjSg8HxY A personal thing I do if I'm using my laptop or desktop near people I don't trust... I open FRAPS and set it to record a screenshot every 30 seconds. Those screenshots are saved to my dropbox folder. So even if I'm away.. Every 30 seconds the computer is awake, I get a screenshot on my phone of what is being done on it. I've included the FRAPS subfolder of my dropbox directory in my disk cleanup's routine, so anytime I run it it clears out the old pictures automatically. Helps me recover all the disk space I occasionally lose when I set it to go off. If you do this I'd recommend hiding the on-screen FPS counter and disabling the key to toggle it's position. I even re-enabled the notification area's hiding feature where it minimizes everything to the taskbar button so FRAPS is only visible if they look for it. That way MOST people aren't aware of it even recording them. Some are still smart enough to shut it off. But in that case you just confront them about why they disabled it.
  7. Windows Backup will also show any recent program changes. Just check for restore points, and see if there's one akin to "installed yaddayadda.exe" on the day he used her laptop. Sometimes they uninstall it to cover their tracks (like when she questioned him), so it doesn't show in the programs list. But it'd still show here as most people don't think to clear the restore points list. As for recent documents he might've viewed or copied.. I'd have to think a while, nothing comes to mind on that one.
  8. They leave it sit on a shelf for a week or two before even beginning to work on them. Similar to auto mechanics, they charge you for the time it takes to complete the work. Except unlike auto mechanics: Their customer base is usually retarded enough not to question it or demand worklogs..
  9. Case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811553006 GPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161396 PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817256065 RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233144 Mobo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128543 CPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115072 That's what I'd suggest. Later when upgrading to 1080p gaming, get a Nvidia Card. Total cost: $694.94 Hope I'm not forgetting anything.
  10. If you just want a 720p gaming rig, and you'd plan to later upgrade the GPU, then my suggestions change drastically. Go with an intel 1155 socket CPU. At least quad core, something you'd keep after swapping the GPU. I'd recommend no less than the i5-2400 (i5-2500K if you can squeeze it would be perfect.) Get a motherboard with upgradability, USB3, SATA6, etc. Make sure it has 2 PCI-e x16 slots that can both be run at x16 mode. in case you ever upgrade to SLI. Z77 seems a solid way to go in my opinion. Those two components should be the meat of your decision. Once you've decided on them, start looking for a GPU (as you plan to eventually replace this anyways.) I'd recommend even getting a refurbished GPU from newegg as it's only a temporary card for you and could save you tons: I've had my refurbished 560 Ti for several months now and am very pleased with it- overclocks like anyone else's does. **This way, when yuo upgrade your GPU you won't have to upgrade anything else. You're getting powerhouse CPU/Mobo combo that'll last throughout your future GPU upgrades. Sure you may end up skimping on the GPU up front, but then you won't have to replace 10 things later, just the 1 you intend to replace anyways. I'm not the best with the Radeon side, but I'm not sure if the GTX 550 Ti is even worth the money on 720p: I really doubt it. The GTX 560 is probably a little pricy though, so i'd find a Radon card that fits right in the middle. Ask other members, Radeon isn't my area. And then when you eventually upgrade to your 1080p gaming rig, get a Nvidia card as your Intel build should have SLI compatibility: Saving you money if you ever get a second GPU as opposed to replacing for an upgrade again, or even just allowing you to swap it out as a PhysX card if you do just get a better Nvidia card. As a little advise on the rest of the components: --I ALWAYS go CORSAIR for my RAM. A lot of people also like G-Skill. 4Gb and 8Gb actually aren't that different in price, so try for 8GB. --DDR3-1600 is a great standard, won't get much extra use out of DDR3-2000, and you can usually overclock the 1600s to an easy 1800MHz or so, especially with CORSAIR and G-Skill models. --Don't pay the extra for 8-8-8 timings as opposed to 9-9-9 on your RAM. Usually they're the EXACT same models anyways- one is just overclock with 1CC (clock cycle) reduced from the factory stock. So both models can be OC'd to the same effect in 99% of cases. --Make sure the PSU has enough pins for your "dream set-up." So you also won't have to replace that later for your dream set-up. --You could probably steal DVD burners from your old computer, there's barely a reason for them anymore let alone buying a new "fast' one- they're basically all the same. --Fans come with the cases you buy, unless you overclock you won't need extras. Don't worry about overclocking until you've at least figured out what you want first. --You can skimp on the PSU is you're okay with replacing it later. But at least get a good name brand, even if it barely fits your bill. These aren't nearly as expensive as a GPU, so usually it's not a big deal to buy a new one every 2 or 3 years to keep up with other upgrades.
  11. +1 for skyrim reference and bringing humor back to a dark topic lol.
  12. --What's keeping me from moving: My girlfriend. I really got lucky with her, I feel like I have a real family for the first time in my life. But she has joint custody with the father, who lives with his rich parents. Unless we get a car and are ablt to drive her daughter to school everyday- we go from every-other-week custody to every 6 months if we move outside of the school district. And I love Emily almost as much as she does, so i can't do that to them. We're living here for a couple years if things stay bad, until we can afford a car and the time to drive Emily to the same school she goes to from her dad's house. Because otherwise we have her for 6 months, and lose her for 6 months. Bump for a different point: Waco, I understand what you're trying to say. I really do. But things just don't always go the way they're supposed to, especially when it's someone with power calling the shots. I've lived in PA most of my life, not all but most. And it usually goes in periods of nothing happens for 2 or 3 years, then all of a sudden I move and the entire time I spend in a certain city or township there's just problems like this left and right. So far there's been 4 of those places: Hostetter, Trafford, Greensburg, and here in Donora. All in Southwestern PA. I'm an Army brat by a temporary foster family and was a homeless kid on and off- So I've moved a lot. I never had these problems in Pittsburgh, In South Carolina, Georgia or Oklahoma, or in Jeannette, Mt Pleasant, Murrysville, Connelsville, Latrobe, etc. I must've lived 30 places in my life, and USUALLY things go the way you're saying. But some precincts just don't follow the rules, and those 4 I posted above are the ones I've seen breaking them constantly with myself and others. I kinda feel like an idiot- Because this house is rent to own lol. Maybe the crap will stop, but if doesn't I hope we get our security deposit (which is more of a down payment) back. I thought it was just the one neighborhood, Christy's from this area: I'm not. But after we started moving wasn't 2 days before it started back up again.
  13. Waco, this is Donora, PA. We have a smog museum for pollution and 3 section 8 complexes, with a 35% employment rate last year.. In this town, they do that a lot. Saw them arrest a neighbor at the previous plave for answering his door when they were about to break it down. Charged him with assault because he answered the door a couple seconds late right before the officer's kicked it in. Acted like he charged out to tackle them, but I witnessed it. He simply opened the door and they flattened him to the floor. All over a noise compaint, and without a warrant. As for having at least something: He could've claimed we were disturbing the peace because of the yellow caution lights we used to alert traffic to the truck. Or maybe loitering, as we live next door to a church. --Resisting arrest, while never stating the reason for the initial arrest (had this happen before, charges were eventually dropped but I spent 2 weeks behind bars. Illegally just randomly tried to arrest me in Greensburg, and then charged me with resisting because I asked why I was being arrested- I didn't even physically resist on this one- Merely ASKED why I was being arrested.. Even though he had no reason listed for trying to arrest me. Sure I beat it, but I still spent half a month detained for it.) What it comes down to is you may not be convicted, but you will be arrested one way or the other if they want to. it still adds to their arrest record, regardless of conviction. And it still steals a portion of your life away. -Edit: I lost a job over this one. Sure it was just food service at Panera Bread back then, but I lost my job over being in prison waiting on a hearing. PA is an at will state, it's perfectly legal to fire someone over anything, and being arrested is a good moral reason for an employer to fire you: Even before you're convicted. I hope you're seeing how it is out here. Southwestern PA has some of the worst police I've ever had to deal with, and i personally believe it has to do with our crumbling local economy: Even Pittsburgh is a shell of it's former glory. It's sadly a very large majority across most of the townships out here. A few cities around here have a decent police force (Jeannette, Mt. Pleasant, Murrysville to name a few), but that doesn't help if you live in one of the bad ones.
  14. I hear you, but there's one thing you oughtta consider: If he pulled a gun on us, what's to stop him from arresting us for breathing? You can stop at the station all you want, but when you're already behind bars it complicates things. Innocent or not, when you're in custody they don't listen to a word you say until you're out of custody again. Anyways the station down here has 4 doors: All locked, none with a buzzer, and none in sight of the officers inside. The only way to speak to police is to go to a town hall meeting. They literally refuse to let civilians into the building by pretending they don't see you at the door. I found this out when i was trying to find out the burning regulations around here. Tore up a bunch of brush and weeds and wanted to burn them. It was literally impossible to get ahold of an officer or into the station, even by phone: And it wasn't something to call 911 about. Ended up getting this info from the old guy next door: Didn't know he was the ex-chief until this incident. But the point is, I was literally unable to contact any of the officers about it at all.
  15. Ah, I see what you mean. I didn't consider this incident trouble, just drama. The reason I considered it (grabbing him) is two fold: He had no reason to point a gun at us. He just pulled it out because I asked why he wanted our names. No one was armed or even giving an attitude: We were moving boxes into our new house and nothing else. We even had caution lights posted for traffic, we were 100% perfect citizens. And the second is more or less where I live: a good 80% of officers out here are too aggressive like that. You learn after a few times that if you let them do this to you, it keeps happening. If you refuse to take it, they tend to leave you alone until you're actually breaking a law. You just become too much of a headache for them to harass you. As for this citation: I'm actually pretty sure I'll win. I've sent out for 4 subpoenas of the 3 people who were standing beside me and the one neighbor that was on her porch. Hard to stick a harassment charge when you were unlawfully pointing a gun at someone. the fact that I handcuffed him instead of hitting him also goes a long way to getting this thrown out. The fact that they were fuzzy handcuffs that can be easily broken.. Is just embarrassing lol. So I really don't consider this to be trouble in that sense: Hence why i posted the OP so neutrally. It irritated me, but I really don't feel like this one is trouble. Even if I lost: It'd cost me maybe $50 plus court costs. It's a summary offense. Had I been accused of assault, then I'd feel like this was trouble. But even the officer who wrote his own report knew that sounded a bit far-fetched. He's just trying to get even with me for hurting his pride and getting him in trouble by filing something that's hardly a legal offense at all.
  16. A couple months ago i'd have suggested a 1GB card for single monitor gaming. But a lot of games coming out recently are requiring more and more memory allotted to textures. I'd say go 2GB. As it won't be long before my 1GB starts getting outdated. -edit: At 1440x900... 1GB is more than enough. Missed that part, sorry. I still have my old GTS 250 and that thing plays like a beast at that resolution (my second monitor is 1440x900). Honestly at that resolution you can save a lot of money compared to 1080p.
  17. If you're gaming in 720p on a single monitor, you don't even need the GTX 560 Ti. You could swap things around a bit for a better CPU/Mobo and go with a less beefy GPU. If you do seriously intend to upgrade to a 1080p monitor: Then I wouldn't go lower than the 560 Ti. But Computer Ed has a point with the 7850, I didn't consider that. It comes down to your personal preference if any of Nvidia vs AMD. Personally over the years I've become somewhat biased towards Nvidia, never had an issue with them, but have had a few consistent ones with older Radeon cards. Can't comment on newer ones, don't own any. I noticed your budget is $800. I'll see if I can figure out anything in a bit. Gotta get my coffee before I recommend anything to buy with hard earned money.
  18. Let's just quote backwards to myself for this response, to dismiss the notion that I view reality in black and white:
  19. Standing still when officers are telling you to is common sense.Waco you said it yourself: You never had to deal with these type of police. You obviously live in one of the majority areas of good police: Which means you have no idea what you're talking about when you say these things could've been avoided. Simply put two words can describe how unavoidable it really was: Police state. They do whatever they want, arrest and assault anyone they please. Particularly when there's no witnesses. Obviously, you've never experienced that- so I'm laughing inside at how you smugly implied it was something I did wrong I've gotten in less trouble for swinging back than I have for complying. Why? Because each time this type of conflict arose: They were simply trying to fill a quota. Completely unwarranted arrests, just to add an arrest to their tally: When absolutely nothing illegal was being done. And it makes their job hard when you don't take their crap, whether by recording them or fighting them- They stop dealing with you and move on to find other "easy prey" instead.
  20. I used to love Auslogics Boost Speed.. But it never finds less than 7 registry errors. That's the lowest I've ever seen. Typically it's between 15-20. I can run it, clean everything.. And run it again a second later: Absolute minimum it'll find 7 errors. I'm pretty sure that means it's "fixing" something it isn't supposed to. So yeah, you probably can overdo it.
  21. I'll post a picture of the meth lab across the street. No kidding, open for business on a state route, even has "FBI VISIT!!" spraypainted on the door, and wooden lathe where a wall should be to ventilate the fumes.. Literally directly across the street from the lot that extends our yard. Cops haven't even looked twice at it.. But the church next door and our house.. Constantly harassing Sunday worshippers and every other random person doing nothing wrong. Meanwhile between the church, the meth lab, and my house.. It's maybe 140 feet. I think the police here are afraid of actual criminals, so they victimize law-abiding citizens who aren't as likely to resist. With how easily I disarmed that guy, it's no shocker if they really are just afraid of the REAL criminals.. -Edit: I'll post the picture when it gets light out. Camera won't get anything in the dark.
  22. Here, my three recommendations to just scrape by under $400: (Totals $399.97) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813138303 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814500196 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113007 If you raised your budget just $70, you could do a lot better. Swap out the GPU for an MSI model with a Twin Frozr II, and swap out the motherboard for a better brand or even the one you previously listed. For gaming in that budget: The GPU is the BIGGEST FACTOR. Hence buying one that costs as much as the CPU and mobo combined. I play a on a system with a slightly better mobo, a slightly worse CPU, and a slightly better GPU: And I can play BF3 maxed at 1080p no issue. So as far as a cheap rig, this'll more than do you justice. ----Quoting Ballistic Buddha from overclock.net:
  23. Bulldozer CPUs= Definite no for gaming. Any FX-series processor is bulldozer, FYI. --Removed the rest, posted better offer in next response.
  24. I'm pretty sure it's more intended as eye-candy than for it's performance. Kinda like Cold Cathodes, absolutely useless. But people buy them for the looks. While they're at it, why don't they strap a Harley on the side and clamp a turbine or two underneath it.. FFS talk about overkill.
  25. You're welcome. Been a little over a month now, just wanted to update you guys that it's still running smooth as silk. Actually have everything maxed out (except HBAO), yes that means Ultra again. Still running smoothly, occasionally get a frame rate drop, but it's the expected kind where .'s flying around everywhere and it drops down 20FPS or so. A personal piece of advice: Everything can be set to ultra but there is one setting that causes FPS drops more than the others: Texture quality. At Ultra it loads full-res textures across the entire map, even parts you can't see on the complete opposite end. At high it loads the same full resolution textures, just within your line of sight. As long as your RAM is a decent speed, you'll never see even a hint of a pop-in at high. I never have, and loading the textures to a slightly higher resolution is the only difference between ultra and high: Always loaded at ultra, only loaded when viewing or in a certain radius of you at high.
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